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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.58 Round One, Battle Royal

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.58 “Round One, Battle Royal”


The angry shout came from Celestia. The wingless, hornless, alicorn gave the draconequus a glare full of unbridled anger, an expression which few had ever witnessed, yet was now on full public display.

Discord kept on his referee jersey, and with a whimsical snap he summoned a lawn chair. He lazily leaned back and replied with wide smirk on his face.

“Why yes my dear Celestia?”

“What do you think you’re going to accomplish here? Yo-”

Discord interrupted her by causing the sound of her voice to go mute.

“I’ll be generous and give you a heads up Celestia. It’s not about what I’m doing here. It’s about what all of you are going to do. Now, this banter time is for contestants, between contestants. If any of you try to engage the referee with more complaints, it will inure penalties…”

His conversational tone dropped to a threatening level by the end of his explanation, and he gave one scrutinized look to the tall white mare before another snap restored the volume to her cubical. The oldest equestrian princess ground her teeth, and dropped her gaze from the chaotic composer to the playing field.

To her right was her sister Luna, and beyond her was Cadance, Shining, and Sombra. Directly to her left was Armor, More, Monarch, Specter, Crone, and on the exact opposite side of the platform, was Chrysalis.

It took a few moments for all the equines to gain their bearings, and figure out who was positioned next to them. As soon as they did, the various parties voiced things rather exuberantly.

“This isn’t fair!”

Queen More cowed against the edge of her cubical, as her eyes flicked wildly between the two changelings she was positioned between. One was the giant statured Monarch, who looked on the smaller queen with a hungry, gleeful smile, which was full of pearly fangs. One the other side was equally giant king Armor, who looked pleasantly thoughtful. His voice was half-sympathetic as he bellowed out.

“Aye, I would be inclined to agrrree this puts some of us at a distinct advantage. I darrre say most of these equines arrren’t use to brrrawlin’ with tharrr hooves.”

He possessed a restrained smile as he eyed his competition, the naturally armored king was obviously the most burly specimen on the field. His bluish eyes turned out towards the audience however, then he turned towards their chimera referee.

“Oi, Discord, ya said all the ponies n’ changelings in the stands can hearrr us, rrright?”

The draconequus absentmindedly filed his claws with a filer, and without a look up he grunted in acknowledgement.

“That is correct.”

“Then I have somethin’ to say to my ponies.”

The mismatched overseer gave an impartial shrug, and with a lazy wave of his lion paw, motioned for the changeling king to go ahead. Without another moment to waste, he spoke loudly, and his deep voice carried over the rest of the contestants, who began to speak among themselves.

“It’s trrrue, I, king Torrrque, was never a pony. Forrr the last sixty yarrrs, it has been me that’s been leadin’ ya. I know we value honesty among us, that I myself have been a vocal advocate. I know this makes me seem like a hypocrrrite now, that most of you will likely distrrrust me, or feel betrrrayed. I beg ya forrr a listenin’ ear, if ya’d give me one.”

Out in the seats of the stadium there was a particularly rambunctious crowd. The germane were easy to identify, because their section glittered and reflected with metallic sheen. There were many angry, hurt voices among them. It was too far for Armor to discern what they said, but the general tone caused his heart to sink. He took in a deep breath before he bellowed out again. When he spoke, he pointed a hoof at the other changelings in the platform circle.

“If ya want to know why I haven’t shown ya my real face, its because of them.”

Armor’s face turned glower as he eyed the other changelings, and evolved into a full blown scowl when his harsh gaze fell on Monarch.

“She, in parrrticularrr, has slaughtered most of our kind, and kept us all at each other’s thrrroats for the last hundred years…”

The giant, orange finned queen gave Armor a coy smile, and battered her eye lids rather flirtatiously.

“You don’t have to ring the ponies into our issues Armor. Don’t waste their time trying to convince them you’re a real germane or something, when all that really burns your mind is how much you miss your belated Allure.”

The mention of Allure broke something the giant king’s bright blue harlequin eyes. A vessel snapped, and a string of red bled down his cheek.

“How darrr ya… you sodden pustulaten’ witch!”

