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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.51 "A Thought, Chase, and a Show" part 3

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.51 “A Thought, Chase, and a Show” part 3

“Hey Applejack!”

Disguised Shade quickly closed the distance between himself and the ‘orange’ mare. She didn’t even look at him as the name was called, which caused him to scrunch his eye brows. So when he was close enough he raised a hoof to tap her on the shoulder.


“Say what?”

The mare turned to face Shade and he quickly realized this wasn’t applejack. To be fair, she looked a lot like her… aw, the cutie mark was a peeled orange…

“Nah, I’m not Applejack, she’s just a little further down the hall. I’m her cousin though.”

“Which door?”

“That one.”


“Hey, what were you gonna say anyway? Hey! Are you Hedge Tone?”

“Yep, that’s me. Um, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

“Oh, I’m Peel Press, from the other side of town. Mosley’s my uncle too, said he might have a studio for me to use.”

“Cool, welcome if you choose to stay. I gotta get going though.”

“See ya around.”

With that Peel disappeared into the empty studio, and Shade trotted to the previously indicated door. He stopped at the door and studied it for a minute before he raised a hoof to knock. Before he made contact the door swung open very quickly, and an explosion of pink filled his vision.

“Heya! Who are you?”

“I’m a neighbor down the hall, just thought I’d come and say hi-”

“NEIGHBOR! Sweet! I’ve already got a party going on! Come on in and say hi!”

Before he realized what happened Shade was yanked into the studio, had a party hat slapped over his head, and was blinded by a barrage of confetti, balloons, and streamers. Instinctively his front hooves were raised to shield his face, and his ears pinned down.

“Every pony we got a neighbor! Say hi!”


A chorus of voices sounded out, and Shade peeked an eye out from his shield of limbs. The inside of this studio was decked out like it was some filly’s birthday party, and several ponies mulled about the open space. As his free eye roamed over the room he was able to identify several of them.

The bundle of crazy that dragged him in was Pinkie Pie, the yellow pony hiding by the drinks was Fluttershy, Rarity lay across a long couch, and Applejack approached his defensive form. There were a few other ponies, but he didn’t need to identify them, he had found the primary targets.

“Sorry if the surprise spooked ya, Pinkie just kinda does that.”

“Not a problem at all.”

Applejack extended him a hoof, he took it and helped himself to his hooves. Inbetween sentences Shade shot out a mental message to Canterlot.

I need fifty able body vanguard to portal here, NOW!

His message was received and he could sense them respond to the command. They would come in discreetly and wait for further instruction. Just as they were trained to.

“Anyway, who do I have the pleasure of meetin’.”

“I’m Hedge Tone, just down the hall.”

“Well nice to meet ya Hedge Tone, I’m Appl-”

“Can I have a word in private?”

Shade cut in as he leaned forward and whispered. Applejack leaned back a little confused at the sudden interruption. Her face soon displayed a larger measure of concern, and she whispered back.

“What for?”

“It’s a message from Twilight, she wanted just you to hear it.”

“Wait, what? What did she want to share with just me for? What can’t be said to the rest of the girls?”

“I’ll tell it to you if we can go somewhere a little more secure.”

“Um, how do ya know Twilight?”

“We met shortly after you split up from Ponyville. She wanted me to give you a message, but anymore details will have to wait. Can you come with me into the hall?”

Applejack’s face tensed with indecision, this was the first news she had of her missing friends. One the one hoof, it was great Twilight wasn’t captured yet…

“Just a sec.”

The orange mare bumped Shade with a hoof, and indicated towards the door. So he turned around and moved to the exit. She moved to follow, but before she went outside herself she tapped Pinkie on the shoulder.

“Heya Applejack! What’s the neighbor leaving so soon for?”

“Oh uh, he just said he needed to talk with me outside for a minute.”


“We’ll just be in the hallway, then we’ll be right back in.”

“Well don’t take too long, I’m about to bust out the cake!”

“I’m sure I’ll make it in time.”

“Okie dokie lokie.”

With that Applejack walked out the door and closed it behind her. She turned to face the strange green stallion and get some answers.

“Now what did she have to say?”

“You know, you’re not as skittish as I would expect for a pony on the run…”

Hedge Tone leaned back against the wall and drooped his mouth into a slant.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll need you to think carefully about what you do in the next few seconds. I chose you to come out here because I think you’re the most level headed of your friends. Besides, I wanted to say hello again.”

