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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.4 "Orientation for the Queen"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.4 “Orientation for the Queen”

Tap, tap, tap. Chrysalis’s head emerged from the pile of pillows like a snake from its den, very slowly. Venomous green eyes peered around to see who would dare tap on her horn, and more importantly disturb the most pleasant sleep she’d had in years. The faint buzz in the air gave her the clue to look up.

The small stature of Colony hovered patiently nearby. She looked down on the queen with a somewhat nervous expression, that grew with Queen’s own face of annoyance.

“Forgive me for disturbing you my queen, but the ponies say this is the scheduled time to raise the sun.”

Chrysalis let out another groan, as she raised her head out of the pillow pile, shaking off some of the sorneness from the previous day.“Go get Shade and Vivisect, meet me at the Solar Tower observatory once you have gathered them.”

When Colony buzzed out of the room Chrysalis let out a long noisy yawn, and fully exposed the neat rows of sharp teeth that filled her mouth. When she stood up she found her hooves sunk deep into the mattresses foamy body. She liked the new texture, and smiled deeply since she knew it was now hers.

She leapt off the bedding and began a brisk trot towards the Solar Tower. On the way she spotted Plain Thatch in the hallway, who abruptly stopped and bowed once she noticed her presence. The queen decided to stop and humor the cleaning pony.

“Up early aren’t we?”

“J-just going about my usual schedule your highness. I’m used to getting up before sunrise, fixing Celestia’s sheets and all, though they’re your sheets now I suppose.”

The queen couldn’t help but grin at the validation, reminding her again of her success. “Yes, they are. Go on Ms. Thatch.”

Chrysalis moved on from the short exchange and moved on, though it took a few more moments to reach the tower. Rather than walk up the staircase, Chrysalis flew up to the balcony. Shade, Vivisect and Colony were already there. Chrysalis ignited her horn as she walked towards her councilors, to get their full attention.

“All of you are going to help me raise the sun. I tried moving it on my own yesterday, and let’s just say it was an unpleasant experience I’d prefer not to revisit. Thankfully, I gained a spell from Celestia to aid us in moving it. Now come forward and learn.”

Each of her councilors ignited their horns and walked forward. One by one the queen touched horns with each of the changelings, and imparted the necessary knowledge. Once that was completed, they moved in a unified trot to the balcony, and cast their collective gaze at the horizon.

The group of changelings shared a dull white glow in their eyes as the spell was conjured. It was not the same out of body experience Chrysalis had experienced earlier thankfully. There was no burn, just a warm tingle that cascaded down from her horn over her head. If anything, it felt like they were simply using a higher form of telekinetic magic.

Moments later light broke across horizon, and the sun peeked over the edge. All four of the changelings powered down their respective spells, and let the sun flow its natural course. Chrysalis inhaled deeply, and felt just fine after she moved the sun in this manner. When she turned to the others she found that they panted heavily.

“How do my councilors fair?”

Shade and Vivisect straightened their postures and stood erect. The sentinel and vanguard stared at each other, and dared the other to complain first. Colony answered first.

“I feel sunburned my queen. It stings, everywhere.”

The head drone hung her head low, her legs spread in a wide stable stance, and one eye twitched quite fiercely.

“Hmm, I don’t think it will be as bad once you gain more power from feeding. If necessary,we could get a group of unicorns to do this instead of us, but until we can organize that you me here for sunrise and sunset.”

“Yes *cough* my queen”

The three councilors voiced all together, each of them sounded scratchier than they did before their mutual activity.

“Now give me your reports, you first Colony, then Shade and Vivisect can divulge.”

Colony laid her body on the balcony floor, and lifted her head up to face the queen.

“My drones were able to identify nearly two dozen ponies that would be considered of significant importance. They were instructed to be at the Gala Hall by sunrise. I don’t believe you instructed a specific location last night, so I hope the Gala Hall is satisfactory?”

“Yes quite, head there now, let these “important” ponies know I’ll be there shortly.”

A short bow was given as Colony raised herself from the floor and left, though flinched as she moved, still reeling from the previous task. Chrysalis looked expectantly at Shade. Her primary vanguard shifted nervously on his hooves.

“I detained two changelings for over feeding last night, I kept note of the ponies they fed on as well.”

The giant queen growled in displeasure. She stomped over to the head vanguard and lowered her head down to his eye level.

“Bring the two changelings, and their victims to the Gala Hall. They will join my meeting.”

“I want to apologize my queen, it was my resp-“

“You can’t keep eyes on every changeling Shade. Now leave.”