He brought a large hoof up and smashed it against the wall of his transparent cubical. The impact caused a bright refraction as the magical barrier held up under the pressure, and a slight crack was left over. He hit it again, and again. Each time a loud bang reverberated within the dome.

Queen More recoiled with every impact, and she had her hooves shield her head, and even started to cry. Her smaller frame trembled horribly under the aggressive display right next to her. Even though it wasn’t directed specifically at her, that wasn’t much comfort under the king’s bestial roar.

“Open up! OPEN IT! Imma smash herrr face in!”

Monarch just laughed…


-The pony corner of things.

Celestia turned to Luna, and the two shared a quick nod of solace, before they turned towards Shining and Cadance. The sister’s stern glares went soft as they eyed the couple next to them, who were still separated from each by the transparent walls of their cubicles. All three of the mares were ragged and dirty, as if they had recently been ripped out of a slimy prison or something…

Cadance and Shining both had their front hooves and muzzles placed against their barriers, as they vainly tried to reach through what separated them. Tears openly flowed from the pink princess’s eyes, and her lower lip trembled something fierce. Shining’s face couldn’t settle on one particular emotion, and danced between sorrow, happiness, anger, and consolation. Despite the wall between them, their voices carried as if there was no obstacle.

“Oh Shining… my Shining.”

She choked as she was overcome with emotions, and pressed her face that much harder against the barrier, and she slowly slid downward. Meanwhile the alabaster stallion tried his best to comfort her.

“Don’t worry honey, we’re together now, we’ll get through this.”

The confidence in his voice was shaky, despite his best to remain composed. To say his current lack of a horn bothered him was an understatement, though it didn’t bother him nearly as much as seeing his fiancé without her wings and horn. Celestia’s voice cut in.

“I’m sorry Captain Armor, and my dear niece. Life has been unusually cruel recently, but we have precious little time to plan, and I would like us to avoid any unnecessary suffering.”

The older princess’s kindly voice was able to garner their attention, and Luna followed up with what her sister had to say in a clear analytical tone.

“We should evaluate our advantages, for we do have a few. Then, we should decide who’ll stay behind, and be the winner. Should we obtain that choice between the four of us.”

Cadance’s crying softened down to sniffles, and Shining quietly nodded his head. So Luna continued.

“Well, from what I can tell, none of these other candidates share a bond like we do. The four of us can trust each other completely. Most of them seem to be independent and contentious parties. I believe if we stick together, we should be formidable enough.”


“Yes captain?”

“Who’s he?”

One of Shining’s hooves pointed at the tall dark stallion to his right, who’s stature was equal to Celestia. The red-eyed pony noticed this, and gave sly smile, which showed his fangs. The equestrian captain raised his eye brows, slightly disturbed. Luna turned and answered with derision.

“That is a failed king, and Sombra is his name. He ruled over the Crystal Empire with evil. That is until Chrysalis took it from him, and hued love into his black heart. He is no friend of ours though.”

“How harsh Luna, and here I thought we made decent progress as prison mates.”

The stony colored pony sounded hurt, but the ruse was weak as he continued to smile, fangs on full display. Luna rolled her eyes and snorted.

“We did nothing more than peddle time away with mere attempts at entertainment. You would still conquer Equestria if you could. Our practical relations haven’t changed.”

Sombra ate up the cold attitude like a refreshing morning breeze. A strange sereneness overcame his lazily lidded eyes.

“O cont’rare princess nighty-night, I haven’t acted myself at all. Who’s to say we can’t engage on a united front, at least for a short time. If you haven’t noticed the roaches and beetles outnumber, and outweigh us. Besides, who set your captain and guard free… Do I not have the smallest traces of trust?”

The king did a silly attempt to look pitiable, and pushed out a pouty lower lip while he shyly crossed hooves. Shining opened his eyes wide, and mouthed ‘it was you?’ The dark blue princess just sneered, and before she could retort Celestia butted in.

“We will have no dealings with you Sombra, your honeyed tongue can suckle itself.”

With a sigh and a shrug the crystal king turned towards his other neighbors.


