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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.18 "Fancy That"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.18 “Fancy That”

The changeling queen walked slowly through the halls of Canterlot Castle. It was still before sunrise and she had a few things she wanted to discuss before the day started g. She sent a few drones to fetch the ponies she had decided were important, and planned to council with them in the Gala Ballroom. Since most of her important discussions were held there anyway.

The doors to the Grand Ball Room were thrown wide open as Chrysalis pressed them with her magic. The ring of cushions left from the previous ‘important ponies’ meeting hadn’t been moved, and had since collected some dust.

The pedestal was still erected near the central grand window, but the queen didn’t feel the urge to sit on its hard elevated surface. So she gathered up five of the cushions to the center of the ring of colorful seats.

After she arranged the cushions in a manner that suited her, she sat on them and yawned, though she attempted to politely cover it . While she waited her eyelids were drooping in the morning haze. A light fog was easily visible out the windows, and obscured the view of details further out into Canterlot and the countryside.

Chrysalis still gazed out the window when the sound of hoof clops broke into the Gala Ballroom. Fancy Pants entered, and was dressed in a casual vest, rather than his formal suit. His mane was still nicely combed, and a monocle still ornamented one eye. Behind him was Golden Trust, who was wearing a professional frock, which did little to detract from her obvious bed mane, and slightly skewed spectacles.

A third pony had come in as well; it was tall white unicorn mare, with a lavish pink mane. This elegant unicorn mare closely tailed Fancy, and groomed small flaws in his appearance. Chrysalis raised an eye at the unexpected guest, but didn’t care so long as she didn’t interrupt. This meeting was merely to update all parties on the plans for the integration of changelings. Fancy bowed his head and offered an apologetic hoof.

“I apologize for my appearance, but it was the best I could do given the short notice, and hour.”

The queen acknowledged the offered hoof with a slight raise of her eye lids.

“You don’t need to apologize for your appearance, rather, you would only need to apologize if you have been idle in my absence.”

“I assure you, it has been quite a flurry of activity in the last several days.”

“Very well, but I will hear what Golden Trust has to say first. I am eager to hear how we plan on my changelings feedings.”

A slight nod from Fancy indicated his respect for the queen’s wishes and all eyes in the small group turned to the Minister of the Treasury. Suddenly in the spotlight, Golden coughed, and lifted a hoof to straighten her skewed spectacles. She took a seat on one of the cushions and cleared her throat.

“In collaboration with your head drone Colony, I have finished a plan to work changeling feeding in with our own schedules.”

Chrysalis nodded and waited for Golden to continue.

“As you demonstrated, changelings can feed without disrupting ponies lives, in quite a sustainable way. The resources available compared to your changelings needs leaves a large margin. Colony informed me your swarm consists of ten thousand changelings or so, and there are around that number of ponies who live here in Canterlot. Each pony can comfortably feed five changelings, who would only need to feed once a week. So in essence, there is five times the food your changelings need available, give or take a few factors.”

After the long string of words the mare took one quick breath and hurried on to the point.

“My proposal is as such. Every pony will be required to feed at least one changeling, once a week. I have already planned and designated several structures here in Canterlot to serve as record offices. My secretaries and assistants are already preparing documents to identify every pony and changeling.”

Golden took a longer breath this time, and shifted, so as not to remain uncomfortably still.

“I also prepared a plan to incentivize extra feedings, should some ponies feel so inclined to give, and some changelings be in greater need than others. A small exchange of bits could be handed out and recorded. We already practice something similar with those that render service to the community, who traditionally received some compensation from our treasury. It would be a simple matter to redirect that budget.”

With a loud huff Golden finished her ‘proposal’. The entire thing had been uttered in two or so breaths, and the maroon mare’s face had darkened considerably as she tried to cover all the details. The queen had listened carefully, and ignored the mare’s slightly eccentric manner, then broke into a pleased grin.

“I am glad you have prepared this so carefully Ms. Trust. Of course one other detail to be aware of is the treatment of prisoners, who are completely at my discretion. My changelings will feed on them as much as they like.”

The maroon pony gulped, and worked to straighten her already straight spectacles. She spoke up through her nervous state.