“Hello again… wait-”

A small wave of green flame washed over Hedge Tone, then Shade was in his natural form. The orange mare opened her mouth to shout, but Shade raised a hoof in warning.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Applejack kept her mouth open, but she hesitated long enough for the changeling to throw a few more words in.

“If you want to end things now I have fifty of my best vanguard surrounding this location. Or we can talk…”

The earth pony dropped onto her rump, and shot the changeling a nasty glare, then growled through her teeth.

“What’s there to talk about, ya got us cornered. Are ya just gonna toy with us like your queen?”

“Please, you know me better than that.”

“Fine, you were decent once or twice, but I don’t see a point in draggin’ this out.”

“If it helps you feel better, I don’t want to throw you back into a cocoon.”

“It doesn’t make me feel any better…”

Shade sighed at her straight tone, he shouldn’t have expected anything different. Applejack spoke again before he could take the opportunity.

“So what are ya plannin’ then? What’s your point in taking time?”

“Honestly, I just want you and your friends to enjoy some freedom while you have it. None of you deserve to be prisoners, but my queen won’t allow you to roam free.”

“Uh huh, and what kind of freedom is havin’ you changelings breathin’ down our necks?”

“Well, the rest of your friends don’t know that.”

“Might as well, we were runnin’ from yall. So it’s not like we didn’t expect you’d be after us.”

Shade tapped his chin with a hoof, and flicked his tail a few times. Then in a fluid flash his form changed back to that of Hedge Tone. A slight smirk broke over his muzzle.

“Well, can I atleast treat you and your friends to a concert before your freedom is forcibly taken?”

“Hu what? Ya serious?”

“I’ve been making music here for the last twenty years. I was planning on doing at least one show whether I found you here or not. Besides, your uncle Mosley is a great guy, I think he’ll be coming. I plan on talking to him over lunch anyway.”


“You can say no, but I’d really like it if you said yes.”

“What about the rest of my family, ya going to lock ‘em up too?”

“I only need you and the other element bearers. Every pony else will be left alone.”

Applejack shuffled her hooves uncomfortably and stared at the floor. Her Stetson tipped over, and she raised a hoof to correct it. Eventually her eyes lifted to gaze at the green unicorn across from her.

“Alright, let me go talk to ‘em and make some plans.”

“Show isn’t until tonight, so take all the time you need.”

Both of them stood up, and turned their respective ways.

“I will…”

The defeated tone in the mare’s voice gave Shade a rather bitter taste in his mouth.

“Sorry Applejack, If could I wouldn’t have thi-”

“That won’t change nothin’. Ya have your loyalties, and I have mine. I understand. Talk to ya later…”

She turned and went back into the studio before he could say anything else. He sighed heavily and walked towards his own studio. Might as well check his things.

The buzz of swarm activity came to his mind, and he was somewhat satisfied to know the requested vanguard had made it. They now flew around the building in pegasi disguises, and roamed the building in various other forms. The element bearers would be watched from every angle.

After the general acknowledgements an order was hashed out. To keep a close eye on the element mare’s activities..

another message from a more distant place made it to his head.

Um Shade head boss sir?

Yes Lightning?

Rainbow Dash got away, she’s wearing that amulet now.

Shade put a hoof to his head and started to rub in slow circles.

Any idea where she went?


Good time to start looking then. Take the rest of the Cloudsdale vanguard and start a search. Don’t engage without back up. If round two proves too much, we’ll probably have to call in the queen herself.

Yes sir…

Good luck Lightning.

Yes sir…

Shade smirked a little, she wasn’t quite so talkative this time. Too bad the amulet wasn’t secured, but that wasn’t the primary goal at the moment. Other plans could proceed meanwhile.


Lunch with Mosely and Mrs. Orange was great. The oranges accepted the invite to the evening show, so Shade spent the rest of the afternoon setting things up for that evening’s event.

The vanguard that watched over the element bearers reported nothing suspicious. All the mares did was finish up the studio party and clean afterwards. They observed Applejack speak with the other ponies in a group, but that was about all.

Shade had a disguised vanguard knock on the door and inquire about the invitation, to see if they planned on coming to the show. Soon he was mentally messaged back that they planned on it.

The head vanguard smiled in his disguise while he sat on stage. There was a short stool underneath his rump and a microphone a short distance from his face. At the moment he and the other members of his crew just played with the lights and other stage effects they had prepared.

