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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.43 "Perceptions"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.43 “Perceptions”

The door step to Fancy Pants’s house was illuminated by an emerald flare, and from the epicenter emerged the changeling queen. She had been awake long enough to be crisp and alert, and she didn’t waste a moment as she gathered herself to the door, and rattled it with a hoof.

Loud echoes bounced away from the point of contact. In response, there was scurried movement on the second level of the home. As Chrysalis waited she stared intently at the door, the place where she had knocked had a dent now, apparently the rattle had been too forceful.

The clop of hooves over wood reverberated behind the enclosed walls. The queen’s ears perked when she heard some rather vehement mutters.

“The blazes, what pony knocks that loud this early.”

It wasn’t too much longer before the door was opened, and a disheveled Fancy Pants was at the entrance. His normally brushed and styled mane was all amiss with evidence of bed contact. Neither did he ware his monocle, nor have his suit on, but a rather loose night shirt. His eyes were also quite bloodshot, and it became more apparent when he opened them wide in surprise.

“Oh, your majesty… Please forg-”

“I don’t care for formalities at the moment Fancy, rather, I would like some news if you have any.”

“Um, would you like to come in?”

“You have something to report?”

“I was up late last night trying to file through all the mail. The assistants you gave me earlier have proven quite helpful. There are a number of responses that have come back, and they vary quite a bit.”

“Then show me in.”

“Right this way your majesty.”

Fancy stood to the side and made a welcoming gesture with the sweep of one hoof. Then he indicated a large couch that Chrysalis could rest herself on. The large changeling made it there in a few long strides, and set herself down with a careful scrutiny. After a short mental evaluation, she decided the furniture treated her royal flank very nicely, though she gave no verbal acknowledgement of this. Rather she sighed through her nose, and waited for Fancy to set himself down.

“I’ll be back in one moment your majesty, I just wish to grab a few of the more important letters for reference.”

“Take your time my liaison.”

So Fancy trotted with a not leisurely trot up stairs. There were a few more scuffles, sounds of drawers being pulled in and out, then Chrysalis heard a second set of hooves on the upper level. Her ears swiveled on her head in curiosity, for she could hear whispered voices. One was distinctly female, and after something Fancy whispered, there was a loud-


Then more scurried movements followed. Some protested grunts, a few slams of this and that. Then there was the twinkle of magical interaction, a few painful sounding scratches, and some kind of wheezy poof noise.

The whole wild range of sounds ended abruptly, and few moments later Fancy came downstairs. His mane was now neatly combed, he was in his suit, and he wore his monocle, the bloodshot condition of his eyes had also miraculously disappeared. In his blue aura, a few papers floated along side him, as he descended the stairs back to the living room.

With quick and efficient steps, the handsomely dressed unicorn approached a chair opposite where the queen sat, and settled himself onto of the leather bound cushions. Then the stack of papers was levitated close to his monocle, a few of them were rifled through until he found what he wanted.

“So, your majesty, here are a stack of letters from the mayors and governors of our good nation.”

“I’ll trust you to summarize them.”

“Very well, I suppose I’ll start with Mayor More from Manehattan.”

“Didn’t you mention her before?”

“Yes, she had expressed interest in new leadership earlier. You had me send two of my assistants there.”

“And how have they been received?”

“They’re still being evaluated, but her interest increased when she met them in pony. I believe her positive reception will continue. She’s also expressed some interest in getting a group of your changelings organized into helping her city’s crime issues.”

“Hmm, that can wait till later. She can give me something more official when she’s made up her mind completely, and had time to articulate her thoughts. As of now I won’t afford some haphazard attempt to fix her problems. I have yet to see if other ponies will make themselves more of a nuisance. In that regard, were there any hostile responses?”

Fancy flipped through the letters again, and pulled out one with a large cloud seal stamped on it.

“The pegasi of Cloudsdale, and their governor, Marble, expressed a desire to send tornados and hurricanes our way. Though I hope you won’t mind that I took the initiative and asked them not to. There are many ponies here that would be unfortunate collaterals in an attack of that kind.”

“Ponies would be the only victims, unless you have a means for underground shelter?”

“I’m unaware if Canterlot was built to receive hurricanes and tornados...”

A wide smirk crossed over the queen’s muzzle, the stagnant action of such infuriated loyalists amused her. The pegasi apparently cared about their fellow ponies enough they hadn’t attacked yet. Such an obvious and blunt strike would be far from precise, and would likely have unintended painful consequences. Even if they forsook a weather attack and did a more traditional siege, they would siege her when she had the entire city’s citizenry under her hooves. What a lovely shield ponies made…

Fancy appeared slightly unsettled after a few moments of silence, so Chrysalis gestured lazily with a hoof, and proffered him to continue.