“I understand your majesty; if that is the case, then there will be even less pressure on the free citizens of Canterlot.”

She tried to offer a weak smile, and Chrysalis reciprocated the gesture with a casual wave from her hoof.

“Very well Ms. Trust, go ahead and gather the resources you need to enact this plan. Fancy Pants here will ensure the rest of your government complies, lest I need to announce another general reminder that it is better to work with me, than to try and subvert me. You may go Ms. Trust.”

Golden nervously pulled at her frock, before she stood and turned to leave. Her trot gained confidence the closer she got to the exit. Once the minister of the royal treasury had left, Chrysalis turned to Fancy Pants and the white unicorn mare.

The pink maned mare still worked to straighten small kinks in Fancy’s mane and tail, while she intermittently brushed at her own mane with a hoof. A familiar scent wafted towards the queen, a scent which ponies could not detect, causing Chrysalis to eye the mare more curiously. As the queen continued to gaze at this un-named mare, she noticed the unicorn avoided eye contact. Fancy noticed the look the queen gave the mare next to him.

“Oh yes, forgive me for this as well. I hope you don’t mind she came with me. This is my wife, Fleur Dis Lee. She always insists that I look my best. I had a few scuffs to wrinkle out on my way here, and she kindly helps me with that.”

After another subtle sniff, the queen turned to Fancy and wore a mischievous smile.

“It’s not a problem at all. Now what do you have to report on account of the last several days?”

As the unicorn stallion started to prattle about the various frustrations of his work, the queen flashed her horn briefly. A simple message was sent in a mental wave across the entire swarm.


Chrysalis already knew there was more love available here than the other places she had explored before. Now that she had a better idea of her available resources, it was time for the swarm to grow. Grow and expand, until changelings numbered on equal grounds with the rest of Equestria.

The flash of magic had two different results on the unicorns in her immediate vicinity. Fancy Pants blinked in confusion at the sudden interruption, and Fleur Dis Lee shivered nervously. For the first time since she arrived, the pink maned unicorn looked into the eyes of the queen. Behind the light lavender irises lay a certain apprehension, even as they locked with the green eyes across from them. Fleur crossed her legs uncomfortably, and Fancy interrupted the stare contest.

“Excuse me, did I miss something?”

“No, please continue, I was just going through an exercise, pay it no mind.”

The eye contact between Chrysalis and Fleur broke apart, and Fancy carefully looked at both of them before he continued.

“Wellas I was saying, I sent appeals to every pony I know outside of Canterlot, but the only one to respond so far has been my friend, the Mayor of Manehatten.”

“And what did she have to say?”

“She would welcome new leadership with open hooves.”


The queen’s large predatory eyes narrowed with suspicion. The pony who oversaw the largest city in Equestria would welcome a foreign power with open hooves… She played enough games of deception to notice this offer seemed a little too sugar coated. The queen’s incredulous stare brought out a more thorough explanation.

“Well, yes, she would. Mayor More has had an unsightly scene of criminal activity plague her city over the last decade. Through various exploits within the legal system many of these criminals have been able to avoid the sentences they deserve. A new royal figurehead such as yourself, wouldn’t have a problem circumventing some of our laws to keep things more orderly. This is still a period of ‘conquest’ as I may put it, and some changes would in fact be welcomed.”

“Why didn’t Celestia simply bring down a harder hoof on some of these ‘alleged’ criminals?”

“She was honor bound to uphold the established order, lest she lose support of her advisors and officers of government. You on the other hoof hold no such obligation, and are free to disregard statutes as you see fit. Since you already proved you won’t let our laws get in your way.”

“Very well, I will send a few changelings there to represent me, and inspect the sincerity of her claim. Do not mistake my intention to rule for lawlessness, I will do what’s necessary to maintain stability.”

“Mayor More already awaits your response with eagerness your majesty.”

“Then send one or two of your assistants, and report back to me. I also expect to hear from your other associates soon. I can’t imagine all of them will be so… welcoming.”