“It’s good to see you back Hedge. I thought you were going to be gone on ‘business’ for a lot longer than you were.”

A purple stallion with a short-cut orange mane approached him. Shade gave a friendly grin back as he fiddled and tuned his guitar.

“Honestly me too Keys, but luck strikes again every once and a while. Good leads equal good times. Sides, how are things with mayor More and the drones?”

“Oh them, dunno. Chat about that has been pretty low key. Rather surprising since all the big news the invasion made.”

“Huh, how have the ponies around here responded?”

“Crime is worse…”

“That’s no good.”

“Guess we’ll just have to work harder to get every pony in a good mood eh?”

“That’s why we do music!”

“Right, I’ll check up on Dawn and Blush, make sure things are ready.”

“Ya, get ‘em to hurry up, show time is in fifteenish minutes.”

Keys went back stage to check on the rest of the band, and get things rolling. Meanwhile Shade let out a sigh of relief, and mindlessly kicked at his guitar cord. It had been too long since he had been up here.

It was the club Mosely owned, and the most common performance site for Hedge Tone and gang. A few hundred ponies could easily fit inside the spacious area, between the dance floor, bar, café, tables and booths. The smell of some good city cooking wafted through the area as well, and it made Shade’s nose tingle with familiarity. Many good times were held at this very place.

The lights were fairly dim, and ponies had already filled the location. Chatter gave the room a constant background noise, and things felt overall quite relaxed. Shade never had stage nerves, in fact being up there was one of the things that helped him feel alive.

The door to the club flew open again, and soon a couple of mares walked right into the club. At the lead was Applejack, followed by Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy. Shade noticed they were escorted by several of his disguised vanguards.

He waved at them to gain their attention, and once he had it, he pointed to an empty booth that was fairly close by. They saw the indicated location and moved towards it. The other disguised vanguards moved off to a few nearby unoccupied tables.

He unplugged his guitar and strapped it to his side before he hopped off the stage and casually trotted over to the booth of element bearers.

“Glad you gals decided to come.”

Pinkie was the first to jump up and say something. She pointed an accusatory hoof at him while she wore a silly big smile.

“Oh hey! You were at our studio earlier! You do music too? That’s super duper cool! What kind! Oh you have a guitar! Electric guitar!”

During her blur of words she started to strum her own invisible air guitar.

“Yep, just one of the things I’ll be playing tonight.”

The nervous yellow pegasus partially obscured by her pink mane mumbled nervously.

“O-oh, there’s going to be a lot of loud music?”

“Don’t worry, most of our music is pretty chill. Tonight we don’t plan on playing anything ear busting.”

“Oh good, I’m a fan of lullabies mostly.”

“Huh, then I have just the piece we can start out with.”

“What can your group play exactly?”

Rarity cut in with a tad bit of curiosity teasing her tone.

“We do everything from classic orchestra to heavy metal and many things between. We pretty much have a taste for anything you could say.”


From the backstage Keys called out in Shade’s direction.

“Come on Hedge, we’re about to start!”

“Well ladies looks like I need to be back on stage. Feel free to order anything you like from the café, my treat.”

He grabbed a few menus in magic and placed them on their table before he scampered off to the stage. He noticed the glum look Applejack gave him, so he shot her a weak smile before he hopped up and into the lights.

There was a good round of applause as stomps echoed out from hooves. All the members of the band waved back and nodded in acknowledgement. Shade was glad to see Dawn and Blush had made it to their respective places as well. After the applause died down Shade cleared his throat and lowered his muzzle towards the mic.

“Alright my good fillies and gentle colts of manehattan, it’s good to be back!”

Another round of applause.

“Great to see every pony’s enthusiasm. So tonight, I’m gonna start with something soft, then pick up the energy as it goes. This one is for a pegasus that likes lullabies.”

The guitar that was strapped on Shade’s side was levitated off and placed back stage, then a ukulele was pulled out as he settled on his stool. Once the small instrument was secured in his hooves he started to strum a light melody, then followed with a drawn out coo into the mic.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
And the dreams that you dream of,
Once in a Lullaby
I-aye-I oh, Somewhere over the rainbow,
Beau birds fly
And o those dreams that you dream of
They really can come true
Some day I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up to find the clouds far behind me
Trouble gone away with the ground beneath
High above house and heath
Is where you’ll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow

When he finished there was another round of applause, and Shade drank it in with his eyes closed. Many dreamy and peaceful emotions saturated the room, and all he had to do was breathe in, and he could pick up a wonderful breezy taste.