-Chrysalis’s corner

The queen with the jagged horn turned to her taller sister, a look of uncertainty filtered through her features, and she spoke in a low even voice.


“What is going on Chrysalis?”

“Discord apparently…”

“Yes, about that, do you know anything?”

“He said he gives us credit for this.”

“You mean he gives you credit. Is that why we’re caged like animals for a fight?”

“He didn’t explain much.”

“Fine, so how do we go about this? I see Shining giving us the evil eye… Fortunately most of them seem distracted with each other.”

Both of them glanced towards the pony side of things. It wasn’t much of a surprise to receive occasional glances filled with bitterness, resentment, and cold anger from them. Of the changelings there was only one that paid attention to them. It was the neighbor to their immediate right.

King Specter had a bewildered expression dominate his face, and his stance had widened defensively. Eventually he noticed the pair of queens positioned next to him.

“Chrysalis, Crone… you awakened the spirit of chaos…”

His manner was somewhere between horrible shock and incredibly impressed. Either one resulted in peeled eyes and a hung jaw. The two queens perked an eye brow at the same time.

“And your point?”

Specter coughed once as he tried to recompose his mind.

“The implications are too many. For now, I suppose we pay attention to this game you roped us into.”

The three of them exchanged a few looks, before they observed the platform and other contestants with apprehension. Chrysalis articulated her thoughts first. She pointed at the two largest changelings further around the ring.

“Well, we already know of the ponies. What can you tell us of those two? I figure the small coward won’t be much of an issue, the giants however...”

It was at that moment King Armor started to pound against his cubicle and roar incessantly. He did it so loudly none of the other equines could carry on a proper conversation, and several of them started to cover their ears. This included Chrysalis, Crone and Specter.

Even Discord up on his referee’s pedestal winced a little at the uptake of noise. After a moment he whipped out a remote, and pushed a few buttons to dial down Armor’s volume. The draconequus didn’t mind the display of anger at all, rather it made him chuckle. But the other contestants would still need to hear each other. After the modification was complete the enraged king’s voice no longer overpowered every other equine there. Armor didn’t seem to notice the change, and his thrashes showed no sign they would stop anytime soon.

The changeling sisters uncovered their ears, and Specter answered Chrysalis’s inquiry.

“That queen there, with the orange fin. Monarch is more or less responsible for the current relations between us royals. I won’t say Armor or More have been particularly benevolent, but neither of them have a habit of making trophies of our kind.”

“What do you mean responsible?”

Crone scrunched her muzzle in confusion, and slight apprehension.

“The war in the dark, which began a hundred and fifty years ago, she proved the most effective killer among us. A personal shrine gives hundreds of testaments to that.”

A disgusted sneer crawled over Specter’s snout, and he glanced towards the ground, his jaw was clenched tightly. Both Crone and Chrysalis felt their apprehension rise even more, and their tails flicked. The queen with the jagged horn tried to keep her demeanor straightforward.

“So… who is the greatest threat?”

Specter looked up, but kept his stance aggressive and jaw clenched. His voice became calculated.

“Without magic in the mix, it’s a tough call. I haven’t seen Monarch fight without it, she’s dominated any royal who has tried to face her in the magical regard. Armor however, he’s been King of Germane for sixty years apparently…”

The sister queens looked at each other with slight indifference, as they didn’t remember anything significant about the country.


Specter returned the confused look, as if they missed something obvious. When they didn’t give anymore hints, he took on a concerned tone.

“To be the King of Germane he has to prove himself physically every few years… He’s worked with his hooves a lot. Plus his stature is just, gifted.”

Chrysalis shook her head and sighed with a hint of resignation.

“Figures, the king of a country filled with brawlers would be the biggest brawler of them all.”

She turned about and looked over the edge of the platform to the pool of swirly crimson sauce below. Her mind seriously contemplated how bad it would be in the sauce versus the approaching fight. Her eyes narrowed and she continued.

“If the three of us worked together do you think we could overpower him?”

Specter gave a doubtful grunt.

“We’ll see after he and Monarch slug it out. How about the ponies though. You’ve spent some private time with them recently, any surprises to worry about from them? Is Celestia secretly a martial hoof fighting expert or something? I never dug for any information like that…”

Crone snorted and Chrysalis chuckled.