On gut instinct Chrysalis still didn’t trust this Mayor More. Even if the mayor’s intentions were to welcome her, this pony expected the queen to come in and clean up a mess. The giant changeling couldn’t help but put a hoof up to her temple and slowly rub it in circles.

“I’m afraid that’s the most news I have for you at the moment, unless you’re interested in some of the more minor complaints that flood my office.”

“No! I mean no, you have given me plenty to think about.”

“Then am I dismissed your majesty?”

“Yes you may go.”

With that the two unicorns got up on their hooves and turned to leave. They almost made it to the door, when the queen cracked another mischievous smile and called out to the couple.

“Actually there was one other thing I wanted to ask…”

Both of the unicorns stopped their trot, Fancy turned his head and cocked an eyebrow curiously. Meanwhile Fleur bit her lower lip with great intensity, her eyes were frozen towards the exit. The stance of the white unicorn mare tensed, and she was ready to break into a gallop.

“What would that be your majesty?”

The refined accent of Fancy addressed the queen. Chrysalis sat there with a quiet smile for a few moments longer, and stared at the back of Fleur’s head. A bead of sweat started to trickle down the model mare’s brow.

“How long have you two been together?”

“Excuse me your majesty?”

“You and Fleur, how long have you been married?”

“Oh, I do believe our eleventh anniversary is coming up soon. Isn’t that right dear?”

“Hahaha, yes that’s right dear, ELEVEN YEARS!”

The lovely unicorn had adopted a painfully wide smile, beads of sweat flowed freely down the sides of her face. She attempted to clean up her pink mane, which seemed to get more frazzled by an invisible force as moments passed.

The queen chuckled with some mirth, mixed with some un-regal snorts. She brought a hoof over her mouth as her chuckles started to develop into full blown laughs. This made Fancy furrow his brow in confusion, he turned to whisper to Fleur quietly.

“Do you have any idea what is so funny? My mind may be playing tricks on me, but have you two encountered each other before?”

It seemed impossible that unicorn such as Fleur could sweat as much as she did that moment. Her fur had become soaked, and her mane flattened as if she had gone through a waterfall. There was puddle of disturbing size under her hooves, and it only grew as she stood there.


She could only stutter as anxiety seized up all the sensible parts of her mind, and her knees began to shake. The poor unicorn mare turned to the queen with a terrified plea in her eyes.

Chrysalis coughed violently to rid herself from the bad case of riotous laughs. She wiped away a mirth born tear and turned to the unicorns with a fang filled smile. She lowered her head to be on their level. Her eyes flashed a bright green, and a mental message was directed to one particularly nervous individual.

You can obey your duty to multiply, by following through with him. You may also leave now.’

With that opening Fleur didn’t waste another moment, she put a hoof on Fancy’s backside and started to forcefully shove him out of the gala ballroom.

“Fancy dear, did I ever tell you, I think it’s about time we have a foal!”

“Fleur? I thought… but your modeling career? We’re also right in front of the queen, shouldn’t we save this for a little later?”

The elegant and sweaty mare continued on as if her husband hadn’t spoke. She carried on even after they passed into the hallway.

“I’ve enjoyed years of modeling, we can’t wait forever if we want to start a proper family now.”

“Yes but-”

“We can discuss the rest at home dear!”

Be sure to discuss all of it…carefully.’

Was the last mental quip Chrysalis sent to the soaked and desperate unicorn. With a casual stride, the queen rose from her small pile of cushions and approached the grand central window of the ball room.

Changelings could breed with just about any species, given that they maintained their form the whole time. Offspring born this way would simply be the same species as the disguise. It was actually quite a popular tactic of the vanguard to start families. Children have a way of loyally loving their parents.

Light emanated from her horn as she cast the spell which helped the sun go above the horizon. Another day was officially born, and it had already been interesting. Before she could mull over and digest her thoughts a mental message entered her mind, the distinct tone of Colony rung through it.

Queen, you are needed here in the mountain; Vivisect has… you need to see it.’

The message trailed off, and Chrysalis’s mind started to jump to conclusions.

“What now?”