He turned to the other members of the band with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Sorry to leave you guys out, but I’ll need you for the next one. Alright crowd, during the next piece the dance floor is open. Slow dance my pony peeps.”

A number of ponies obliged and hopped up onto the dance floor, and many of them paired off quickly. Shade levitated his guitar back over, and with a casual nod Key picked up the bass, and Blush picked up a keyboard and levitated some percussions. Dawn came forward with a mic infront of her muzzle.

They began with a slow light tap of all their instruments. After a few moments Shade and Dawn added their voices to harmonize and play off each other.

(Shade's lines are purple)
(Dawn's lines are green)
(Simultaneous is orange)

Dancin’ when the stars go blue
Dancin’ when the evenin’ fell
Dancin’ with your gentle hooves
In a evenin’ gown
Dancin’ in the high street, Dancin’ through the underground
Dancin’ like a marionette
are you happy now?
Where do you go when you’re lonely, Where do you go when you’re blue
Where do you go when you’re lonely, I’ll follow you
When the stars go blue
When stars go blue
When the stars go blue

Then Blush broke out into a key board solo, and Shade and Dawn picked up again. Magic burst through the dimly lit club area and sparkly little stars of various shades of blue streaked across the ceiling.

Laughin’ with your pretty mouth
Laughin’ with your broken eyes
Laughin’ with you lover’s tongue
In a lullaby
Where do you go when you’re lonely, Where do you go when you’re blue
Where do you go when you’re lonely, I’ll follow you
When the stars go blue
When stars go blue
When the stars go blue

For the finale Shade dropped the guitar back stage and whipped out a violin. As the silver tone echoed through the club as stir of whistles and cheers accompanied it. They rode out the last of the song to a rather lively reception.

Many of the couples had drawn closer together over the course of the song, and a fragrance which changelings appreciated began to fog the air. As nuzzles and cuddles were shared. The band on stage gave a pleased hum as they tasted their success.

“Course he’d do some sappy song…”

Applejack grumbled under her breath.

“What was that dear? Didn’t you like it? I thought that piece with the violin was especially lovely. It was a marvelous idea to accept that stallion’s invitation!”

Rarity hummed while she rested her chin on her fetlocks. Meanwhile Pinkie snored face down on the table top, and Fluttershy stared off into the distance dreamily. Their attention went back onstage when Shade addressed the crowd again.

“Thank you, Thank you for the applause every pony. Now, heh, If all of you would indulge me in one more slow piece we’ll get started.”

There was no objection to that, so Shade went ahead and got things rolling. The guitar was pulled in and violin put away with magic.

After a fanciful twinkling effect and a few strums, Shade sang, but his voice was very different. He lowered it an octave or two, and had a slight twang of an accent.

I can see your picture, in my mind
A vision that seems so very real
I miss you everynight in my dreams
Time and space will never keep us apart
Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Even when we’re far away
Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Until the mornin’ brings another day

Both of Applejack’s ears were perked with interest. Rarity giggled at the shift in performance style.

“Why he sounds just like Eleven Presshoof! In fact I think that’s one of his songs too! That’s some impressive mimicry.”

“Yea, mimicry…”

The song continued, with Applejack’s rapt attention now. Some stirred in her chest, but she couldn’t quite place the feeling.

I can feel your touch like you are here
A perfect love will cast away my fears
I can hear your voice blowin’ in the wind
Your love will turn the darkness into light
Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Even when we’re far away
Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Until the mornin’ brings another day
And our love will be forever
Oh yea, it will never fade away

Each of the band members did a little diddle as they did instrumental for a few moments, then Shade finished with the final chorus.

Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Even when we’re far away
Your love’s keepin’ me tonight
Until the mornin’ brings another day

The song was finished but the group continued to play their instruments a little longer. Several of the dance floor couples were now in close embraces and several quietly made-out. Perfect…

Eventually they broke off and Shade spoke into the mic.

“K folks, my friends and I are going to take a little break, so enjoy each other’s company meanwhile.”

As Shade, Keys, Dawn, and Blush retreated backstage the chatter in the club picked up. Ponies hustled around, and there was a general stir. Food had largely been prepared and was passed around to those who ordered it.

Several dishes made their way to a group of mares in a booth. Even though none of them had placed an order yet. Several fruity drinks were placed for them as well.

Applejack kept an eye on the empty stage for a minute before she turned back to her friends. Rarity had started to repeat a question anyway.

