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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.23 "Duel.. or is it?"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.23 “Duel… or is it?”

A tall grey pony stallion inconspicuously strode along the streets of Ponyville. The oversized top hat, shades, and heavy black trench coat were prime signals of just how common he was. The fact he was head and shoulders taller than the ponies he strode next to didn’t catch any gazes, neither did the fangs that hung slightly out of his mouth draw any attention. Yes, this stallion was totally normal and no pony needed to pay him any mind.

“Hey auntie, what’s with that weirdo?”

The red eyes behind the large shades shot towards the direction of the little voice. A purple unicorn filly with blonde mane pointed at him, while she tugged on the wing of a grey pegasus, who also had a blonde mane. The pegasus mare turned to the little filly, and booped her snoot with a wing.

“Dinky that’s rude, we don’t call other ponies weirdo.”

After she scolded the young unicorn, the pegasus turned to the one dubbed “weirdo”. Even though she had a lazy eye, the pegasus could immediately tell something was off, all she saw was a black wall. Then she looked up, and gasped.


The black wall was a trench coat, attached to a much, much larger pony, who had fangs! Worse, he looked down her, well, she couldn’t really tell, not with those huge shades, but his snout was pointed at her.

“Is something the matter dear?”

A brown earth pony stallion with hourglass cutie mark trotted over to grey pegasus mare with curiosity in his eyes, he saw she looked up at something, and he followed her line of sight. His eyes went wide, and he took a step back.


The inconspicuousness didn’t work with this group apparently, and this brought a frown to the giant stallion’s fanged muzzle. His next move was to put on a charming smile and speak to the small group, who all stared at him with some kind of gross fascination.

“Don’t mind me, just passing by.”

His bass voice must have thrown them off as well, because it didn’t deflect the stares. The unicorn filly tugged on her auntie’s wing, and pointed towards the “disguised” stallion again, while she giggled.

“Hehehe, make him say something else auntie, I haven’t heard a pony talk that low before.”

The giant grey stallion backed off and walked in the opposite direction. He didn’t want to talk to other ponies, and his appearance still attracted their attention. He would normally growl angry curses at this point, but instead found himself simply muttering.

“How unfortunate…”

To his relief, the small group of ponies didn’t follow him as he retreated towards an alleyway, despite the whines of the little unicorn. He could still hear a few of their words before he rounded a corner.

“No Dinky, we don’t follow around weirdos.”


“Hey, what was that for?”

The earth pony stallion now rubbed the back of his head with a hoof. The mare with uneven eyes glared at him angrily.

“Hooves! I just got through telling her not to call other ponies weirdo.”

“There’s a time and place for certain words, and I think it applies here.”

“Not in front of Dinky, we need to talk later…”


“No, not if you want me to cook tonight.”

The argument died there, and the giant pony got to a place that was more obscured. Now that he was out of sight from the main streets he settled down into the alley he occupied. A red glow illuminated the inside of the ridiculous top hat, and the silhouette of a curved horn could be seen.

As the glow continued, red crystal started to sprout from the ground, breaking the earth slightly. The grey stallion made sweeping gestures with his hooves as the crystal grew, and the transparent stone widened into a thin broad surface.

When the crystal’s growth finished, it was half the height of the large disguised pony. He sat on his haunches and looked at it with some approval. It was a beautifully sculpted piece of transparent and geometric art. Now he would turn the art into a tool.

Red magic lit up his silly top hat again, and now, rather than growing the crystal above ground, it grew downward, and spread out like the roots of a tree. The stallion’s red eyes closed as he focused entirely on his little project.

The roots grew out as he guided them, he could feel the earth as if it were water, and the crystal growth acted as an extension of himself, as he swam through the solid material. Though his eyes were closed, he was acutely aware of most things attached to the ground.

The crystal roots divided in a hundred directions and poked up in a hundred different places. Tiny smidgens of crystal appeared along the ground, and were small enough that ponies near them wouldn’t notice anything, except maybe a little glint of light here and there. The little eyes of crystal were no larger than needle points.

Satisfied with a job completed, the stallion opened his eyes, and looked at the wide crystal pane right in front of him. With a small zap of red energy, the transparent surface came to life with a dance of colors.

Several images appeared over the crystal surface, and he looked at them with an analytical eye. The images were clear, as if he could see the location with his own eyes. There were three images on the crimson pane, and he raised a hoof to wipe it across the crystal surface. This caused the images to switch, and he could see a different part of Ponyville.

“What are you doing?”

A small, but arrogant voice came from the side of the alley. The giant stallion jumped in surprise, which caused his large obnoxious shades to go askew, and his top hat fell off. He turned to glare, no, glance with slight annoyance at the intruder. When he noticed it was little pink earth filly his face contorted.

Normally his instinct would have been to shout something like

-Scatter brat!-

But the misfortune of his emotionally altered state made it come out more like…

“Why little filly, did you lose your parents? Do you need help finding them?”

“I can see them right over there, but I also saw you sneaking away from the Hooves family. What do you have to hide, and why are you wearing such ridiculously conspicuous clothes?”

