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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.2 "Perfect Day" part 2

Chrysalis Wins

Ch. 2 “Perfect day” part 2

With a loud thud, Chrysalis landed back in the throne room. Several vanguard changelings flew in behind her, three of which carried the cocoon that contained Luna. As the queen’s eyes peered around the room she noticed the imprisoned element bearers, and the sun princess. All of them hung from the ceiling. Her head sentinel, Vivisect, stood nearby and kept things orderly. This earned a nod of approval from the changeling queen.

Dozens of the largest sentinel changelings stood attentively in the Royal Hall. Their chitin was particularly thick, and gave the appearance of natural rugged armor. The horns of the sentinels were also sharpened into blades, which complemented their proportionally larger fangs.

Vivisect bowed deeply when she saw the queen arrive, the rest of the sentinels on duty followed suit. Chrysalis strode forward with slow deliberate steps.

“Rise my changelings. Now that the elements and princesses are secured, the guard and citizens are utterly leaderless. You may feed. I will have additional instructions once I finish counseling with Colony.”

The room filled with chattered approval, many of the lesser servants immediately departed to run amok in the city. Several sentinels up and left, along with a good deal of the vanguard. Two of her underlings stepped forward. Both Shade and Vivisect bowed as they motioned towards the prisoners.

“My queen we wish to keep the prisoners secure while our brothers and sisters feed.”

Vivisect’s scratchy voice addressed their monarch.

“That’s why you are captain of the sentinels my little zealot. Though, I’m surprised you that you wish to guard as well, Shade?”

“I will have plenty of time to feed later, I wish nothing to spoil your victory my queen.”

“Very well, but I insist, that you atleast feed from the element bearers while you guard. Now, where is Colony?”

“Here my queen!”

A changeling much shorter than either Shade or Vivisect stepped through the pair of grand doors. This shorter changeling bore the humble features of the drone class. Short wings, simple horn, and small frill for a mane. Colony made her way to the queen, and looked up to her leader, who stood twice as tall as the drone.

“What do you wish to tell the drones of the hive?”

“As much fun as venting our personal frustration at this pampered populace is, we need to enact our long term plans. In other words let's maintain our discipline, and not waste our new orchard with gluttony.”

“So you plan to limit the frivolity? I know we plan to eventually keep the ponies in a stable state, but-”

Chrysalis interrupted Colony's almost pleading inquiry.

“There's too much potential for damage. We need them to continually generate love. Now that we can walk in plain sight doesn’t mean we have an endless buffet, even for one day. I’d rather we not cause any permanent damage resulting from victorious indulgence and celebration. Otherwise there would be no reason to move out of the Badlands.”

Every changeling that could hear that final statement visibly flinched. No changeling wanted to go back to the Badlands.

“Your caution is wise my queen. We'll cocoon any rebellious parties, then work on getting the rest of the citizens calmed. I suppose excessive terror does taint the taste of raw love...”

Colony’s lips smacked at the thought. The queen’s hoof then pointed to Shade, and beckoned him over to the conversation.

“Shade you were able infiltrate and live among these ponies for years, I know we didn't have time to wrinkle out the details before, what with the daily distractions we had in the Badlands. Now however, we have ample time. So, how well do you think the average ponies will adapt to our presence..”

The vanguard changeling cleared his throat and spoke his words carefully.

“Since we have taken all of their military power, they'll probably feel threatened for a while. If we show them that they'll be treated fairly, then ,with time, they will begin to generate relationships and love on their own. If we introduce a system to make our feeding seem normal, I don’t see why the transition shouldn’t be relatively smooth.”

“Make our feeding seem normal to them? We will still have to fight to gain ground in other cities. We do plan for the rest of Equestria after all. Not just Canterlot. These ponies are stubborn, and capturing their princesses won’t stop most of Equestria from trying to fight back!”

Colony snorted with incredulity. Shade turned to his fellow changeling with a smirk.