“So how did you come across, uh, Hedge Tone, was it? He and his friends have quite the talent.”

“Oh, um, I met ‘em in Canterlot. In passin’.”

“Well he certainly is friendly! That was very kind of him to treat us to the menu.”

“Yea… kind.”

After Applejack’s words hung there, Fluttershy mumbled out her approval

“I liked the first one, but the others were good too.”

A platter of food was placed on their table. The aroma of buttery baked goodness, scented with garlic and pasta confections caused a certain pink pony to raise her head from the table.

“Yay food!”

She then began to stuff her face, and she gurgled out a few words inbetween.

“Ya –snarf- it was nice music –snarf- but like low beat and stuff –snarf- Sounded something like the Cakes sing to Pumpkin and Pound to put them to sleep. –snarf- hehehe or each other.”

So the friends continued to chat among each other, with Applejack occasionally throwing a glance in the stage’s direction.

It continued like that for a little while. Ponies shuffled around, the facilities were rather busy, and many passed by the booth.

One earth pony mare passed by the booth that contained the element mares, then did a double take as she looked back at them. This mare was slightly older, had a dark purple pelt and well kempt golden mane. A pair of fashionable spectacles rested on her snout infront of her ruby eyes. She was quite tall in stature as well, and approached the booth with a suave smile.

“Do my eyes deceive me or have I found some of the famous friendship mares!”

All the friends in the booth turned to look at the newcomer, most of them wore a mask of confusion, but the marshmellowly unicorn among them shared her recognition.

“Ooo, Mayor More? Equestria’s most fashionable Political figure!”

“Aw, you must be Rarity, such a pleasure to meet you. As well as each of you.”

The elegant purple mare extended a hoof in greeting, to which she was positively received. After the pleasantry was made the Mayor spoke in a concerned tone.

“Whatever brought all of you here? I’ve heard the most distressing news from Canterlot.”

“Distressin’ puts it lightly…”

Applejack humphed.

“Well more like a big ol’ bug pony queen came in and crashed Cadance’s wedding! She was all like ‘I’m going to your love muwahahaha!’ then she started sticking ponies in this nasty icky gicky green stuff, and sealed them up in cocoons. She did it to the princesses, and the guards, and us… Then I remember some bad nightmares, and some funny weird dreams. Then some dark grey stallion pony guy in a funny coat with glasses and silly top hat spilled us out of the goopy gloppy soppy cocoons and was like ‘muwahaha be free, be free!’ and disappeared like a weirdo that’s trying to copy cat mare-do-well or something. Then we bumped into the rest of our friends, but Trixie showed up and was like ‘EGO ISSUES!’ blah blah blah. Then the Buggy queen showed up again, but her guards were silly willy and were like ‘EGO ISSUES’ then we escaped, and ran around, made some quick goodbyes. Applejack picked up Applebloom and Granny Smith, but not Big Mac, cause we don’t know where he is, but then she said she knew some family in Manehattan. Manehattan is a big place and it’s harder to find a few ponies where there are lot’s of ponies, cause we’re still running from that meanie weenie queen, so we came here. Then some pony bumped into our party in the studio we’re staying at, then he was all like ‘I wanna talk to Applejack, just Applejack’ so he pulled her out in the hall for a private chat. They chatted for like, forever. Then she came back in and said that stallion wanted all of us to come and hear him play music. So we came here and he was nice and all and got us this big stack of hay fries, hay burgers, hay shakes, and cheesy hay whiz!”

Pinkie inhaled one mighty inhale after her face had turned blue. She spouted the entire thing in a mere moment or two after all. The mayor held a very stunned expression at the volume of information and speed of delivery. Mean while Applejack concurred while she pulled over one of the hay shakes.

“Ya pretty much…”

The magenta mayor blinked once and twice before she found her voice again.

“Well, if you’re worried about that queen finding you, I can offer you sanctuary here. I have places that she won’t be able to find any of you. It would allow you some time to recompose yourselves and make some coherent plans? It is sorrowful to see our national heroes in such a state.”

“That’s a mighty kind offer. But what do the rest of ya gals think?”

Applejack made a nervous glance back towards the stage, and she noticed that Shade and the band began to emerge from the back stage. The sounds of them testing the mics and instruments started to hush conversations.

“Oh well, we can continue our little chat after they’re done.”