Earlier that hour…

Harsh hoof falls accompanied the irritable stride of the head sentinel. She was flanked by half a dozen other sentinels as they approached the temporary prisoner chamber. When they entered, it was mostly empty. Only a few of the cocoons remained, presumably the rest were moved to other prepared parts within Colony’s mountain complex.

Vivisect’s orange lined eyes scanned over the prisoners that remained and found her assigned target. The dark blue alicorn floated within a pale green cocoon. The color drained from it a few days previous had almost returned to normal. With a silent gesture the head sentinel signaled two of her group to move forward and begin the transfer.

They grabbed the cocoon, and started to fly through the air, the buzz of their wings hummed much deeper than most changelings. The sentinels were given a wide berth by the drones that roamed through the cavernous tunnels.

Colony had already shown Vivisect the particular spot where Luna’s prison would be, and she led her sentinels that carried the night princess in that direction. The trip lasted several minutes as the passageways weaved up, down, and sideways. It was a thoroughly disorienting trip for those who didn’t know their way.

At last they arrived outside the designated chamber. The entry was surrounded in a thick tarp of solid sticky slime, Vivisect activated the magical blade of her horn and cut it open. The head sentinel took a brief look inside to see the progress that had been made.

All of the walls of this special chamber were lined with the dull green of constructive resin. A small pile of sand had been placed for comfort/rest spot. Food and water were stocked, with a narrow slit was in the far wall that revealed this chamber to be near the mountain’s surface. The outside opening was surrounded by the same sticky slime that guarded the door.

Colony had picked a subtle location that would not be easily spotted by the residents of Canterlot, yet gave a good view of the city from its position on the mountain. This brought a slight nod of approval from the warrior changeling, feeling quite satisfied with the arrangement.

Now it was time for the last step, get the alicorn out her cocoon, disable all of her magic and seal her in the chamber.

The cocoon was cut open and the dark blue alicorn spilled out in a slosh of gooey liquid. Even as the Night Princess started to cough out the unpleasant substance from her lungs several of the large sentinels advanced.

Their horns glowed with a magical pulse before a dark green substance shot out of their mouths. The slime they used to render magic ineffective was it’s own special concoction. It was unlike the slime the drones used to build sticky traps or the slime which hardened into the resinous walls. The cocoons themselves, which were Chrysalis’s signature creation, that had their own design and purpose. While they could sedate ponies as well as store their emotional energies, it permitted some magical influence from dreams. The collected emotions were much more poignant if the ponies could experience vivid dreams.

This double edged kink in the otherwise well-designed and functional pods was why Vivisect had to do this job. This one particular pony had the knack to manipulate dreams apparently. At least it should be over momentarily.

A nasty splatter echoed several times as several gobbets of dark slime coated Luna’s large and regal horn. Feeling fairly safe, several sentinels moved to seize the wet princess who still coughed harshly.

Teal eyes shot open and glared around the small hallway. To the warrior changelings’ surprise she jumped to her hooves with sudden alertness. Their approach now turned cautious, they didn’t want to blunder into any more surprises.

More magical light emanated from several of the sentinels’ horns, and they started to hack in preparation to spit more slime, thereby rendering the alicorn immobile. Even though the alicorn shouldn’t have been so alert so quickly, they weren’t going to stop their job.

When several more gobbets of slime were launched in Luna’s direction she nimbly dodged most of them. A few spots on a leg were hit, but nothing that actually impaired movement. Several of the sentinels started to hiss angrily, frustrated that they hadn’t hit something more important.

Luna was surrounded and had her back to the wall, her wings were ever so slightly spread, ready to take off when she saw an opening. While the sentinels calculated their next move, and the Night Princess prepared her next step, Vivisect stalked around the outside.

The chamber that was to be Luna’s new prison connected to the tunnel system in a very limited way. There was really only one way out, back through the main complex. Vivisect passed the circle of sentinels to block off the exit, should things go that far.

“Why don’t you face me like real warriors you cowards!”

She tried to wield magic through her horn, but it fizzled and died. The dark slime stopped any spell before it started. A snarl crept over her muzzled and she growled indignantly at the changelings.

“Would you call it a warrior’s honor to have six against one pony with no magic!”