“The greatest challenge is over, the rest of Equestria will soon fall. In a few years I think we could convince the ponies to be proud to have changeling rulers. We have proven to be more cunning and powerful than their princesses. Everypony wants strong leadership, even if they don’t say so. They will come to see you as a better protector than Celestia my queen. They will come to love their queen.”

That brought a sharp, toothy smile to Chrysalis’s countenance as she mused over the idea. Being feared and respected was good, and as much as she had hoped for from a pony populace. The confidence displayed by her vanguard's demeanor inspired greater ambitions. To be loved would be even better, especially for a changeling. Celestia’s strength would become a forgotten shadow in the wake of Chrysalis, once she was empowered by the nation’s love. She would have to be the champion of both the ponies and changelings for that to work though.

“I know we discussed the general ideas before we came here. Now however, we need to address the specifics. What feeding system would we implement that would not inspire fear and resentment from the ponies?”

Colony still seemed unsure and shifted uncomfortably on her holed hooves. Shade simply shrugged

“Make it a regularly scheduled thing, at a common location. A designated ‘Changeling feeding center’ if you will. We don’t have to drain them to the point of discomfort. Also we can explain to them it will be their way of contributing to their changeling overseers, more or less like their taxes to their old princesses. Except ours is a love tax…”

“So my changelings would feed at a scheduled time and place. Hmm, I would have to make them feel like they aren’t cheated either, if I am to gain their devotion. So my changelings won’t be allowed to feed outside of schedule. Other than on prisoners, who will still be free game as part of their punishment.”

The queen snapped her eyes towards the open windows, and saw hundreds of her soldiers as they merrily flew about. They caused some property damage and chased terrified victims. If this new plan was to have any credit behind it, it would have to start now.

The queen’s jagged horn glowed with lime light, and her eyes gleamed with a white pulse. A wave of transparent power encompassed the city of Canterlot, and every changeling ceased what they weredoing. Chrysalis’s telepathic words rang across the city, and entered the mind of all of her subjects with distinct clarity.

“Cease feeding, but keep every pony inside the city. I will announce the new regime this evening.”

Nervous chatter erupted all over Canterlot. What could this mean? The queen had told them to stop their rampant feeding? It was undoubtedly her, only she could reach every mind that way. With resentment, the changeling army formed a perimeter around the city as they chattered among themselves.

Some ponies still ran around screamed, others paused at the sudden withdrawal, and wondered what caused their tormentors to suddenly stop.

Back in the Royal Throne Room, Chrysalis turned to Colony

“Spread the message to the drones, and make sure every pony in Canterlot hears this as well. There will be a mandatory meeting tonight at eight o'clock sharp, in the Gala Hall. All that can, will attend, without exception.”

“Is there anything else you desire my queen.”

Colony’s voice was rather high and chipper.

“Yes actually, send two drones up to Celestia’s chambers, specifically the bathing area. I’m going to make myself presentable for this meeting.”

“Right away my queen.”

The small drone bowed out and left the royal halls, and swiftly trotted down the regal red carpets.


Chrysalis strode down the halls, she knew where the sun princess’s personal chambers were, as the former diarch had personally invited her there while she was in the guise of Cadance. Navigation of the castle was easy and faster in her natural form. She had much longer strides than the pink disguise did.

Once she entered the Royal Sun Chambers she heard a nervous rustle come from the closet. The muffled noise went deadly silent when the sound of Chrysalis’s hooves clopped in. The queen had already noticed however.

She smirked, and walked up to the closet to open it with her magic. On the other side of the door was a tan earth pony mare with dark brown mane, dressed in the attire of a cleaning maid. Her wide hazel eyes met the queens. With a squeak of terror the staff pony ducked to the floor and covered her face with her hooves.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

The words were barely decipherable while the mare’s teeth chattered.

“Then don’t give me a reason to. You’re a cleaning pony are you not?”

Chrysalis giggled at the servant's nervous state.