“No, not from what we could tell. Luna however…”

Both queens shot the blue princess lethal glares filled with contempt. The dark alicorn reciprocated the feelings of reproach with a sneer. Specter observed the non-verbal exchange with curiosity.

“Some recent history there?”


The two sisters voice ominously. Crone turned to Specter with a final question.

“So if, by some means, the three of us are left, then-”

He cut in with an even tone.

“This is a game, Crone and Chrysalis, if the three of us are the only ones left, then we continue to play.”

“Fair enough.”

They all exchanged a small smile at that. A fourth voice intruded on their little exchange however.

“Hey, wingless beetles, I don’t suppose we could-”

Crone and Chrysalis turned to their left with smirk.


Sombra chuckled at the straight answer, and bowed his head.

“Very well…”


-Discord’s pedestal

The draconequus lifted his lion’s wrist infront of his long face. On the wrist was a watch that had twenty-seven arms, all of which rotated in different directions and speeds. He looked at it closely, gave it a critical tap or two, then looked out to the domed platform below him.

A whistle hung around his neck, which he seized with his eagle talon as he stood up. The noisy device was raised close to his lips, and hung there as he spoke to the stadium.

“Times up! Battle royal begins in five!”

More’s voice wailed from the dome.

“Please, no! I’ll do anything!”


Monarch stared down on More like she was a tantalizing horderve.


“Lord Discord, merciful Discord, please!”


“No! No! No! PLEASE! MERCY!”



Tears openly ran down from More’s eyes as she pathetically hovelled to the side of her cubical, as far away from Monarch as she could get. Her hooves scrapped in a panic against her transparent cage.


Discord blew his whistle and the glassy cubicles vanished in a blink. One terrified changeling queen leapt off the platform the moment it was available, and she screamed wildly as she fell. There were no wings on her back to save her as she plummeted down into the bright ruby goop.

For a moment the contestants all rushed over around the edge of the platform so they could see what the sauce did exactly. Discord’s voice commentated across the stadium.

“Oh looky here, we have our first contestant out of the picture. I guess the pressure of personal accountability was just too much.”

The draconequus’s tone was a delicious shade of mock-i-ree. Meanwhile many eyes were fixated on the changeling, who began to tread through the slow flow of the pool. More’s breaths were still fast, but the panic lessened in her eyes, and eventually her pace slowed down. She was drenched up to her neck in the stuff, but it didn’t seem to bother her too much, at the moment.

Before anyone’s attention was lost a strange thing started to happen in the pool. Different areas bubbled up, and the thick liquid began to form little figures. They were small, no bigger than a foal, and coagulated into what looked like… little bears? Scorpions? and ghost-ponies? oh my... All of which started to walk on top of the sauce as if it were open ground. Also each of the saucy critters was armed with a spoon.

More’s breaths and panic started to rise again as a small army of the sauce-demon-midgets began to surround her. They even made sinister little chuckles and laughs, then began some unintelligible chant. One by one, each of them dipped their spoons into the very sauce they walked over. Once they had a hearty serving of the ghost-scorpion-ursa-trinity-tartarus sauce they collectively raised their spoons, and launched it at the partially submerged changeling queen.

The volley struck her all over the head and face, which soaked her mane, and got all in her eyes, nose, mouth and ears. After a moment to recoup from the surprise, More started to scream again.

“oh, oh, Ah, AHHHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!”

Her spice induced hysterics continued to increase as she tread through the sauce, chased by cackling little sauce demons as she went. Each of which continued to pelt her with lobs of more sauce.

“Oooo, it looks like she’s not going to enjoy the rest of this match. Hmm, I wonder who will be next?”

Discord’s voice shook up everyone’s focus, and all the contestants backed away from the edge and each other as quick as they could. The ponies gathered up into their small alliance, Chrysalis gathered with Specter and Crone. Sombra tried to remain quietly by himself on the far side of the platform. Monarch and Armor turned to face each other.

A brief moment of observation and tense suspense lasted between all parties. Then it was broken as King Armor charged at the only other equine that matched his height, Monarch. When he covered the ground the giant queen laughed giddily, then promptly turned tail and ran.