“Any other aggressive responses?”

“There were a few flustered responses, but they were few, and from towns too small to really have a means for pertinent action.”

“Then what was the general response?”

“Hmm, I believe this letter from Mayor Moonshine of Las Pegasus would be a good example of the most common response. I’ll read it aloud.”

Dear Pants that are Fancy,

I got a letter earlier this week, that said it was from you, but it was total non-sense. Said something about Celestia being imprisoned, and the element bearers being driven off.

Some pony has a good sense of humor, because that clearly hasn’t happened. The Sun has kept moving every day, and reminds me of my hangover, hehe, I mean it reminds me I’ve got board meetings to go to.

Please mail back this envelope so I know it’s you, and not some noble pulling my leg for money.

Regards, Mayor Moonshine.

p.s. I got a shipment of champagne from the draconequus isle, you wouldn’t believe what this stuff is like. Also It’s been a while since you’ve visited, perhaps I could stop by sometime? There’s a few connections in snob-town I need to talk to anyway, and I’d much prefer your company. Hope to hear from you soon.

Chrysalis cocked an eyebrow.

“So most ponies are in a state of disbelief?”

“I got almost identical responses from Baltimare, Fillydelphia, and Vanhoover. The rest of the letters from the other towns and cities were basically various alterations of the same idea.”

“Then I will have that remedied.”

The queen’s eyes pulled away from Fancy as they went into contemplation, one of her hooves was raised and slowly caressed her chin, and jaw line. The unicorn stallion waited patiently while the queen thought, he focused and made slow deep breaths. The changeling’s reverberant voice quickly broke his focus.

“I will have a meeting organized, within the next two weeks. I will require representatives from each of these towns and cities to attend. Everything will be made clear then.”

“Within two weeks? I’m not sure we could gather ponies from every town in that time.”

“Tell them it is mandatory… Or I will make a personal visit to any town that fails to have representative attend.”

“Very well, should I make the date officially two weeks from now?”

“Yes go ahead.”

“I’ll get busy with the replies.”

“Oh, one more thing. Do we happen to have any more foreign guests around?”

“Do you mean other ambassadors and dignitaries besides the Saddle Arabians?”

“Yes, I do, If other nations have any representatives here I’ll meet them while it’s convenient.”

“Well, now that you mention it, I was notified we had a large influx of visitors at Canterlot’s general embassy.”

“Large influx?”

“Apparently the news that Celestia was removed from her throne caused quite a stir, and many nations sent dignitaries to decipher the rumors.”

“Then point me to the embassy, and there will be rumors no more.”

Fancy looked to a clock on the wall and his brow narrowed.

“Right now they would be having the luncheon in the embassy dining halls.”

“So my presence will be informal, that is fine, point me there.”

Fancy pulled out a blank sheet of paper from a nearby desk. With a flash of magic a symbol was seared into the parchment, a large red indication arrow. Then it was levitated over to the queen, who grabbed it with her green aura.

“That should be simple to follow as the one that guided you to my house.”

“You have done well my liaison. You may continue with you other responsibilities.”

To signal she was done, Chrysalis stood up from the couch and made her way to the door. Fancy got up from his chair and went back towards the stairs, though before he ascended he looked towards the door, and opened it with his magic. The queen walked through the door unimpeded and closed it once she made it by.

Once outside she lowered her grey eyelids, and glowed her sclera as she reached out with mental magic. A message was sent out to a far distance, and it took a few moments before the intended recipient received it.


Yes my queen?

I want a vanguard with plenty of experience with the affluent. Is there one here in Canterlot?

Yes there is, very close by infact, would you like me to send her your way?

I would.

Then she’ll be there momentarily.

Also, how goes the hunt Shade?

-snort- surprisingly well, I’ve found some very promising leads.

Where are you at the moment?



She reached out in the mental spectrum, and indeed her head vanguard was very far away. It was a great distance to cover since she had last met him. Her next thought was interrupted as the door behind her opened up. The queen twirled around on her long legs, and expected Fancy to be there with something he’d forgotten to tell her.

Instead it was an elegant white unicorn mare with pink mane. She was clearly nervous as she spoke.

“Shade says you have need of me?”

“Oh, Fleur was it? Well, drop the disguise, we’re going to a luncheon and you’re going to help me.”

“Ofcourse my queen.”

So Fleur’s white pelt shifted to grey chitin, and her pink mane transitioned to purple. She squirmed a bit, as it felt unnatural to her to be in the open and exposed like this.

“Do you have a changeling name?”

“Shifty my queen.”

“Be prepared to answer questions from a number of dignitaries, our goal is to assert ourselves with a favorable impression during this luncheon. I trust you if Shade trusts you, so let’s take care not to offend our neighbors. Atleast to their knowledge.”