“Then get up, and help me get cleaned. Your new queen requires a good scrubbing.”


The inane mumbles were interrupted as Chrysalis brought a hoof under the mare’s jaw and closed it shut.

“It’s not that hard to show me to the bath chambers is it?”

The trembling earth pony slowly got to her hooves and started an agitated trot to the side chambers. She looked away from the changeling queen, and tried to ignore the fear inducing features.

“R-r-right t-this way.”

“Good, now, what is your name, pony.”

“P-Plain Thatch y-your majesty?”

“Well Ms. Thatch, I have two of my drones coming, they will assist you in cleaning me.”


“Stop your cowering, I wish to relax and that squealing does not help. You can put your fears to rest until the meeting tonight.”


“Yes, and if you serve me well now, I’ll let you be one of my personal assistants. It’ll be helpful to have a pony that knows her way around.”

“T-the bath is right here.”

Plain Thatch gestured over to the giant golden bowl, which inhabited the center of the bath chamber. Several faucets surrounded the gloriously metallic basin, even the drain at the bottom of the tub was a circlet of polished platinum.

“Do you like your water room temperature or hot?”

The stutters in Plain’s voice started to come under control. The steadied earth pony slowly shifted over to the shelves, which lined the walls. Many ointment bottles shaped like the fanciest of wine bottles with organic curves, were neatly arranged upon each shelf. She picked up a long blue vase and placed it at the edge of the tub.

“Make it extra hot, there’s some really old gunk in these holes that needs to be loosened up.”

Plain’s eyes roamed over Chrysalis’s swiss cheese legs, and her muzzle scrunched in disgust. The tan pony pulled on the short levers of three faucets, and steamy water immediate began to fill the tub. The platinum stopper was shut, and Plain poured the contents of the blue vase over and into the water. There were a few minutes until the tub would be sufficiently full. So the brown maned mare tried to make some small talk.

“If you don’t mind me asking your majesty, how did you get holes in your legs?”

Chrysalis wore a devious smirk.

“I don’t mind at all.”

In partial answer to the question the queen extended one very long leg towards the curious pony. Plain’s hazel eyes looked straight into one of the larger holes. The inner lining of the holes appeared to be very waxy, and was coated with a thick layer of build up. Otherwise Chrysalis’s hairless skin held a dull luster on it’s surface, and appeared to be both tough and flexible.

“This is what happens when you live in the primitive conditions of the Badlands for too long. There are several parasites that love to eat away at chitin and flesh.”


Plain jumped back and shivered in fright again. Chrysalis continued as if she didn't notice.

“Yes, only newborns have wholesome hooves for a few days, before they’re plagued with them as well.”

“Oh, oh my.”

The tan pony’s mouth dropped into a full grimace, horrors she’d never conceived of plagued her sheltered imagination. The queen noticed the reaction the corners of her mouth began to curl.

“It won’t be an issue after a few weeks of sanitary living. Once I get these cleaned out I should heal up soon.”

The queen’s words shook Plain back to her senses, and she cringed as she looked back at the changeling’s appendages with a newfound horror.

“I’m just wondering how you’re standing, if I had holes like that in my legs I’d be in agony.”

“The parasites release a toxin that deadens the nerves. The damage would be permanent if not for our changeling constitution; we can regenerate lost limbs and such.”

“Well the tub is full.”

The room was now quite steamy, so Plain Thatch moved over to the window and opened it to let in a mild breeze. Before another moment passed, Chrysalis hopped into giant tub. The deep part of the tube brought the water up to her jawline. It was definitely made for an equine of Celestia's stature, which the royal changelings happened to be.

The water swirled as oily rainbows danced on it’s surface, and the queen let out a much relieved sigh. A warm sensation sizzled and surged over her mostly submerged form. She slowly twirled her hooves around through the hot steamy liquid, and could feel some of the waxy substance loosen already.

“When you’re done soaking, come over to the shallow end and I’ll help give you a scrub.”