At that jeer Vivisect turned towards the princess, the rest of the sentinels simply snarled. Each of the large changelings activated their combat magic, sprouting their long claws and ethereal blades from their horns. The head sentinel answered the princess’s query with a methodical tone.

“You assume wrong if you assume we would fight fair…”

Vivisect hadn’t activated her own combat magic yet, but motioned for the rest of her sentinels to advance. It would have been a very simple situation if the queen were here. A simple telekinetic spell would have the alicorn pinned, and the rest would be easy. Sentinels however weren’t very strong with telekinetic magic, or portal magic, heck they weren’t even very good with disguises. Their specialty lay in the resistance and cancellation of magical influences, along with fighting through augmentation of their already impressive physiques. Simply put they were combat specialists, not magicians.

However, the queen had trusted Vivisect to get this done, so she would. That would not stop her from calling for more back up. You could never be too sure of a fight's outcome. She sent a mental message to one of the other sentinels.

Go fetch some more vanguards and drones. I want no chance of the princess’s escape

Some vanguards proficient in magical versatility, along with a volume of drones with slime magic would make this far more secure. Vivisect still didn’t know how proficient Luna was in combat, but she figured it would be dangerous to underestimate the potential of such an experienced individual.

The sentinel that was instructed left, and flew down the tunnel. Now there were five sentinels that advanced on Luna. Another barrage of slime was prepared, and spat. Nothing hit the princess this time, and more frustrated hisses erupted from the frightening group of changelings.

“Does your kind even practice aiming? Or are you too busy setting up a situation that you think is in your favor!”

The taunt of the night princess broke the nerve of one the sentinels and he lunged forward. Rather than just watch their comrade, the rest joined the jump forward, claws raised. The head sentinel shouted a message to the group mentally.

Maim her, but don’t kill her. The queen wants her alive…

Vivisect growled, and rolled her eyes. Why didn’t the queen just kill a few ponies? It would be so much simpler, confounded orders.

As several sets of claws aimed for tendons and joints, Luna flared her wings. In one smooth flap the princess jumped into air, and avoided the deadly weapons that closed on her. Two of the Sentinels managed to impale their claws into the wall, the rest simply missed.

The closest sentinel to the Night Princess was unfortunate to be the first to experience a wrathful strike. Both of her hind hooves struck one sentinel in the chest, which launched him backward, barreling into one of his comrades. Both of the sentinels sailed over into the opposite wall where they crumpled in a heap.

The sentinel that was struck put both of his front hooves to his chest and gasped for air. The other sentinel shoved her winded comrade off and struggled to get back onto her hooves.

Only one sentinel stood at the ready, and he nervously glanced between the two that had their claws stuck in the wall, and the other two which were disoriented on the opposite wall. He steeled his nerves, he would need to outmaneuver a foe this strong. Out maneuver… that’s just what the alicorn had done to them.

Faint an attack, I need her distracted.’

The mental voice of Vivisect reached the one ready sentinel. He acted immediately, and feigned a lunge at the princess. Luna dodged the feint in a similar way she had dodged the initial charge, with a flap of her wings and a jump into the air.

The feint still left the sentinel vulnerable, and he closed his eyes in preparation. The princess undoubtedly prepared a rebuttal. He was about to get bucked.


The obedient sentinel cracked open one eye. Either he had been hit so hard he couldn’t tell, or something else had happened. His faintly opened eye could see the outline of the alicorn. She was on the ground, and something limp hung on her side.

Vivisect had jumped forward the moment princess had dodged the other sentinel, and arrived from Luna’s blindside. As she had predicted, the blue alicorn jumped to avoid the feint attack, and spread her wings.

The head sentinel aimed a carefully placed blow, right at the base joint of Luna’s wing. A sickening snap announced the blow’s success, and Luna was dropped from the air. She let out a yelp as her right wing was painfully rendered useless.

A furious alicorn glared at Vivisect, who kept her expression cold and calculated.

“Thou curr! Rely on cheap tricks will you!”

Luna’s language slipped a little, and the old Canterlot accent mixed with her more modern methods of speech. The princess was now on edge, and done with a defensively strategy. She launched towards the sentinel who had made the feint attack.