Shade lowered his head and scampered off the balcony like a whipped dog. Since the sentinel was last, she stepped forward and bowed to her queen.

“There was only one disturbance last night. Two unicorns approached the throne room searching for Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor. They identified themselves as Night Light and Twilight Velvet, their parents. I told them nopony was allowed in the throne room on your personal orders. After they protested for a short while, we managed to persuade them to leave.”

“The parents of Twilight and Shining? –sigh- Oh family… the spawning ground for plots of vengeance and rebellion. Vivisect, if any other ponies approach the throne room and identify themselves as family to the prisoners, imprison them as well.”

“Yes my queen.”

Vivisect stood stall and saluted Chrysalis. The large sentinel was only slightly shorter than her queen. Both of them started to rapidly beat their insect-like wings, and head to their respective destinations.


The low drum of the queen’s wings echoed through the Gala Hall and into the ballroom. Many seating cushions surrounded the central pedestal, with various ponies already settled on them. Several drones stood attentively by the doorway, they made a hissing cheer as their queen passed them, while the ponies kept quiet

A loud crash and thud occurred as the queen landed heavily on the pedestal, which slowed all conversation within the ball room. Large green eyes roamed over the dubbed “Important” ponies of Canterlot. Eventually all conversation died as the ponies looked at the silent queen. One additional moment of silence later Chrysalis opened her mouth to speak.

“I only have a few objectives for this gathering. Since this could go on for hours, pouring over the minutia of your old government, I will designate one of you as my liaison for such details. By the time this meeting is complete I want a schedule for my changelings to feed. You will also be using your positions of influence to unite Equestria under Changeling rule. Any questions?”

“What if we don’t agree to do this…”

An old grey unicorn stallion with short white mane and tail stood from his red velvet cushion, and gave the queen a challenging stare. His monocle and top hat looked scuffed and dirty, and there were some tears on his suit coat. The mark of crossed swords was on his flanks.

With a loud cough and flash of magic a large empty cocoon appeared near the queen, and hovered in the air, with the open end pointed towards the old unicorn like a hungry maw. Several members of the gathering gasped and flinched, fearful of what might happen.

“I’m afraid I can’t afford dissenters at this stage of development. If you are not here to help stabilize the situation, you can join the rest of the prisoners. That goes for the rest of you!”

She leered at the crowd, and dared any of them to give her a defiant look again. The old stallion straightened his monocle before he reclined back into his cushion, gaze averted from the queen. Chrysalis lowered the empty cocoon to the side of the pedestal, and kept the open end pointed at the group.

“Now, each of you will take turns introducing yourselves. State your name, and why you are significant enough to be here.”

The queen brought up one holed hoof and pointed at the nearest pony, a middle age mare wearing crescent spectacles and a short professional dress. When the large black hoof pointed at her the maroon mare, she quickly stood up and bowed.

“I am Golden Trust your highness, and I was… Am, Minister of The Royal Treasury. The current budg-“

“Money pony, I get it, next!”

Thus began the circle of introductions. Various ministers and heads of noble houses were present, and accounted for the majority of the bureaucracy and wealthy families. When one Pegasus designated herself as a Wonderbolt the queen snapped forward with deadly focus.

“Wonderbolt? Wasn’t that a specialized branch of Celestia’s guard?! Why, pray tell are you not imprisoned at this moment?”

“I surrendered your majesty! I joined them because I liked the uniform and competitions! I never really wanted to fight… I, I, I could show other ponies that even a Wonderbolt is willing to work with you, uh, for you, um, under you?”

Chrysalis had walked down from the pedestal with quick aggressive steps, her horn glowed with green magic. She stood tall over the cowed blue and white Pegasus, who covered her eyes with her hooves and braced for some kind of impact.

“Fleetoot was it?”

“Uh-uh, ya your, um, majesty?”

“Did you see the Wonderbolts loyal to Celestia imprisoned?”

“Y-yes, I saw Captain Spitfire and Soarin st-stuffed in one of those things.”

Fleetfoot had opened one eye and nervously pointed to the empty cocoon with a hoof. The queen’s demeanor relaxed a little and she sat down, and still towered over the Wonderbolt, who cringed under her gaze. A large hoof stroked her chin as Chrysalis put on her best muse face. Fleetfoot cleared her throat before she tried to appease the queen and explain further.

“I escaped capture by taking off my uniform and hiding. When I saw they weren’t stuffing ponies into cocoons anymore I came out. Then, uh, when your drones came looking for important ponies, another pair of pegasi recognized me and pointed the drones in my direction. I didn’t let them know I was a Wonderbolt, I guess your changelings just assumed I was important cuz’ other ponies recognized me.”