Plain went to rifle through the cabinetry and started to pull out brushes of various sizes. Just as Plain pulled out a rod brush she was startled by the appearance to two changeling drones. She dropped the brush and meeped. The two drones hissed and chuckled.

The queen grumbled out an order at the new arrivals, though it was difficult for her. The lids of her eyes drooped sleepily, washed over with a wave of warm comfort from the bath.

“You two, pick up a brush and help. If this pony asks anything of you do it.”

“Absolutely anything?”


One of the drones picked up a devious smile and licked its lips. Plain Thatch grimaced and picked up a bundle of brushes to try and hide her unnerved expression. She placed the arrangement of cleaning instruments on a tiled counter attached to the edge of the tub. She turned to her two new assistants and pointed a hoof at the arrangement.

“This one is used for cleaning out the deep gunk and mud, you can use this one.”

“Is that a back scratcher?”

The drone’s eyes widened in surprise when he was handed the large hook-like spoon.

“Close enough, and you can use this one, It’s for polishing, go over everywhere with it and the skin should shine.”

The other drone accepted the tool and grabbed it in a green magical aura. Plain finished her instructions and picked up a brush with thick comb-like bristles.

“And I’ll go through your mane and tail your majesty.”

Chrysalis shuffled over to a shallow shelf in the tub, so she was within easy reach of her attendants. The drones immediately went to work, her dark smooth skin was polished and the waxy holes were thoroughly cleaned out. Plain Thatch paused before she ran her brush through Chrysalis’s mane.

“Do the parasites eat at you mane too?”

“Unfortunately. As you will notice nearly all changelings are bald except for their neck fin. I’ve burnt more magic than I care to say in preserving what I have, but a queen must distinguish herself.”

“Of course, of course, eh huh.”

The bristly brush was seized between Plain’s front hooves and methodically run through the queen’s chewed on and greasy mane. As the tan pony continued to brush she noticed a large fin, which ran down the back of Chrysalis’s neck, but it was folded down and well concealed within the mess of blue-green hair. She tilted her head in mild interest, but decided not to question her new monarch, and why she kept it concealed.

The scrubs and brush work lasted for a very long time. There were several pauses as Plain Thatch ordered the two drone assistants to fetch various bottles of soap and oil. Just as one layer of filth broke free, another was revealed.

The pony sweated heavily, and the changelings panted from the extended labor within the steamy chamber. Thankfully progress made itself visible. The insides of Chrysalis’s hoof holes had turned a fleshy blue, her chitinous skin went from the dark black to a lighter grey, and her mane had it’s patchy spots smoothed over.

“There I think we’re ready to dry you off, if you would step onto the mat.”

The changeling queen opened one eye lazily, as they had closed throughout the pampering. She groaned in regret as she started to shift. A bath like this was an unaffordable luxury in the Badlands, only the idea that she could return to this again gave her the necessary motivation.

As Chrysalis stepped out of the tub she carefully lifted and shook each leg, to make sure water didn’t pool within her leg cavities. Several white towels we’re prepared beforehand, and the three servants wasted no time as they rubbed their giant leader down.

Once she was dry, Chrysalis whipped her long neck about experimentally. She felt how her thoroughly washed mane flowed through the air, and caressed her head.

“By the way your skin feels and reacts to the cleaning agents, I think we could finish you off with a good coating of hoof polish.”

One last ointment was fished from the drawer. Plain held a bottle full of glossy clear liquid. After she and the two assistants applied it generously up and down Chrysalis’s body, the queen reflected light almost like a mirror.

“Whew, that was quite different from my previous cleanings. I’ll take care of the tub your majesty, and you can go back to uh, whatever it is you have planned.”

“Ah yes, planning tonight’s gathering. I should get on that.”

“Speaking of night, I um noticed the sun hasn’t really moved since mid-day. And evening should already be here.”