“Come back herrre ya wrrretch!”

The furious king roared, and his thunderous pace increased. His quarry was faster though, if only slightly, and it taunted him all the more. Monarch’s mad sprint aimed towards the next group of changelings, Specter, Crone, and Chrysalis. None of which wanted to be the first to collide with the giant queen, so they all turned tail and ran. Sombra was next in line, and also turned tail and ran. The group of ponies saw half a dozen very large equines stampede towards them, so they all turned tail and ran.

The platform had suddenly become a racing circuit, and each group fought to catch up to the one infront of it. The scene was too much for Discord, and he promptly fell over and laughed himself to pieces… literally, all his body parts detached and bounced around independently.

The chase lasted for some time, as all of the competitors possessed unusually good stamina. Aside from More’s shrieks from the sauce pool below, none of them said anything, all of them were too focused on the task infront of them, and worried about the problem behind them. By the time Discord started to reassemble himself, fatigue had finally started to etch effects into the groups.

As fate would have it, Cadance, who was in the lead, tripped. As she tumbled head over hooves she consecutively tripped up Celestia, Luna, and Shining. All of whom ended up either tangled in the pony infront of them, or flat on their face.

Not a moment later, and before they had time to properly react, Sombra, Specter, Chrysalis and Crone all tripped up into the same mess. Shouts, whinnies, hisses, grunts, growls, brays, and all manner of unpleasant noises resulted from the crunched mess of hooves, faces, and bodies. Limbs flailed wildly as the group of ridiculous equines tried to untangle themselves from each other.

Monarch reactively leapt over the entire squabble, her giant frame and long limbs easily cleared the distance. Armor did not react so gracefully, and instead bulldozed into it all. A few of the changelings and ponies were busted free, knocked aside like bowling pins. The rest were less fortunate, as the giant king lost the stability of his hooves, and fell hard ontop of a few of them.

Among those knocked to the side was Specter, who heaved and coughed harshly, for his gut had been on the receiving end of a giant hoof. Stars blurred his vision, and he struggled to set himself upright. As soon as he managed lay himself on his belly, he was promptly knocked over again. His eyes shot upward to stare straight into Monarch’s green ones. The queen’s devilish grin widened, and she pinned the smaller king under her hoof. Despite his struggles, his strength was no match for hers.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done it this way. Feel privileged Specter, for I’ll reunite you with Clarity…”

Her mouth opened wide, fangs fully extended, and she lunged down on his neck. When her jaws clamped down she eagerly anticipated the warm splatter of blood to wet her tongue… but that didn’t happen. No, when she bit Specter’s neck she felt the oddest sensation instead. Her fangs didn’t penetrate and sink, they gave way. In frustration she tried to bite down again, and even tried to chew, but she didn’t manage anything better than giving the equally confused king an odd pinch.

Monarch withdrew, and put a hoof up to her mouth. When she pushed against her teeth they gave way… Her teeth had become rubber! This caused her to snarl something fierce, and mutter vain curses.

A loud whistle was blown, and every equine froze in place. Discord called out from his place on the nearby pedestal.

“Foul play! The game is to throw the other contestants off the platform… Not kill them. Otherwise they won’t be able to play in future rounds you ninny. So, for dishonoring the spirit of the game, you, Monarch, have earned yourself a penalty.”

The giant changeling queen looked ready to burst a blood vessel in her eye, but the anger quickly shifted to fear as she felt her body shift and change. A few moments later she was a quarter of her original height. Her new shrunken stature meant she was only half the size of the shortest pony on the field.

“Mmm ok, let’s resume.”

One snap later and they were all free to move again. Specter immediately seized the shrunken queen and wrestled her down with a modicum of effort. She screeched and tried to snap at him, only to realize her teeth were still rubber. With her pinned down, Specter growled into her retracted ears.

“Time for you to burn Monny.”

They started to slowly scoot towards the edge of the platform, the smaller queen pressed and dragged helplessly over the dirt. She tried to roar back at him, but her voice was now a squeak.

“Pathetic, you’re just pathetic! You can’t win without everything in your favor!”