“Understood my queen.”

Chrysalis held up the paper with the magic red indicator.

“Then let’s go…Shifty.”


The Canterlot General Embassy-

The dining hall was a magnificent and large structure, and sported much of Canterlot’s best designs in regards to architecture. The accommodations within the hall itself were wide and the furnishings were expansive. The colors were a generous theme of alabaster, lavender, and gold trimmings.

Round tables, square tables, and plenty of irregularly shaped tables supported a number of dignitaries and their meals.

Among the inhabitants of the dining hall were ponies from the nations of Germane, and Prance. Griffons from both Griffonstone, and Wunduree occupied section of the dining hall. Minotaurs from Labrynthia were present, and circled around one particular table. A few fishy equines, hippocampi, rested in a shallow pool designed for more aquatic visitors. Equines from Zebzeb had gathered in one corner, and in one spacious section were two draconic visitors.

The Saddle Arabians, Crescent Iris and Delta Shores, shared space with the griffons from Wunduree and were enraptured in an interesting discussion. In fact, the whole hall bustled with lively activity and discussion, though each of the groups kept largely to themselves. A few of them ventured here and there to talk about their relations with one another, but this was an informal setting, and most who gathered there looked forward to a social meal.

( The Germane Table )

Six ponies sat on benches around square table. Each of their pelts glittered with a metallic sheen, and they reflected various hues of copper, brass, silver, and gold. In their bowls were small shiny pellets and ingots, which many of them snacked on merrily. Their drinks were held in mugs and the contents within glittered with powdery and reflective particles.

When one of them occasionally belched it sounded like a gong was struck, and the metallic ring would hang in the air.

The ponies themselves wore metal bands and rings on their manes and tails. Facial hair was common on the stallions. None of them had cutie marks, or wings, or horns.

One who stood out oddly among this crowd of foreign ponies was a stallion armored head to hoof in chrome plate. Unlike the rest of his peers he had a horn, and it was decorated with several rings that fit snuggly into the natural segments. He didn’t function like a normal unicorn though, and couldn’t use it for traditional magical purposes.

Even though he had a bowl of pellets, and a mug of silvery drink infront of him, he kept his visor down, and didn’t join in the lively discussion the rest of the germane ponies engaged in.

Eventually the shiny brass mare that sat across from him put her mug down, and gave him a scrutinized stare. Her lime green eyes peered against the dull-red and opaque visor.

“You know Prism, this is supposed to be an informal occasion.”

“I don’t believe in informal occasions Malleable.”

“As you have clearly shown over the last week it took to get here, I’m concerned.”

“Your concern is misdirected.”


“I don’t see how any of you can relax, especially while we’re in a nation that was recently taken over by some rogue. We have no idea of the true intentions here.”

“I hardly see the intentions as hostile, the city could have been locked down, but it wasn’t. Obviously this new… queen, wants to keep existing relations stable.”

“It’s a trap.”

“Prism, please.”

“If she decides to take Equestria’s throne one day, who’s to say she won’t try something to slight other nations. Why did she take Equestria first anyway? What does she want here?”

“Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.”

“To be fed lies most likely.”

“Is that not the game between most nations? But that’s besides the point, you showing up in your armor to lunch is giving everyone else a cold shoulder. We’re here to represent our nation Prism, and I think it would be better to appear a little more inviting.”

“I trust no one.”


“You don’t know if this, this changeling? Could be planning to entrap or assassinate us.”

“It’s a show of good will, and this is precisely why you haven’t officially been made an ambassador.”

“I know, but I think king Torque keeps sending me to watch your backs. Someone needs to be prepared for the possibilities.”

Malleable just sighed, it wasn’t going to go anywhere. So she turned back to the main discussion at the table. One of her front hooves absentmindedly reached into the bowl in front of her, and scooped out a few silver pellets and an iron ingot. They were casually plopped into her mouth, and chewed.

Her teeth and jaws munched the metal bits into smaller flakes, and the iron ingot was chewed rather like gum. After she swallowed, a rust colored tongue poked out from between her lips and searched for any loose flakes, but none were to be found. So she scooped out another hooful of the shiny germane treats.

( One of the prench tables )

The prench ponies occupied several tables, as there were nearly three dozen of them, all of them unicorns. Most of them sported fancy clothes of some kind or other, and many of them had their manes and tails done in extravagant, or otherwise stylish manners.

The food that decorated their dishes was as artistic in appearance as it was made to taste. Refinement and etiquette defined their behavior… mostly. There was still on occasional riotous laugh, or an exaggerated sputter at some incredulous revelation.

One cream colored mare voiced her opinion of the locals.

“Can you believe these Canterlot ponies! They even think they’re stylish… And this is supposed to be their best!”