Plain indicated towards a radial sun-shaped clock that hung on the far side of the bath chamber. The harlequin irises of the queen’s large eyes became fully exposed when she heard the news. She would have to take care of that responsibility now wouldn’t she, or maybe arrange for another group to take care of it for her. A band of unicorns had raised the sun and moon before Celestia and Luna were around.

“You two, assist this pony, Ms. Thatch, in cleaning the chambers, I have a sun to lower.”

The two drones bowed respectfully and turned to their local manager. The Changeling queen exited Celestia’s living space feeling refreshed, and weary at the same time. Today had expended much of her energy and she still wasn’t done, but she couldn’t be more satisfied with how it had gone.


She soon found herself at the observational balcony of the solar tower. She had witnessed Celestia lower the sun from this very position, so she supposed she would try from here. It was right then that she realized she didn’t have a clue about how to do it.

Green magical tendrils reached out towards a noon day sun, which hadn’t moved in nearly seven hours, and attempted to grab it. A grimace crossed her features as she found that she couldn’t grab the large flaming orb in a telekinetic spell, and simply shove it around. She fired a bolt of energy at it, and that didn’t do anything either.

She snapped her fang filled jaws in frustration, she growled at the defiantly bright sphere. A strange thought occurred to her, she almost disregarded it immediately as implausible, but none of the other methods had worked.

Her eyes stared directly into the sun’s hot rays, and her eye’s began to glow white, her horn glowed in it’s green aura and her mind reached out towards the heavenly body in an attempt to manipulate it.

The experience felt surreal to her as her consciousness wandered up into the void between the planet and the orb of radiant life. The sky disappeared from her vision and everything became only darkness and light.

This light apparently had a will of it’s own, and it resisted Chrysalis’s approach. Her mental suggestion to “get moving” seemed to offend it and it didn’t budge. The Changeling queen suddenly became aware of a physical condition on her body, but she couldn’t specify what it was.

She tried again, more politely. “Most powerful light of the sky, please rest, so that you subjects will appreciate you all the more tomorrow.” The compliment seemed to work. The magnificent light started to recede, and shifted its position to another path in the void. Once it started to roll, there wasn’t much else Chrysalis had to do, so her consciousness retreated back to her body.


The tall and proud changeling promptly collapsed to the floor of the balcony and put her hooves up to her eyes. Her lids were tightly closed and she rubbed them furiously. The friction only made it worse and she cried out in pain and frustration. That’s when she noticed her horn felt off too. Severely blood shot eyes opened to look at the problem.

Her horn was on fire.


A quick attempt to smother the flames was made by her anxious and fidgety hooves. It stung like no other, but she managed to kill the flames. Her horn felt so sensitive, as if a limb was torn off and the exposed flesh was open to the air. A breeze passed by and made her freeze up, she gasped at the stab of pain. She was going to pay Celestia's pod a visit, maybe give her a few nightmares for good measure. Then ask why it hurt to move that cursed sun so much!

With haste she retreated inside, she was glad to note the sunlight had died down. She sighed with exhaustion, and felt beat up.

“Tonight doesn’t need a moon, and if it’s anything like the sun I’ll wait to find out…”

Her voice echoed resentfully to the heavens. Stars started to appear, but no moon was found in the sky. Chrysalis moaned as she thought back to the meeting she had declared. It was within the hour, and she decided she would make it short now. The queen felt in no condition to conduct any long sermons on her ideas.

“My queen what has happened? I couldn’t help but hear a distressed sound come from here.”

It was Colony’s high pitched voice. The lead drone hovered just outside of balcony.

“Has news of the meeting spread?”

Chrysalis muttered with closed eyes, she didn’t bother to lift her head from the floor.

“To every ear in Canterlot my queen.”

“Good, I will be in the gala hall shortly. Tell Vivisect to keep things orderly, I’m in no mood to deal with any kind of a rioting.”

“Right away my queen.”

Colony flew towards the royal throne room, and left Chrysalis to recompose herself in the Solar Tower.

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