She ran out of words after that, and looked up at Chrysalis with a small amount of hope that she wouldn’t be stuffed in a cocoon. A hum reverberated from the queen’s chest and she extended a hoof to the drooped Pegasus. Hesitantly, Fleetfoot accepted it, and was lifted to stand in position.

“How much did you enjoy flying in shows and competitions Fleetfoot?”

“Uh, I kinda, well, I loved it, flyin’ has been my passion since I was a filly.”

“Can you teach others your skills?”

“I guess so.”

“Then congratulations, you’re now captain of Wonderbolts. Recruit others with a love for flying, and continue your shows and competitions. Though, keep in mind, you will no longer have any military affiliation.”

A tenaciously held breath escaped from the shaken pegasus. Who promptly dived to the ground and seized one of Chrysalis’s hooves with both of her blue ones, and nuzzled her muzzle against the queen appreciatively.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! For not putting me in a cocoon…”

Fleetfoot quietly muttered the last part. The queen responded with a little shove to keep Fleetfoot at hoof’s length, and kept a reserved expression. She turned tail to slowly trot back up to her pedestal.

“Of course, my subject. Who knows, some of my changelings may even express interest in your organization. Next!”

There was only one pony left. A white unicorn with fashionably groomed blue mane, dressed in a neat suit, purple bow-tie, and golden monocle, stood up from his blue and gold trimmed pillow.

“Fancy Pants your majesty, premiere socialite and lobbyist.”

The tall unicorn gave a courteous nod, and wore a charming smile. A surprise was his posture seemed very relaxed, while he maintained a dignified air.

“So most of these ponies trust you and your opinions?”

“Indeed, I also have a well founded reputation with influential ponies throughout Equestria. For starters, the Mayor of Manehattan is a good friend of mine, I believe I could persuade her to accept that you are respectable, and there would be no need claim that city with force.”

“That’s the most useful thing I’ve heard today. You Fancy Pants will be my Liaison for Pony Affairs.”

Surprised gossip commenced among the small crowd at this announcement. Fancy Pants tactfully kept his surprise in check, though some practical concerns still pushed themselves forward.

“By Liaison am I to understand you want me to relate all affairs of government to you?”

Chrysalis sniffed the air, but she didn’t need to taste Fancy’s emotions to see he was feeling a little overwhelmed.

“I want you to look over things generally in my place. Anything these ponies would have petitioned Celestia with, will now go to you. I only want to be notified of severely threatening issues. I won’t be bothered by petty property disputes, only warn me if blood is about to fall.”

The queen ignited her horn her horn and sent a mental message to several nearby drones. In buzzed from half a dozen changelings that neared the small conference, and they landed next to the tall white unicorn.

“These drones will be your personal assistants. Order them to do whatever you want, your word will carry the same weight as mine to them.”

Immediately after that announcement the sound of hoof falls sounded from the entrance to the Gala Ballroom. Shade entered along with half a dozen other vanguard changelings. In tow were three ponies, a stallion, mare, and foal. As well as two more changelings, who had their wings shackled in slime, and their horns restrained in goo. Chrysalis narrowed her eyes and her muzzle drooped into a slight frown, she knew how she wanted to handle this.

“I have brought the guilty and their victims my queen.”

Shade announced loudly

“Keep to the side, I will use them shortly.”

The queen suddenly put on a disconcerting smile, She swept a hoof in a wide gesture.

“Now that we are done with introductions, my important ponies, we will address the subject of feeding my swarm. Fancy Pants, care to join me for a little demonstration?”

Her gestured hoof was brought low and gently patted an empty space on the pedestal. The sharply dressed unicorn held a talent for controlled nervousness too, and he rose from his cushion to walk over to the pedestal. Confident suave was displayed in his trot. The soft smile on his face never faltered.

“Certainly your majesty.”

When Fancy took his seat next to the queen, she inhaled softly. A barely visible shimmer in the air passed between them, like a small heat wave. The unicorn cocked an eyebrow, but remained quiet.

“How do you feel?”

“Should I feel any different, your majesty?”

“I just fed from you.”

Most of the crowd blinked in surprised silence, there were one or two gasps, but most just waited in suspense. Many had imagined the changeling feeding process as something horrible, but here nothing had happened. Several members found themselves in disbelief.

Fancy Pant looked himself up and down, and put a hoof to his chest, then his head. When he found nothing wrong he turned back to the queen.

“I can’t say I feel any different.”