Specter paused, before he roughly pressed little Monarch’s face into the dirt. He seethed, for desired to do much more, but it was clear there were penalties for doing “more”. So he resorted to words.

“I don’t remember you having any qualms tearing others apart, regardless of their disadvantages. Can you not take what you dish out?”

They were almost to the edge now, and in a few moments he could toss her sorry hide over the edge. Even as he approached the precipice a deep voice bellowed out in challenge.


Armor had picked himself up and charged towards Specter and the miniature Monarch. The smaller king instantly dropped his quarry and dodged out of the way before he could get crushed. The little queen was only quick enough to get up, but not get out of the way. Her emerald eyes flashed wide in terror as Armor twirled about on his hooves, with both hind legs raised high. Rational thought became devoid of her mind as the shrunken queen just started to scream.

Monarch was bucked clear across the dome, her midgetized body soared through the air until she smacked against the edge of the glassy dome. Her body mushed against it so hard she stuck, like a bug smashed into a window.


Armor sat down, out of breath, and none of the contestants approached him. Rather, most still sorted through their senses, whether they had been knocked aside like a bowling pin, or crushed under the pony pile.

Celestia and Luna recovered the fastest; they were among those off to the side. They got on their hooves and brushed each other off, then they searched the rest of the mess. The alabaster princess gasped when she saw Cadance and Shining, for both of them had a leg bent the wrong way. One of Shining’s forelegs looked snapped, and one of Cadance’s rear ankles had swollen up dangerously.

Sombra lay over both of them in a daze. Both of the royal sisters rushed over and tossed grey king off and tended to their injured companions. Celestia’s anger flared again and she stared right up at Discord, who contentedly relaxed in his oversized lawn chair.

“Discord! Stop this right now! All you’re proving is you’re a cruel tyrant.”

The whistle blew, and this once again froze everything in place.

“Now now, what did I say about complaining to the referee. But alas, all you want to do is blame some pony else for your problems.”

Discord vanished and reappeared on the contestant’s platform. He started to walk in a slow circle around Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Shining. He was no longer in his referee jersey, but a fancy lawyer’s outfit. The draconequus paused infront of the couple and pointed towards their injuries.

“See Celestia, this is the result when you actually have to deal with problems yourself… It comes with a personal cost. Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to using the Equestrian population as a whipping pony proxy… But all the same, it won’t change your mind. So I’ll prove you wrong right now. For I’m not willing to descend to the level of cruelty you are princess. Millenial statues and moons, psh, I’m not even close.”

With his lion paw, Discord reached behind his ear, and pulled out a long roll of medical tape. With crazy fast dexterity he wrapped up Shining’s snapped leg, and Cadance’s swollen ankle.

“There, now they won’t feel a thing.”

He gave the couple a pat on their heads, and shoved a lollipop into each of their mouths. He brought up his magical remote control and hit the un-mute button while he pointed it at Shining and Cadance. He spoke first though.

“Just one quick question, are either of you in pain?”

Shining gave the draconequus an angry look, and a short retort.


Cadance still blubbered a bit, and her words were a little garbled.

“My soul is… sniff-sniff”

Discord twirled around his goatee with a claw thoughtfully.

“Well, not much I can do about that dear.”

The lawyer suit disappeared and was replaced by the referee jersey again. He vanished and reappeared on his lawn chair, and brought the whistle back up to his lips, but stopped himself from blowing it.

“Oh, I promised penalties for complaints didn’t I. hehe”

The chimera’s smile went mad, and he snapped the hair on the end of his tail, as if it was digits and not hair. Immediately afterward Celestia flinched… and nothing apparently happened. She didn’t change height or shape, nothing appeared to be altered.

Then the whistle was blown and things resumed.

Cadance uttered something in surprise as she put a hoof up to her face.

“I don’t feel anything. Shiny I don’t feel anything!”

Her stallion moved to get up, and tested the broken leg. Initially his tone was one of approval.

“I know my love, its great isn’t it… wait a minute.”