More gave them a quaint little grin before she seated herself at a nearby table. Several burly security ponies shared the table with the mayor, and they in turn looked up at stage.

Several disguised vanguard changelings, which were also nearby, glanced nervously between the element bearers and the mayor. That little interaction wasn’t in accordance with their plans.

“Alright every pony, as I said earlier, we’ll do something with a little more energy. So this next piece is for our spy ponies out there! I bet there’s quite a party going on in the Equestrian Intelligence Agency right now! Hehe.”

Shade kicked a trigger that was on the stage, and several colorful lights started to roam around club and the follow up music created a vibrant atmosphere. Before they really got started Keys gave Shade a kick from behind, then pointed out to the crowd as he whispered something. The disguised green stallion looked to where his friend pointed, and his eyes widened a bit before he reached out for the mic.

“Oh, and it looks like our very own Mayor More is here tonight! Glad you could come and represent!”

A fierce stomp of applause rounded through the club, and the elegant purple mare gave a graceful wave in acknowledgement. She called out back to him.

“Oh don’t mind me, go on and let’s hear your band play!”

“Sure thing! C’mon guys!”

Again, Shade’s voice adopted quite a different tone, it was higher, and somewhat geeky. The rest of the gang picked up a lively beat as they began.

I moved out to Canter’ recently, with a plain and simple dream
Wanna infiltrate some high-class place, and topple their regime
The pon’s in black with their matchin’ suit cases,
Where every things’ a need to know basis
Agents got that swagga, every pon’ so cloak and dagga
I’m feelin’ kinda nervous, but I’m really wishin’
For an undercover mission
That’s when the green alert came on the tele-scroll
And I turned my spell piece on
Got my rockin’ shades on
And I had my weapon drawn
So I got my hoofcuffs
My dye-a-hide pills
My classified dossier
Tappin’ some minds like
Shreddin’ the gunk like
I memorized all the enemy spies I’ve gotta lobotomize today
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.


I’ve done a couple of crazy things that’ve almost got me banished
Like debilitate some head of state who wasn’t even on my list
Burn that mirco-tome buddy will you
I’d tell you why but then I’d have to grill you
You need a quickie confession?
We’ll start our neural probing session
No hurry on the Ponyville dictator, I’ll dissimilate her later
That’s when she walked right in my gazer sights,
And my brilliance was on
And my brilliance was on
And another target’s done
Yeah we got our stealth ops all over the world
From Wunduree to Germane
Payin’ the bribes like
Pluggin’ the leaks like
Interrogating the scum of the world
We’ll break ‘em by the break of day
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.


Need a country to stabilize?
Look no further we’re you’re guys
We’ve got snazzy spells and sides
And a better dental plan than the S.R.I.
Better put your hooves up and get in the coach
Or else you’ll get blown away
Stagin’ a coup like
Brainwashin’ moles like
We only torture the folks we don’t like
You’re probably gonna be ok
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.
Yeeeeah it’s a party in the E.I.A.

There were a number of chuckles, but they were mostly nervous chuckles. The round of applause that followed wrinkled most of that funny jitter though, and the members of the crowd still enjoyed themselves. The song was pretty catchy…

After the rendition was done Shade relaxed his hooves from his guitar, and he peered at a clock that was across the club. It was later in the evening and he took a deep breath.

“Hey crowd, the gang and I really appreciate all the support you’ve given us, but it’s about time we wrap up. Sides, for those folks that wanna stay late I hear we got Flo-Mane coming in. Till next time my manehattanites!”

There was one more round of appreciative applause as Shade and company left the stage. Their instruments were seamlessly levitated and packed away, and they gave a few words to each other before they parted ways.

Soon as he split, Shade trotted back over the element mare’s booth. His brow raised appreciatively when he saw that there were several empty dishes and glasses on the table.

“Glad to see you gals enjoying the food. So how’d you like the music?”

“Oh dear that was marvelous!”

“I DIDN’T KNOW SPY PONIES LIKE TO PARTY! I’ve gotta make a super stealth surprise party now! In code!”

The first song was nice…

“How much do you actually know about the E.I.A., Sha- oh, I mean Hedge.”

Applejack’s gave Shade a suspicious look, but he returned it with a smirk.

“More than I can tell you, to be honest.”

“I’m sure… Otherwise the music was nice. Ya should talk like Eleven more often…”

The comment made the green stallion in disguise chuckle dryly. His voice dropped low and picked up an accent for his next words.

“Got a taste for his heavy drawl, do ya?”