A blue prench stallion smirked at her reproachful tone before he replied to her statement.

“Well Fromage, they do follow our popular trends… about ten years after their out of date. Oh hoho.”

“I suppose it would be flattering if they merely wanted to be like us, but most of these ‘street nobles’ pretend as if they actually have any class. That is what bothers me.”

“They aren’t prench, what are you expecting you silly mare? For them to actually understand the social arts? The majority of their ponies are not even unicorns. They suffer from split focus. So much of their time is spent on what they think are necessities, but are paltry.”

Fromage scrunched her muzzle and rested her chin on a fetlock. Her eyes narrowed and she appeared to be in the midst of unpleasant mental digestion. The blue stallion chuckled at her reaction to his previously verbose statement.

“The real question is, how much more will it devolve?”

“What do you mean Salete?”

“The new queen that has come here…”

“Oh, her? They say she is hideous, as well as all the monsters she brought with her.”

“I know I know, quite barbarous, the whole thing really. Though I believe there maybe interesting opportunities yet.”

“Celestia atleast had manners and grace, what kind of demented potential are you looking for in uncouth barbarians?”

“Celestia was old, she was very set in her ways, and there was little we could do to influence her. This new queen however, even if she is cunning, I’m going to take a gambit that she is much younger. The world hasn’t heard of her kind, and she took the daring move to reveal them. She thinks because she has power, she is powerful… Even if she has spent time learning of us, it’s going to be another thing to interact with us this openly. This is where I see our opportunity for influence. She is new, and bound to be naïve in some areas.”

“And if any have creativity and revelry for new, it is us. I like where you’re going with this Salete.”

“Hohoho, yes, two can play the game of social manipulation. Hoi! I mean, did you even hear how she took over?”

“Wasn’t it something to do with a wedding?”

“Yes, she played the bride in disguise! Like some kind of opera, right under Celestia’s nose!”

“Such simplicity…”

“And hilarity.”

“Be respectful Salete, Celestia was a decent mare.”

Fromage didn’t conceal her own amusement at the idea very well, and a smile cracked through her attempt to chide the stallion for making light of such a thing.

A third pony sat near this particular table, and flipped about her mane gently. She had a light grey pelt, and a white mane with silver luster. Though she had been near Fromage and Salete, she hadn’t paid attention. Rather, what caught her attention was her own reflection in a neighbor’s metallic goblet.

“I’m so beautiful…”

Then she proceeded to caress her own cheeks slowly with a hoof. The statement caught both Fromage’s and Salete’s attention. The blue stallion shook his head in disapproval.

“Why is Mignon here?”

“Because she’s beautiful?”

( The minotaur table )

Three of them sat around a round table. Each of them held some cards, and had some playing chips infront of them. One of them held a particularly hard expression, he also had the smallest pile of chips. The fedora he wore did little to conceal his contempt either, or the way his stripped vest strained around his tense muscles. Also the hereford pattern of his body really emphasized the countenance with it’s bright highlight there.

The reddish, hat worn minotaur pulled one last card from the deck and flipped it next to a few others in a line.

“Final round, Midgy…”

He stared down at a shorter red-angus minotaur, much shorter, infact this little minotaur would be lower than even ponies in height. Despite the disparate size, he wasn’t a child. Midgy had put on his own blue suit, and combed through his own mane, thank you.

“I am more than ready, Talltoll.”

The midget minotaur held a flat even expression, one that was nearly impossible to read. Talltoll failed to hold in the grumpiness from his voice as he looked at the other two players, and announced the end of the game.

“Well, put up your hands.”

“That’d be your honor to go first Tall.”

The third minotaur was white with numerous large black spots on his body, a holstein pattern. He was completely relaxed, and let it show. His posture was leaned back, as comfortable as he could manage on a stool.

With a grunt, the fedora topped player put down his hand, face up.

“There, I got a flush.”

Then midgy broke his flat expression, straightened the collar of his suit, and twirled about the cards in his hand in a playful manner. Between the cards in his hand and on the table, he held up a full-house.

“Hand over them chips Tall.”

Talltoll grit his teeth as he pushed over a sizable stack of the chips. With a self-satisfied grin Midgy pulled in the winnings from the other player. For a few moments the short one just rubbed hands together and wriggled his eyebrows. Then he remembered there was a third player.

“You’ve been much too quiet Chipper, what do you have?”

“Oh nothing that special.”

The white minotaur had his hand behind his back, and drew out the time it took to reveal what he had. Midgy just smirked and shook his head. When Chipper finally placed his cards on the table, both the other minotaurs saw it made four-of-a-kind. Talltoll slammed one first down on the table, and caused all the chips and cards to jump.