He didn’t feel anything either, like nothing. He put a hoof up to his face, and couldn’t detect the slightest bit of sensation. There was no sense of touch, or pain whatsoever. The couple gawked in shock. Celestia took a step forward and quickly asked.

“Are you two ok?”

But then an unexpected effect took place. When her body moved forward she felt it lift off the ground, and she lost all traction as she simply started to float away. This caused her to let out a yip of surprise. She repressed her immediate desire to shout “DISCORD”.

“Auntie! What’s happening to you?”

Cadance’s panic didn’t help Celestia as she tried to figure it out herself. Her legs flailed about as she tried to control her direction in futility. The white princess kept going up and up until she was about ten ponies high up in the air, then she began a slow descent, and drifted back to the ground like a balloon that slowly lost air. She landed on the other side of the platform with that little maneuver.

A loud bark of a laugh came from nearby, which belonged to Sombra.

“Low gravity princess? HAHA! That’s neat. Hey Celestia, would you like to play tag?”

“Don’t you even think about it!”

The tall princess nervously kept herself where she was, apprehensive to try and move again. The grey king just chuckled and galloped towards her, neck stretched. When it was apparent he wouldn’t stop she prepared to jump, and even got off the ground. Before she was out of reach Sombra managed to graze her hoof with his snout.

The touch was enough to mess up her trajectory and she slowly floated up and off into a direction she couldn’t help. A direction that would inevitably land her into the sauce pool. Sombra stood at the edge of the platform and watched Celestia start to descend with a chuckle.

“Oh, sorry princess, did I push you that way? I assure you it was an accident.”

The elder princess scowled at the sass, but she slowly turned that into smile, and chuckled to herself. The sudden alleviation of Celestia’s mood caused the king to tilt his head in confusion. He suddenly figured why when from behind.


Luna leapt at Sombra and knocked him back. The push sent him toward the edge and panic lit his eyes as he started to fall. The dark princess didn’t leave him a chance to grab onto the ledge as she lashed out with her hooves. There was one thing she left unguarded however, and Sombra bit onto it with his mouth.

The night princess let out a shriek as she felt her mane tugged on violently. The grey king had his mouth locked onto it like a shark, his grip was the only thing that kept him from falling into the sauce pool.

In a desperate struggled Luna had braced all of her hooves onto the ground, and tried to keep herself from being pulled over the edge along with Sombra. Neither of them would yield in either direction.

“Let go you abominable beast!”


“Auntie Luna!”

Cadance rushed over to help her fellow alicorn, Shining right behind her. Both of them stopped as pair of large changelings intervened. The equestrian captain’s eyes flared and he growled one word.


Crone stood tall infront of the two ponies, almost head and neck above both of them. Meanwhile Chrysalis limped around behind, one of her hind legs was badly bruised at the joints. The queen with the jagged horn continued her slow gimpy walk toward Luna’s and Sombra’s desperate stalemate.

“Both of you have been such a terrible pain.”

Chrysalis sighed heavily, and one of her eyes twitched badly. The slow approach caused both the alicorn’s and stallion’s eyes to wide. Luna tried to shift her hooves, but every time she tried Sombra’s weight drug her closer to the edge, so she called out in frustration.

“Let go you fool, or she’ll get us both!”

The king just narrowed his eyes and didn’t relent. Even as the haggard queen closed the distance the other two ponies tried to rush to the princess’s aid. They were blocked from their efforts by Crone, who physically outmatched them both.

“Stay back you two. Luna needs to pay for what she did.”

“I’m sure whatever she did against you was perfectly justified.”

Crone’s eyes flared, and she smacked Shining with the back of her hoof. This caused him to flinch but not recoil. He didn’t feel it after all.

“Shut your self-righteous trap. You have no idea what you’re talking about, and if either of you want to stay on this piece of dirt for another minute you’ll stay where you are.”

The larger queen stamped her hooves at them, and they both backed away from her aggressive advance. Cadance was the more hesitant of the two, and she backed further than her fiancé did.

When Chrysalis was a mere two steps away from Luna the equestrian captain snapped, and he charged recklessly at the changeling that blocked him. Crone was surprised by the level of forwardness, and the sudden tackle pushed her back. After a moment of readjustment her hooves found stable ground and she was able to stop Shining’s burst of energy. Then the two of them started to exchange and flurry of blows, and both of them connected often.