The faintest of blushes came across the orange mare’s cheeks, and Shade’s grin deepened. Before the conversation went any further mayor More had approached and gave the disguised stallion a bump. She spoke loud enough to gain every pony’s attention.

“Yes that was quite a performance Hedge Tone, I haven’t heard such a light-hearted take and the workings of the E.I.A. before. I must say that was refreshing.”

“Aw thanks mayor, it was nothin’ too special.”

Shade kept his Eleven accent on, and out of the corner of his eye he could see Applejack blush a little deeper, and glance off in some other direction.

“On the contrary, I’d love to hear when you plan on performing again! You must tell me the next time you plan such an occasion.”

There was a strange glint in the mayor’s eyes, and she subtly walked near the booth, so that the element mares were blocked in. As More continued to take hold of the conversation a shift occurred in the club.

Slowly ponies began to exit. Not so fast that it startled any pony, but there was almost a trance like affect to it all. The body guards that came with More spread out and whispered things to the crowd. In an almost subliminal manner the club emptied itself.

More was careful to keep the attention of Shade and the element mares on her, so that they wouldn’t notice how the club had virtually emptied. The only ponies that remained were Shade’s disguised vanguards, who wore very agitated expressions. More’s body guards approached the table of squatters with stoic expressions.

“I must insist, these poor mares must come with me. Their safety is a priority if Equestria is ever to be kept in balance.”

“Mayor, I’m sure they have their own plans.”

The green stallion became uneasy at the violet mare’s boldness, and he glanced at the four ponies in the booth.

Fluttershy was intimidated by the tone of the conversation and sunk very low into her own seat. The others remained nervous and silent, and confused about where the conversation was going. Their silence didn’t help Shade’s case.

“Well, perhaps you could show them where they could go tomorrow. I mean, we kind of had a little get together planned for later tonight. Ya see I know Applejack’s uncle here pretty well, and we wanted a post show chat.”

“Nice sentiments, but safety really should come first. After all, queen Chrysalis’s spies may already be aware of their location, and planning to nab them in an unguarded moment.”

More gave Shade a knowing look and a disturbing smile. The disguised head-vanguard kept his cool, even though he sensed something immensely off about the situation. He glanced to his left and right, and to his shock. The club was empty, except for More’s bodyguards, and Shade’s vanguard. Who stared each other down at the moment. Shade looked back at the savvy smirk the mayor wore.

“I suppose we’ve reached a moment where we can drop pretense. The element mares aren’t going anywhere, and neither are you, you belligerent spy…”

Applejack attempted to speak up, she didn’t like this turn of events at all. Not that she liked the original turn of events, but she knew what Shade planned…


“Sorry but not a word.”

More cut off her words with a raised hoof. She stared harshly at the green stallion, who mentally rummaged quickly through his options. He mentally messaged the other vanguards.

Time to boggy!

A blast of light erupted from Shade’s horn as his disguise simultaneously melted away. Similar flashes came from the other disguised vanguard, and the mayor and her body guard took the hit by surprise.

A shriek came from the mare as she put her hooves over her scalded retinas, and her body guards also grunted and shouted in the moment of extreme discomfort and disorientation.

Shade needed to take advantage of this before they could recover, so he shouted at his vanguard.

“We’re leaving town, now!”

Several green whirling portals erupted in the air, and the changelings started to vacate the premise. In a burst of effort Shade seized the four element mares in his magic and thrust them through the portal he had just created. Before he disappeared through the portal himself a furious shout caused him to jump.

“I’m going to decorate my desk with Chrysalis’s chitin!”

He turned around to behold a shocking sight. The mayor had grown taller, and gained a pair of wings and a long horn. For a moment Shade disbelieved his eyes, it wasn’t possible…

“How dare she set us back to square one! And you… you’re going to tell me everything you know!”

Changeling queen More ignited her horn in a furious blaze of green. Shade leapt towards the portal as a searing beam of energy lanced out towards him. He vainly tried to deflect it with a magic shield, but the force was overwhelming and cut straight through.

Most of Shade managed to disappear through the portal… much to More’s chagrin.



The head vanguard tumbled out of the vanished portal with a cry. The Four ponies were still disoriented as the changeling rolled along beside them.

The rest of the vanguard was nearby. Most of them looked concerned to see their leader’s left hind leg severed from the knee down, but one of them had a different opinion.

“Don’t be such a baby, it’ll grow back…”

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