“HA! So Midgy-taur Tycoon can be beat… I swear, I’ve always suspected you of stacking the deck, even when you aren’t dealing!”

“Please, Tall, why would I be dishonest in our recreational gatherings?”

“If you would be in business, then I hardly see why recreation is held to a different standard.”

“Now you accuse me of being a dishonest business-taur… That’s going a little too far Tall.”

“I can only say it’s suspicious you rose to prominence so quickly.”

Chipper decided to cut in before the two could get more offensive to each other.

“Well his father is Monopoly Monger, you could hardly ask for a better mentor. But shouldn’t we be mentioning local business?”

Talltoll waved a hand dismissively, he didn’t like being interrupted, but local business could do with a passing mention.

“What’s there to say? We’ll get what we want out of the new queen. We got what we want out of Celestia for decades. Who’s got more practical experience than her? Certainly not some conquering deviant…”

“I did hear she was able to deceive Celestia too, it’d be foolish to underestimate our prospects Tall.”

Midgy interlocked his fingers before he stretched them out, and cracked the knuckles. Chipper stratched the stubble under his chin, and rolled out a few more words.

“I’ve heard they eat emotions, or can read them along those lines. When it comes down to the serious business, a face isn’t going to be enough. It’ll be tricky to help them think we would really want mutual interest.”

“That’s fine Chipper, we just have to believe our deals are as good natured as we say they are. Any good dealer can fool himself.”

A sneaky smile crossed over the tiny minotaur’s snout. Tall folded his arms and rolled his eyes at the other two.

“It still surprises me that I feel more honest in the gambling business, compared to this real-estate agent, and lumber-jack…”

( The griffon resting pads )

Squawks and chatters abounded around a small group of avian-feline hybrids. They shared one communal bowl for the meal-time, and it was full of rice and dried fish.

A female griffon with a proud plumage of alabaster feathers, and the back half of a black panther, turned to the griffon that sat nearest to her, A griffon whose plumage was that of a peacock and feline side was a tiger. Her voice was soft and unassuming.

“Mitra, it’s much too cold here, have you found a place to warm yourself?”

“I have not Santi, but you could always ask one of the drakes to start a fire.”

“I hardly see our hosts taking that with good nature.”

“It wouldn’t be our fault, just the dragons.”

His peacock face made a very avian smirk around the edges of his beak.

“Bits! Bits! C’mon ye griffons, help a fellow in his plight.”

Both Santi, and Mitra flinched at the irritable squawk that came from over their heads. Another griffon with dirted white and gray plumage, straddled one of the poles that held out a banner. His weight caused the flexible post to bend, and he held out a hat to the others.

“What are you even doing here? Go back to Griffonstone, this isn’t the place for beggars.”

Mitra’s harsh tone was met with an equally bitter glare from the gray griffon.

“Don’t act like you’d be so much better if the same thing happened to Wunduree.”

“We don’t put our faith in relics, so don’t we don’t share that same fallibility. No, I don’t think the same thing would, or could happen to Wunduree. Now go.”

“I’ve as much a right to be here as any of you. Griffonstone still has an ambassador.”

“Self proclaimed? Or officially instated? I honestly don’t see your group willing to bother.”

“Why you condescending feather-duster!”

Santi sighed in frustration, the two griffon males continued to squawk at each other with increasing intensity. So she decided to intervene before talons got involved in the mess.

“Mitra, don’t antagonize him anymore, it’s not going to get him to leave any faster.”

“I’m sorry, I just find him so aggravating.”

“The feeling is mutual you pompous pecker! I’ll find better charity with the dragons!”

And with that the grey griffon fluttered off to another side of the hall. In a few more moments his grating voice could be heard again, calling for more ‘bits’.

Mitra reached into the bowl and grabbed a fish, which he proceeded to quietly nibble on. It wasn’t long before Santi decided to do the same thing.

For now they were content to eat quietly and observe the other occupants of the hall.

( The Hippocampus custom pond )

It was a small shallow bowl more or less, and just enough to get the occupants wet. They could swim about through the air if they so desired, but it was more comfortable to be in contact with their native substance.

Two hippocampi relaxed into the provided water, one of them held an ornamental staff, and word a large gold plated neck chain, which was imbedded with emeralds. Long whiskers sprouted from the top of his muzzle and fore-head.

Across from him the other dignitary displayed her fondness for pearls, with both a large pendant and bracelets. Her scaly hide was green, while his was crimson. They both held rather dulcet expressions. The female opened her muzzle and slowly expelled some thoughts.

“Do you think she’d bother to listen?”

“To what? Our desires? Why should she? Celestia apparently considered our services more of a duty than something to be compensated for. Thus our general disinterest in our relations all together.”

“I suppose, do you really think this venture is simply for passing curiosity then?”