Cadance couldn’t bear to watch, so she joined the fray and delivered a few solid blows to Crone’s exposed side. The queen coughed and gasped as she felt a sharp pain, and she rounded towards the new source. She raised a hoof to strike at the pink offender, but Shining took advantage of the distraction and laid his aggression even further into the queen.

She screeched in anger.


Crone dialed all of her aggression at the captain, and focused her attention on the bandaged leg specifically. She hit the primary joint, over and over. Eventually she was rewarded with a loud crack! Shining’s leg bent out of joint and he crumpled down onto his face, unable to stand properly.


Cadance cried, but she could do nothing. Specter joined the quarrel and pinned her to the ground. The changeling king’s expression was displeased, and he didn’t look anyone in the eye. He merely stayed resolved while Crone vented her spite.

“Alright you little thorn, over the edge with you.”

The queen grabbed Shining around the neck, dragged him to the edge, and unceremoniously tossed him over. This caused Cadance to sob and fall limp underneath Specter. The king wasn’t all too pleased the distress and drama he had made himself a part of.


“Come on Luna, just go over and take the intolerable king with you.”

Chrysalis had come into range, and took a few lazy swipes at the princess’s hind leg. Every time the blue alicorn shifted a hoof to dodge she lost a little ground, and got closer, and closer to the edge. Sombra’s incessant weight was an ominous guide.

“Come on, it’s not much farther. There’s plenty of little sauce monsters waiting for you.”

Rather than take a swipe, Chrysalis just body bumped Luna’s backside. With no way to avoid it, the princess lost critical balance, and Sombra’s weight did the rest. They both fell over and splashed into the tartarus sauce.

The queen with the jagged horn closed her eyes and sighed in relief. She could here several cries of pain or howls of discomfort now. She heard Crone’s voice from behind.

“Actually taking a moment to enjoy yourself, sister?”

Chrysalis hummed in answer.

“It is good to know I am still up here, while they are down there.”

“Then I’m sorry.”


She felt a sudden force from behind her, and soon there was nothing under her hooves. Chrysalis’s eyes exploded open, and she twisted mid air to look at the changeling behind her. Crone called out loud enough for the falling sister to hear.

“There can be only one!”

Chrysalis was only able to angrily gesture with her hooves before she back flopped into the red goop with a spectacular splash.

Sombra, already in the sauce himself, opened his mouth to laugh, but instead received a mouthful from one of the sauce bear demons.

Crone stood near the edge sighed, and shook her head a little. When she turned to face the remainder of the platform she found a large dark object flying toward her. She blinked before it impacted and they both flew over the edge.

A few loud steps heralded Armor’s approach to the platform’s edge.

“Huh, didn’t take ya forrr a conspirrratorrr Specterrr. Sodden spy jack…”

He left the edge and the rest of the contestants to wallow bellow. It only took him a few steps to approach the last competitor.

Princess Cadance lay in a heap and continued to sob, she hardly seemed to notice when the last giant on the field approached her. She didn’t notice when she was prodded, or when he whispered to her.

“Werrre this for life and death I would have fewerrr qualms, but it’s not little dame.”

He put a hoof under her chin and lifted it up. His blue eyes met her pink irises and he gave her one stern look. She sniffled and closed her eyes, a look of utter resignation crossed her countenance, and her body drooped.

The next moment the king’s giant hoof was off her. She expected to be tossed aside at any moment. But that moment never came. Instead she heard the ring of a bell, and Discord’s voice sounded throughout the stadium.

“We have a winner!”

Author's Note:

Chapter would have been out earlier, but I caught a cold.

blerg, 12 characters feels like a lot to feature in a chapter =P, but i had fun doing it. Anyway, the sketches.

Things get rowdy fast.

Cadance be all-like

The other changelings plan.

The guy you'd want to referee all you games :trollestia:

The first one out (More), and the nature of the sauce...

Mini Monarch glass plaster

Better hair on for dear life... kek :coolphoto: (I'm so funny)

The final decision

The links if you missed em

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