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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.47 "Stirrings"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch. 47 “Stirrings”

-Far off, in the Badlands.


Gentleness, empathy, compassion-


Devotion, protectiveness, vigilance-


Openness, stableness, grounded-


Charity, benevolence, good-will-


Light-heartedness, joyfulness, pleasantness-




Within the darkness of an old chamber the elements of harmony rested.

Stones that emitted constant emotion waited for beings that could synchronize with them, and use them for their intended purpose.

A glimmer stirred within an old ribcage.

Stones that reached and proliferated the area with their qualities. The qualities of kindness, loyalty, honesty, generosity, laughter, and magic. As they sought for those worthy to bear them. These emotions, these qualities needed the proper bearers to unlock their intended purpose.

Starlit sparkles cascaded along vertebrae, skull, and limbs.

Stones that brought the magic of harmony. A magic strong enough to quell the strongest darkness. Magic that had unrivaled achievements, but was always of limited use. They had an intended purpose.

The test, the synchronization, the search, the reach… These tools did not accomplish their intended purpose. The ambient emotions that were part of the attunement were absorbed into the nearby environment.

A blinding flash illuminated the dark chamber for a long period of time. The tunnels distantly connected to this chamber were brought to a level of brightness they had never known. The light was green, almost white.

Eventually the light began to dim. It was a gradual process and it took time yet for the chamber to return to its original state. Once the light was gone, a tall elegant figure collapsed to the ground.

A loud gasp echoed off the chamber walls, and bright green eyes reflected in the darkness. They were confused and panic stricken, and roamed all over the darkness. Her breaths with fast, and she almost worked herself into hyperventilation.

The panic carried over to her limbs, and they flailed about. Eventually they caught ground, and propelled her up and along the ground. The sensation was so alien, yet intrinsically familiar. Confusion, confusion everywhere, nothing made sense, and the darkness brought no comprehension.

The limbs carried the body forward and onward. The dim natural light within the tunnels was enough to avoid a crash into the walls, but little else. A large chamber with a rotten throne was passed by, no thought was given to it, as the limbs carried the air hungry form onwards.

After the passage of a few more tunnels, light trickled on in greater qualities. There was an exit to this blindness, to this darkness, to this lack of sense. Before long the set of hooves made their way to the edge of the outside.

She stood there, at the edge, and looked up into the sky. Her breaths had finally slowed, as she noticed the sky was stormy, and the air was thick and humid. No raindrops had fallen yet, and she found herself hesitant to take another step forward.

Soon her eyes fell from the sky to the ground, and the narrowed in confusion, when she spotted many figures littered the floor of the canyon. After a moment of examination, comprehension started to dawn. Dead changelings littered the floor of this canyon. The forms, if not the individuals, were easily recognizable. She took a step back.

As she looked up and around the canyon if felt sickeningly familiar as well. Horror struck into her mind, and she noticed the silence.

Her entire journey had been in silence aside from her own steps and breaths. Not a sound had been made that wasn’t hers. The swarm must be dead…

The limbs seemingly had a will of their own as they made the skittish body retreat into the darkness of the cave. Light had been found, but it revealed things that were agony to comprehend.

A scream echoed throughout the underground.


-Canterlot gardens.

Tremors… not tremors of the earth, but tremors of the mind. Thoughtful machinations that cooked and churned and planned. Minds that readied and plotted, secret things that were to create havoc and disruption. Though unseen in the open, the harmony of the land already began to fracture.

A large stone stature rested within the garden. The draconequus was frozen in a humiliated position. Fear etched in his face that he could not release.

Though he was immobile and incased, things had certainly been interesting, especially recently.

“Cut! Cut! Are you there?”

“Plain is that you?”

“Yes, where are you?”

“Over here, why don’t you come join me on the bench.”

A chocolate brown stallion put down his hedge clippers and rested on a nearby stone bench. A tan colored mare rounded a nearby hedge and spotted the pony she looked for. She had some saddle bags that contained a pitcher and a few glasses. She wandered over and sat next to her stallion.

This was a rather common sight for the statue. The stone bench the two ponies sat on was right in his line of vision. The interaction was usually eye-roll-worthy material that could be summarized as…

“How was your day honey?”

“Oh good, Like I clean bedrooms N stuff.”

“Really? Cuz I like trim hedges N stuff! Aren’t we fascinating?”

“Yes dear, there’s absolutely nothing better than to listen to some maid and her gardener husband…”


The stature would usually just tune them out and make up his own dialogue as he watched their lips move. When he made things up it might go like this…

“Hey dear what did you do today?”

“Oh, you know, I took all the green waste I collected today to a bridge. Then I waited for some pony to walk under it so I could give them an herbal shower. Seriously I don’t know why ponies go to spas to get ‘natural’ remedies. If they wanted ‘natural’ they could just roll in the mud and run through the bushes.”

“You’re so right dear, all us ponies have to make silly orderly things for no good reason. I mean the castle is way to symmetrical, everything is so evenly pattern. I just had to go and start tilting paintings, un-straighten the carpets, turn the vases upside down, and keep a few chandeliers swinging. Otherwise seeing the same thing everyday drives me nuts.”

“Good boldness dear, the princesses should really appreciate your creativity. But I’m sure they just whined at you and insisted on making everything boring again.”

“Unfortunately true dear.”

Then everything changed when the bug nation attacked!

After those ‘changelings’ appeared, the news was so rampant that even a garden statue was able to hear of them. Celestia and Luna down… The elements taken away… A new queen in place, who was apparently some kind of love sucker.

It all sounded delightful really, too bad he hadn’t been there to witness it personally. Celestia in a cat fight, and he, the lover of disharmony wasn’t there to see it… He was as bummed out as an immobile stature could be for a few days.

Now that news was worth listening to, the statue actually paid attention to what the pony couple had to say. Tempting as it was to put words in their mouths.

“Is that new queen still treating you right?”

“Yes cut, I’m fine. The queen has been reasonable all things considered.”

“Has there been any news in the castle? Things going to remain peaceful? Any news of Celestia?”

“Things have been rather quiet, a little strangely so. The queen wanted to be alone recently. There hasn’t been anything substantial about our princesses or the guard either. It’s been a little too quiet.”

“I suppose there isn’t much to do but continue then. So long as things stay peaceful, I suppose this can work out. Thanks for the drink love.”

The two earth ponies tipped their glasses together and enjoyed a sip of lemonade.

Peaceful… oh, hehehe HAHAHA!

The statue would laugh all over the floor right now if only he could. These ponies had no idea, absolutely no idea, what was stirred in the backgrounds.

Though he couldn’t specifically tell who, the imprisoned spirit knew the what. And the ‘what’ looked like a massive metaphorical hurricane coming from North, East, and South.

A hair-line crack stretched across the statue’s face… yes, the incoming storm was strong… perhaps strong enough to set him free.

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