“We could always hope it’ll be more. Things have never been the same since…”

“No hippocampus has forgotten the disappearance of our siren stones. There is nothing we can do about that now, Adagio be damned. The city that contained their prison has vanished. The sisters let us witness for ourselves.”

“Then yes, this venture is only a passing interest. I imagine there’s only a slight chance this new queen would bother to have safer seas. They already count on their pegasi to manage things from the air.”

This miffed the green hippocampus a bit, and she mulled it over. Her finned tail flipped over, and rested on the edge of the bowl. Acknowledgement from the surface races had been an ongoing issue for generations. She rubbed her hooves together and tried to stay positive.

“The draconequi have atleast been courteous to us.”

“But also stingy, I think they’re afraid to lose any regular visitors. Being trapped on that island for centuries hasn’t done them any favors.”

“We’re their only source of news, everyone else finds them too overwhelming to deal with personally.”

“They do have Lethal…”

“What, the lightning drake? He’s hardly reliable…”

“He’s something.”

“I’m afraid they’d get even worse if we decided to stop showing up.”

“And what would they do? They’re trapped. Their only means of getting off that island is sealed in stone.”

“It would just seem cruel.”

“Jade, we’ll keep going as long as they have something worth exchanging. Lord Golden Spoon has been willing and able to conjure up things for our fancy.”

“If only it didn’t take getting through his eccentric mannerism, and clinginess.”

Jade splashed the water around her lightly, and sank further into the water, she closed her eyes and made an effort to relax. Her traveling companion adjusted himself as well, and rolled his head about on his neck, after it was sufficiently wrung out, he rest his chin on his chest.

Both of them napped.

( The table of Zebzeb )

A giraffe, a hippo, and a zebra shared a table. The giraffe had a long wavy reddish-brown mane, and she happily sipped on a straw that sprouted from a coconut cup.

Next to her was the hippo, who had on a wide brimmed straw-hat, as well as a broad vest. One of his toes thoughtfully prodded his drink, but he didn’t pick it up yet.

The Zebra felt around the table with his hooves, for he couldn’t see very well. A humongous afro of a mane hung over most of his face and neck. His tail was also irredeemably bushy. When he couldn’t find his drink he threw up his hooves in frustration.

“I tell ya mon, deesa drinks needa be easier to find!”

“It’s called a mane-cut, mon…”

The hippo mumbled with exercised patience. The zebra then crossed his fore-legs defensively.

“Imma never shorten my pride N’ joy. Mumma said any zebra worth their stripes would do no such thing.”

“You could try a hair band.”

The giraffe put down her drink, which was a slightly award and cumbersome affair. Given how small the drink was, and how long her legs were. The small zebra thought he heard something.

“Could ya say that again mon?”

With one hoof, the zebra lifted part of his afro away to reveal one of his ears. The hippo sighed loudly.

“It’s even interfering with your hearing ya doo-face. I’m tempted to shear it myself right now!”

“Ya callin’ me a doo-face mon!”

“Only a doo-face would insist on bein’ so blind! Especially when we want to talk with the local boss-mon.”

“Local boss-mon isn’t my boss-mon.”

“I won’t have ya be an embaressment.”

The hippo pulled out a very large bowie knife, and grabbed the zebra by the afro. As the overly bushy mane was tugged upward, the mystery of the zebra’s eyes and ears were answered, he did infact have them. When the zebra found his eyes exposed to the light, he lifted his hooves to shield them. They were not used to such unfiltered brilliance.

“What are ya doin’ mon? let me go!”

“I’m doin’ what ya shoulda done.”

Before the hippo could chop off a large chunk of the zebra’s hair, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, but had to look up. The giraffe had a concerned expression on her long featured face.

“I donna think that’s a good idea right now Bobway, you’re gettin’ stares.”

The broad quadruped peered around, and their conversation had indeed caught the attention of several neighbors. He put his knife away, and released his grip on the zebra’s mane. The stripped equine groaned and rubbed his eyes with his hooves.

“Oh, my eyes mon… you be the devil Bobway.”

“I’m not finished with ya. We’re gonna have a chat before anything official goes down.”

The giraffe tapped the hippo’s shoulder again, and he rounded with some fumes.

“What now?”

“I’ll have a chat with Zorro, don’t be worryin’ yourself so much. He’ll be presentable when I’m done.”

“I heard that mon! I don’t need no private chat with nobody!”

After the zebra’s defiant reply the hippo grabbed his afro again and bellowed loudly into his face.

“I swear mon! I don’t care if others be watchin’. I’ll handle ya right now! We’re here for Zebzeb, and ya better act like it!”

After the blast of foul air the zebra cowed, and started to shake.