“Good, what I took was a proper sized meal. Four or Five more changelings could take the same, and you would only feel a momentary tingle. If I don’t use magic, this feeding would last me a week before I would feel hungry again.”

A slight murmur passed through the gathering, it was considerably less nervous than previous mutters had been. Chrysalis smirked knowingly at several of the doubtful ponies.

“What did I say, you have nothing to fear. By the way, your love tastes like champagne Fancy Pants.”

The proper white unicorn opened his eyes wide. He discretely put a hoof to his face and tried to smell his own breath.

“I don’t smell of it do I? I haven’t had a drink in days.”

One or two ponies dared to chuckle, the rest silently thought about what this new information could reveal. The queen lowered her face close to Fancy’s and took two very obvious sniffs.

“No, you don’t smell of drinks. You may return to your seat.”

The unicorn processed the information while he left, Fancy Pants felt relieved of at least one thing.

“Now that all of you have seen what a proper feeding is, I will show you the results of misuse, and how I plan to deal with that. Shade! Bring them over.”

Shade and the other vanguard escorted the two detained changelings and three ponies next to the pedestal. This gave all gathered in the meeting a clear view.

With a studious gaze Chrysalis observed her examples. The two guilty changelings were drone class. Each of the three ponies had their natural colors faded, bags were under their eyes and they looked utterly exhausted, particularly the foal, who looked ready to collapse

The observant peer of the queen broke and she stomped down the steps of her pedestal, and arrived next to the bound drones.

“I expected better discipline from changelings who are part of MY swarm!”

Both of the drones were surrounded in the green aura of the queen’s magic and lifted into the air. Muffled squeals escaped from the changelings as they were both stuffed into the empty cocoon next to the pedestal.

“Put them with the other prisoners, they are not to be released until they’ve molted from hunger.”

She grabbed the cocoon in her magic, and levitated it over to Shade, it was sealed shut as it hovered through the air. Her head vanguard grabbed the prisoners with his magic as they were passed to him. With a quick nod he and the other vanguard left towards the throne room.

She relinquished her attention from that problem, Chrysalis then turned to the three pony victims, all of them were unicorns. She approached the stallion first, he recoiled, but she pressed forward anyway. Her horn glowed and she lowered it to cross with the shorter stallion’s, she exhaled as she did so, which caused a transparent shimmer in the air.

The paled green coat on the stallion became saturated with it’s darker natural hue, the bags under his eyes disappeared, and his posture straightened out.

“Wha-, what happened?!”Came his surprised exclamation. The queen moved over and did the same for the mare and foal before she answered.

“Stolen love energy can be given back. You three will be exempt from the obligation to feed my swarm. I’ve left a mark, so other changelings will know not to feed from of you. Go back to your homes.”

Sure enough, there was a green ring at the base of each of the three unicorn’s horns. The mare and stallion muttered some thanks before they scurried out of the ballroom, with the foal between them.

The reaction from the members of the meeting was mixed. To see the queen imprison some of her own changelings, and then help some random ponies caused a stir of confusion. Chrysalis returned to her pedestal once more and sat in a relaxed position.

“At this time I would like to hear any proposals you ponies have for integrating changeling feeding into your schedules.”

“Like opening a restaurant for changelings or something?”

The scratchy voice came from Fleetfoot.

“Love donation center might sound, less intimidating.”

Grumbled an old grey unicorn in a top hat. In the introduction he had introduced himself as Sharpen Bold, a successful statesman.

“It could be a Love bank. Ponies could obtain accounts and records, to keep track of regular deposits. Your changelings could also have their feeding tracked. Just give everypony identification." Golden Trust voiced helpfully.

Chrysalis didn’t need to hear anymore to decide she liked the maroon mare’s method of approach. She held up a hoof, which stopped any more proposals.

“You Golden Trust may organize this. You have until tomorrow to flesh out the idea, once you have it complete report it to Fancy Pants, and he will report it to me. Just keep in mind, I have 10,000 changelings to feed. My demonstration with Fancy Pants should give you an idea for dividing up your ponies time.”

The royal treasurer nodded to the queen’s request. The giant changeling stood up, and felt business was about done.

“My liaison is chosen, and a feeding schedule in the works. For the rest of you, I want you to send petitions to the other cities in Equestria, ask them to join us peacefully. Report your results to Fancy Pants within a week. This meeting is now adjourned.”

One loud tap echoed off the pedestal, and several of Canterlot’s elite roused themselves to their hooves. The queen sat and watched them as they left, she thought of one more thing she wanted to add.

“Golden Trust.”

“Yes your majesty?”