This caused the giant stallion to frown; he lifted his top hat off the ground with magic, then dusted it off with a hoof before he put it back on. He also took a moment to straighten the shades on his snout.

“A little filly should mind her own business, it’s rude to intrude on strangers…”

“It’s also a bad idea to go around looking as obvious as Groucho Pony. If you actually wanted to hide something.”

The little filly leveled her blue eyes, and flipped her purple-white mane slightly. Her little eyes gazed up at this giant with a challenging stare, a slight smirk etched the corners of her mouth.

“Tell me what you’re up to.”

At this point the grey stallion almost summoned the energy to growl, but the effort died and he instead took on a disconcertingly wide smile.

“I will politely ask you to leave.”

“If you don’t tell me I’ll scream, and then you’ll really have every pony on your case.”

His red eyes twitched while he kept that disconcerting smile, he would be furious, if he could be furious. It took a lot of energy to set up a crystal network; relocation would be a major inconvenience at the moment.

After a few deep breaths, and a tense eye contact that lasted for a short while, he found some words. The smile on his snout became less disconcerting and more mischievous.

“Alright little filly you win, would you like to know a secret.”

“It’s Diamond Tiara, and yes, spill the beans.”

“Then come and see.”

He patted the ground right next to himself with a hoof, and the little filly scooted over. She dusted the ground off, and circled it a few times before she found it satisfactory, and took a seat. They both faced the large crystal pane, which had the shifting images on it.

“What the hay is this?”

The filly lifted a little pink hoof up to the crystal surface, when she touched it one of the images shifted, and suddenly she could see the perspective of the main street. Where the Hooves family busily chatted away as they walked along.

She tapped it again and the image shifted, now she could spy inside of Sugarcube corner, where the Cakes chased around their two young foals. She tapped again and she saw Sweet Apple Acres.

Tap, and Carousel Boutique was in view.

Tap, the Ponyville Spa.

Tap, Town Hall

Tap ---

A large grey hoof pulled the small pink one away from the crystal surface. He looked down on her with a critical eye before he shook his head. He explained in level tone.

“It’s called Crystal Scrying. This pane is attached to crystal roots that have spread throughout this town. With them, I can see where roots have sprung up. The roots themselves are like fine hairs, so small you most likely wouldn’t notice them, even if you looked directly at them.”

“So you’re like, some kind of spy?”

“The subtle manner of my crystal roots, and how they infiltrate places certainly helps me spy on things I want to.”

“So why are you so bad at dressing up?”

“You know, you appear to have a talent for being a royal nuisance, is that what the little crown is for? Besides, the merchant I bought these from said they were very modern, and I liked the colors… I’ll have to visit him again.”

He poked the little filly in the chest, but she brushed it off, because he didn’t push all that forcefully. She glared up the stallion with another sassy stare.

“You got yourself into this buster, what were you trying to spy on?”

Suddenly there was an explosion in the distance, and wave of mixed green and red energy illuminated the sky. The stormy clouds that hovered over Ponyville were partially blown back, and a mild gust blew through the alley. It knocked off the stallion’s top hat, and Diamond Tiara’s tiara.

The little filly squeaked in fright and jumped over to grab on the giant grey pony’s hoof. When the gust finished, red magic grabbed the fallen accessories and placed them back on their respective owners heads.

“Something like that comes to mind.”

The giant pony lifted up a fore leg, and realized a little filly was attached to it. He gave a few shakes to try and get her off, but the little earth pony had a strong grip. He sighed and ignored it, that explosion of energy is what he wanted a closer look at. The large grey hoof, which had a pink filly clinging to it, reached over to the crystal pane to shift images again.

When he found the perspective he wanted, he put both fore hooves to the crystal pane and gestured in an expanding motion. This caused the image to occupy the entirety of the surface.

The giant stallion and little filly sat back and watched what played out on red stone pane. Diamond Tiara had calmed down enough to let go the grey pony’s enormous hoof, and watched what he watched.

There in the middle of the image was a giant brown unicorn mare, which had a dirty blonde mane. Her long horned burned with baleful green magic, opposite her was a shorter blue unicorn, who wore an amulet that glowed with red energies and illuminated her eyes.

“What’s going on?”

Fear had crept into the filly’s otherwise sassy demeanor. The giant grey pony laughed with his giant bass voice, and leaned his giant back against the alley wall. The wall groaned against the giant burden, and a giant hoof tipped the giant shades on his giant face downward, so he could get an unobstructed look at the giant show before him.

“A chess game my dear filly, I placed some pieces and now they are moving.”

He chuckled mirthfully and activated a bit more magic, which caused some yellow crystals to grow from the ground. When they were a ripe size, he plucked them with his red aura, and lifted several pieces to his mouth. His fangs crunched down on them noisily, which made Diamond cover her ears with her hooves.

The grey pony stopped the grind of his chewing and looked down at the little filly. Some of the yellow crystals hovered down in front of her little snout. She looked at them with confusion, and the bass voice addressed her amiably.

“Want some Crystal Corn?”

Author's Note:


Oh my I didn't jump straight into the action this chapter did I! lol, I promise not to tease for too long. Show pony and Queen will have their show down soon.

meanwhile here's another sketch.

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