“Ok, ok, I’ll chat with Hemra, ya happy mon?”

“I’ll be happy when ya’ve managed yourself.”

There was an uneasy quiet at the table for a few moments. So the giraffe reached over to a serving table, and grabbed some more drinks. She didn’t even get up, because her reach was enormous, and a dozen coconuts were pulled onto their table. Her voice carried with surprising weight.

“Now we’re suppose to be enjoyin’ ourselves. Brighten up you two!”

Zorro shifted away from the hippo and closer to Hemra, this time he was able to find a drink as he blindly reached out for one. Bobway just grumbled and let his eyes roam over the hall, eventually one of the drinks was seized in his grip. He pulled the straw out, and threw the coconut with drink in his mouth, where they proceeded to be crunched and slurped.

After the giraffe cycled through a few of the drinks, she proffered the group with another question.

“So what do we wanna say to the new boss lady?”

The corner of the zebra’s mouth pursed at the mention and he remained silent, Bobway just shrugged.

“Zebzeb is still open for visitors. From what I’ve heard she’s tryin’ to keep things the same. So the same we’ll keep ‘em.”

Herma’s mouth curved into a doubtful slant.

“Ya so sure about that? I mean, we might wanna keep it the same, but what about the rest of the creechas here?”

“Might as well brush up on their thinkin’ too, most of ‘em are here, aren’t they.”

“Better not approach the ones who saw ya pull out the knife. Besides Bobway, what were ya thinkin’ pullin’ that out in the lunch room for?”

“I lost my patience with a little zebra mon… I could just tell ‘em I use it for my salad.”

“Ha, ya mon, that’ll work just fine… not.”

The giraffe gave the hippo a shrewd glance.

( The dragon table )

A large square table was host to two large scaled creatures. Neither of them had wings, though they were built like dragons in every other way. One was significantly larger than the other, and glanced around the room with a bored indifference. The smaller one glared daggers at his undesired table associate. Smoke billowed out of his nostrils as he hissed.

“Give it back!”

There were two bowls at the table, filled to the brim with gems. Currently the larger gray drake possessed both of them, and blocked the other scaly beast’s access. One claw was slowly, methodically, and apathetically tapped up and down. Each tiny strike further grated the smaller blue drake’s nerves.

“I said-”

“Are you going to try something or just whine like a hatchling?”

“You.. ga… huuuuu.”

“Gibbering nonsense doesn’t bode well for the constitution of your intellect either.”

“Fine, take all the gems, you arrogant arse. If you weren’t her herald I’d gouge your eyes.”

“I doubt you’d succeed at that either. Tell me, Goff, does Raker get as easily flustered as you?”

The smaller drake snarled and bore his fangs, but didn’t make any other aggressive moves. The larger grey drake still held an uninterested stare into nothing in particular. One of his paws gave place for his chin to rest, and he continued to tap one claw on the table with his other paw. He didn’t move to eat any of the gems, they were in fact a good reminder to keep Goff in his place, and in proxy the dragon Raker.

A large gold necklace hung about the grey drakes neck, and in the center of it was a large dark obsidian stone. It would occasionally glint with an off color tint, and the mere shimmer caused unease to those who looked at it. A smaller circlet was also worn ontop of the herald drake’s head, though it wasn’t as eye catching as the necklace.

Smoke had ceased to flow from Goff’s nostrils, and he looked away from the table. The fact the gems sat there uneaten was more than bothersome. So he growled at the other drake again.

“So what is Ebony’s interest here then. I would think this change would be below her cares. I had hoped there’d be no necessity for you.”

“Why do you think I would tell you the particulars? Mere entertainment is more than enough reason. But if you insist on being so bold as to know Ebony’s intent, then I should inevitably have to return the inquiry, and know what Raker hopes to gain from this most recent squabble.”

“I’m sure it has nothing to do with Celestia’s downfall…”

“What a brilliant mind… I’m sure Raker dug through many bright candidates before he settled on you…”

The venomous sarcasm crushed Goff even further, and his reply was a sneer.

“Yet more filth spouts from the arse. Go bury it somewhere no one has to smell it. You can keep her reasons to yourself.”

Goff pushed away from the table and made to leave. Before he made it too many steps away his stomach grumbled. He grit his teeth in anger at the uncomfortable sensation of hunger. His pride was too fierce though, he wouldn’t return to that table. Not to sit with Ebony’s herald again. He wouldn’t beg, he wouldn’t plead. In fact, he should be making demands here, he was herald of the world’s greatest dragon, Raker!... but even he was still under Ebony… there was actually no dispute in that, and her herald loved to abuse it to no end.

The blue drake eyed the other tables, and wondered which one he could join. After he scanned the room, the griffons from Wunduree caught his eye, perhaps they would do.