“I am going to send one of my counselors to work with you, her name is Colony. She is the head of my drones, and she will answer any additional questions you may have about changeling needs.”

“I will make the appropriate accommodations.”

The treasury pony left with her final notification, leaving the Queen all but alone She stepped forward and buzzed her wings to depart when she noticed one more pony had stayed behind, he faced the queen expectantly. The broad white unicorn flashed a bright smile. She recognized him easily from the introductions.

“If you want something Blueblood bring it to Fancy Pants first.”

“I’m afraid it’s something Fancy Pants won’t be able to speak on your behalf for.”

“What is it then?”

“Do changelings practice marriage?”

When she heard Blueblood’s question she snorted. Then broke into a laugh.

“Hahaha, do tell me why you would be interested in that. The only love I smell off of you is for yourself.”

“I am Archduke of the House of Royals, and a prince under Celestia’s rule. A union between us would be a sure way to gain approval from the noble houses; I could guide them to endorse your rule.”

“You’re not dissuaded by my looks either?”

Chrysalis snapped her jaws into a wicked grin, and put her sharp fangs on display. She buzzed her wings and riled up her patchy mane. The prince gulped,

“Well, you can take the guise of a pony, can’t you?”

Mystical green fire erupted around the queen’s form, which caused Blueblood to lift a hoof and shield his eyes. When the light dimmed he ventured to look over his hoof. A perfect copy of himself stood there. Chrysalis lifted a hoof and brushed it through the blonde mane her new form supported.

“Down to the last detail.”

Blueblood saw his copy make kissy faces at him. It was strange, he was somewhere between disgusted and intrigued. He licked his dry lips, and remembered he had actually made many of those faces to himself before, in his own mirror, to himself.

“But you’re forgetting one thing Blueblood.”

“Prince Blueblood.” He attempted to correct.


The force of the queen’s voice blew against the pompous pony like a wind tunnel. He was promptly knocked backwards onto his flank.

“I DEFEATED CELESTIA! All of the royal guards have been defeated by MY SWARM. You may have money and resources, but you have nothing to defend them with. Don’t presume I need your, or the other nobles approval. You know what fate awaits you should any of the noble houses oppose me.”

The guise had stripped away during her tirade, and Blueblood cowered under her overbearing presence. Her eyes flashed with magically charged aura as she glared.

“To answer your initial question, it is yes and no. Many of my vanguard infiltrators have adopted disguises that are married off to somepony. And no, I don’t marry off changelings when they find a reproductive partner. We have never bothered in our natural forms and see no reason to do so now Now, unless you have something of use to contribute, get out of my sight.”

It didn’t take a moment for the thoroughly intimidated Blueblood to gallop out of the Gala ballroom.


The doors to the throne room were pushed open, morning sunlight and a queen entered through them. She hummed a merry tune to herself as she passed several sentinels standing post.

“Time for breakfast!”

Chrysalis sang in simple melody. She hovered up to the imprisoned ponies, and jovially drummed on each pod with her front hooves as she passed them.

“Which one, which one, aw who am I kidding, I’m going to have all of you.”

She slowly sniffed each pod, she had only to decide which one she wanted first. Each pony had a distinct taste, dependent on the personality of their emotions. The fluid in each pod absorbed emotional energy from its occupant, as a sort of pre-digestive method. This made it very easy for any changeling to feed from a pony stuffed in a cocoon.

Eventually she decided to feed from the yellow Pegasus first. She hovered underneath the pod, and inhaled the waft of emotional energy that pooled at the base. It tasted mild, and rather buttery. So she moved to the next pod, which contained the rainbow maned, cyan Pegasus. After she inhaled a large portion of the pooled emotions she coughed.

“Ooo, you’re a spicy one. ‘cough’ with an aftertaste of insecurity.”

Chrysalis’s eyes had started to water, and she lifted a hoof to wipe the excess liquid away. With the other hoof she fanned her heated face. Anxiously she looked around for another pod, she needed another flavor personality to cool this one off.

She spotted a familiar princess, Chrysalis smiled.

“Let’s see if your love tastes as good as Shining’s… ehehehe.”

Eagerly, the queen gulped at the energy emitted from the cocoon, which contained a pretty pink princess. The large Changeling hummed in delight with what she tasted.

“MMMmm, fruit and cream, I should have suspected.”

It counteracted the residual heat of Rainbow’s flavor, and left Chrysalis feeling quite satisfied.

“I suppose I’ll try the rest of you later. I do have a swarm to manage.”

Author's Note:

The inspiration for the dialogue between Chrysalis and Blueblood ( the sentence is the link )

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