This particular sentinel was still surprised he had not been bucked. Now he was bucked for real.

In a quick motion Luna jumped and readied both of her hind legs. She came down and kicked at both of the sentinel’s front legs. The changeling’s large strong limbs cracked under the fury of the alicorn’s might. With a loud and unpleasant slam, the sentinel’s face connected with the ground. The fallen changeling groaned and trembled. His front limbs now bent in ways they shouldn’t have.

With a crazy and wild look in her eyes, Luna turned towards the one who had injured her wing. One eye twitched and she bore her fearsome pony teeth… Vivisect looked back into those teal eyes with her orange ones. The cool in her expression never broke, she had fought many monsters over her life, and many other unsavory beings. She had managed to survive so far, and she didn’t plan to allow one weakened, magic-less, flight-less alicorn to get the best of her.

The Night Princess now wore a scary smile, madness apparently held a greater sway than her rationality.

“What was that about fair fights you vermin! This is as fair as you’re getting fiend. Come hither, or do you prefer me to go there and teach you how to duel. As it would be, my sister never cared for a good fight as much as I have. I was always better at sparring than her.”

The hard nerves Vivisect had spent her lifetime building felt slightly loosened.

“Too many words pony, try and escape already!”

Luna’s vicious snarl turned into gleeful crazy grin as she bounded forward. The head sentinel buzzed her wings in preparation to maneuver. The Night Princess charged and let loose a flurry of berserk blows.

The alicorn was almost as fast as Vivisect, and definitely stronger. The enraged and emotionally driven swings were slightly unfocused, giving the changeling a small amount of breathing room to dodge. If it came to a simple trade of blows Vivisect would quickly lose, so she had to bide as much time as she could, every motion had to be deliberate and calculated.

After she dodged one attack the head sentinel struck the princess in the face. It quickly developed into a nasty black eye, but this only drove Luna to fight harder, and faster.

Luna managed to clip Vivisect on the shoulder, which threw off the changeling’s entire stance. The moment of instability was all the alicorn needed to charge into the sentinel and knock her off her hooves. Now that Vivisect was on her back the princess followed up with several devastating blows alone the changeling’s ribs, chest, and neck.


Vivisect’s chitin was now broken in several places, with some green blood seeping from the cracks.

Before she was completely overwhelmed the sentinel bucked both of her hind hooves into Luna’s chest, and managed to knock the alicorn back. Where the princess stumbled and fell to her haunches.

Both of the equines panted from the exertion. The fight with the lesser sentinels, and the exertion it took to keep pace with Vivisect, had taxed Luna heavily. The lead changeling on the other hoof only sustained a few blows from the alicorn, but felt pulverized by each one.

In a desperate gambit to stay faithful to her orders, Vivisect ignited her horn and focused sharply. It was a similar technique the queen had used the night the bat pony attacked her.

Green energies wrapped around the sentinels pounded body. Wisps of emerald fire crossed wounds, sinews and muscle. They became functional and stabilized. It didn’t remove the sting and pain, but the sentinel could make her body obey her will. It burned through large amounts of her love reserves, but that was something she could gain back after this was done.

While Luna still rested in her sitting position, Vivisect got back on her hooves. This surprised the alicorn greatly, that changeling should have been crippled. The sentinel snarled with gritted fangs, things had gotten desperate and her cool exterior lost its composure.

“You’re going back to your cage, PONY!”

With an ear splitting screech Vivisect leapt at the night princess, who was still in the middle of recovery from their last bout.

The effect was to catch the alicorn with her guard down, and the head sentinel pounded away on Luna with every technique she knew. That regenerative spell burnt most of her energy, and she needed to disable the princess before she had nothing left.

That one cursed sentinel should be back by now!’

The changeling screamed in her mind, but what came out verbally was something along the lines of-


Hoof blow after hoof blow repeatedly struck joints and nerves. To Vivisect’s infinite ire, the alicorn would not fall! It was as if the pony was made of iron… no something else, because the sentinel would’ve broken an iron statue by now. Green fiery energies surrounded the sentinel’s hooves as she poured the last of her magical love reserves into the blows, to amplify their strength.