When it was apparent the other drake wouldn’t return, Ebony’s herald finally reached out and began to plop the gems into his mouth. The precious stones were slowly chewed, and he frowned after tasting them.

He picked up one bluish gem between two claws and looked at it with judgmental cold eyes.

“I hope this new queen isn’t as mediocre as her hospitality… That would be a shame, wouldn’t it Ebony?”

The obsidian stone on the necklace swirled about with distorted dark hues in response.

( The entrance to the dining hall )

The arched doors to the large hall opened, and from between them crossed a tall royal changeling, who was trailed by a shorter, but magnificent, vanguard.

As she walked by silence spread throughout the hall like wildfire, and soon most eyes were locked on Chrysalis. She stood there and absorbed the attention for a few moments. The smells of the emotions that boiled in the room were greatly varied, and she had only to decide where she wanted to go first. While she had the rapt attention of most of the occupants, she decided to speak.

“Please, act as you were, this is a casual gathering is it not?”

Her invitation to go back to informalities was slowly heeded, but once the chatter began, it became even more boisterous than before. Shifty, who was close behind her queen, prodded a question.

“How do you wish to go about this my queen?”

“Divide and conquer, after we’re done socializing report what you hear. I’m here to get a sense of my reception. Dig out as much honesty as you can.”

“I’ll do my best my queen.”

“Then go, your pony named sounds prench so start with them. I’ll meet with the… griffons, oh, I see Crescent and Delta there.”

The two changelings separated and made their respective ways towards their target audiences. Before Chrysalis could make it half way there was a blinding flash, quickly followed by the deafening roar of thunder.

Every creature seized up with surprise as ambient static charged the air in the room. Creatures with fur had every hair stand on end, and mane styles were messed up and disheveled. Electricity arced between the metallic germane ponies, who yelped and jumped at the random shocks. The prench complained about their messed up pelts and manes. The minotaur’s deck of cards caught on fire. The griffonstone griffon dropped all the bits out of his hat. Ebony’s herald cocked an eye brow in interest, and both hippocampi writhed in their artificial pond.

Jade cried out.

“Not him!”

In the next moment a large part of the ceiling caved in, followed by an enormous form. This new giant scaly body landed right on top of Equestria’s newest queen, and she disappeared underneath his bulk.

There were screams, shouts, squawks, and other manners of complaints, but all of that was drowned out by the new figured when he spoke. He shook his head, which sported a massive five point frill, and put on a winning smile.

“Hi there ladies and gents! Sorry about the mess, but I didn’t want to miss lunch. Also, for those of you who don’t know, or met my spectacular self, I’m Lethal! Here on behalf of Lord Golden Spoon, and all of the draconequi of the isle.”

“My queen!”

Shifty screeched.

“What’s that now?”

The large electrical dragon inquired, he failed to notice the problem, but he felt something struggle underneath his back. When he turned his head he saw a pair of hooves wriggle weakly near his side.

“Oh… Is that who that is?”

Author's Note:

Wowee, that took alot longer than I planned... Also yay, made it past my 150k mark. Ty lordsergal for introducing me to said group.

Author's notes is going to be a fat section this time! Cause I wanted to do lot's o sketches :pinkiehappy:


Some of the Sketches of the different nations tables.

Our first reps will be the Germane table

and some thematic music for them-

Then here's some personal work for Prism Shard. it was going to be posted in said chapter (That is now forgotten) but I didn't want to throw it out, so here it is. The good ol' armored pony

Some secondary themes and music for Prism / the Germane

or part of the original inspiration :trollestia:

Then our second table is the Prench

"Draw me like one of your prench mares..."- lololololol... hmm, is there a ponified titanic? probably...

Some quick google translations of french

Fromage = cheese
Salete = dirt
Mignon = cute

Any-hue, some music for them too

Then we'll join the minotaur table

:rainbowlaugh: a certain few things came to mind while cooking them up.

also here's some pictures of the cow breeds so the name descriptions make sense.




Then the griffons on their pads

I suppose you have the two kinds of griffons. Those that herald from Wunduree, and those from Griffonstone

Theme for Wundureean griffons

also google translation for hindi

Mitra = friend
Santi = peace

while griffonstone griffons are more like this... atleast their season 5 episode (episode 8 specifically) seemed to depict :rainbowlaugh:

And here's the hippocampus... bowl


And the diverse table of Zebzeb


Then the dragon's table

and some music to reflect Ebony's herald, and his attitude

Then last, but certainly not least is our representative of the draconequus isle, sadly not a draconequus himself, but he'll have to do =P

thematic music


K so there was one link in the text, and i'm not going to put it here for you. :rainbowwild: go find it if you missed it.

Also next chapter is going to be a Shade chapter...

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