One blow connected with Luna’s jaw, and caused her head to whip back. The Night Princess still stood, and slowly brought her face forward. She rolled her neck around and caused a few relieved cracks.

Up and down Luna looked pretty terrible. Bruises littered her body all over the place, and her joints were swollen up along with several other pressure points, but she still stood. Instead, much to the shock of the changeling, the princess simply turned her head, before spitting out a tooth and giving her jaw a few good rotations. She then locked onto Vivisect with an iron clad stare, that made her confidence shatter and made her want to run.

“Are you done?”

The head sentinel just stared in disbelief.


Luna didn’t grace Vivisect with a verbal answer. Instead the alicorn reared up and struck a blow to the sentinel’s head. The strike dropped Vivisect instantly and she collapsed on the floor. The blue alicorn pursed her lips, before she spat out another tooth.

She gave the downed changeling one last look, “Huzzah.”

One or two staggered steps later, and Luna had barely made progress on her escape. In fact, once she neared the corner of the tunnel she found some changelings that waited for her.

Dozens of drones and vanguard were present, and one lone sentinel. Luna sighed in utter exhaustion, and was pinned in place with the magical grip of many vanguards; this was followed up by a shower of sticky slime from the drones.

The beaten princess was rendered immobile, and left with only the freedom to turn her neck around. She fished around in her mouth with her tongue, and pushed out another loose tooth.


Chrysalis had advanced into the mountain right after colony’s call. What could have gone wrong? It was simple assignment to take the weakened alicorn and place her in a new cage, without the ability to manipulate dreams. How could this be too much work for a few sentinels? Surely they could have rendered her helpless before she could make that much trouble.

The queen swung around the corners of the complex vehemently, she was ready to chastise Vivisect for the apparent incompetence of the whole situation. This was when Colony had intercepted the queen’s journey.

“My queen! I’m afraid there is ill news this way…”

“Quiet Colony, I’m sure Vivisect can tell me herself.”

“But Vivi-”

“Not another word.”

The giant changeling and the small changeling advanced in a direction that Colony indicated. It was only a few more corners before Chrysalis came upon a scene that was rather ghastly.

Several injured sentinels were crowded to a corner. Various drones had gone over to minister to the warriors injuries. Several drones surrounded one body that lay prone on the floor, and obscured the identity of said changeling.

The queen moved forward and shoved several of the drones out of the way. There was Vivisect, still on the ground with her mouth hung open, a little drool had pooled around her face, and the sentinel’s breaths were extremely shallow. The orange eyes of her head sentinel stared off into empty space and comprehended nothing.

“What happened!”

She turned about on Colony, and seethed with dangerous intent. The small changeling quivered under her leaders horrific glare.

“Apparently the Princess Luna was able to recover faster than expected when they took her out of her cocoon. Vivisect and several of the sentinels kept her contained while they waited for reinforcements.”

“I see the other sentinels are still conscious, what is wrong with Vivisect, is she just knocked out?”

Chrysalis’s tone grew with mixed emotions. Her best warrior lay there and drooled like an imbecile.

“I’m afraid that… She… uh, I inspected the injuries thoroughly myself.”


“She’s sustained a head injury that put her in a coma.”

“So she’ll wake up, and then I can call her an idiot!”

“That’s the other part… we can revive her, probably soon, but her mind will most likely be damaged.”

“How damaged?”

“We won’t know until she wakes up. My drones stopped the bleeding when they came to the scene, but even a short exposure to that kind of hemorrhage…”

The queen was silent, and Colony didn’t try to explain any further. The background noise of busy drones and vanguard echoed around them. Chrysalis continued to silently stare at the fallen Vivisect, who still had several drones tending to her, their horns glowed faintly as they worked to aid the natural healing process.

Chrysalis’s eyes became cold, and her tone was level.

“Where is Luna?”

Author's Note:

Woweeeeeeeeee, this chapter ended up being longer than i expected. It was also difficult to write, and i kept debating whether or not to make it two chapters. But here you go.

Geez, it also felt a little emotionally difficult to write at the end :fluttercry:

hope u enjoy as usual! :twilightsmile:

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