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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.63 "Golden Idea"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch. 63 "Golden Idea"

"What are you trying to pull Shellish?"

A strangely anxious tone had taken over Specter's, and his ears pinned to the sides of his head. His eyes were fixated on the golden object in Chrysalis's magic. The young queen flicked her gaze from the agitated king to her old mentor.

"What's going on? And how did you know about the spoon?"

The older queen's reply was hurried as she tried to address both of the inquiries.

"Harmony told me, and I'm not trying to pull anything Specter, I know this seems..."

"Absolutely insane! You're going to send your, um, daughter? Into that den of madness!"

One of the king's hooves' indicated haphazardly between the other two. Chrysalis sighed and gave a short answer to Specter before she turned her interrogative eyes towards Shellish.

"Born in swarm, but not by her personally. Anyway, what's the idea Shellish? Is this spoon supposed to defeat Discord?"

The golden utensil twirled about a few times, meanwhile Crone sat in quiet observation. Her mind was a meddle of mixed thoughts and her attention was split between the group in front of her and introspection. Shellish continued in her hurried tones.

"It will take you to the isle of draconequi, you'll get the answer of how to defeat Discord from there. Harmony wasn't really specific after that..."

"The isle? The isle you refused to move the swarm to?"

Chrysalis wrinkled her snout, and she remembered the years the swarm had voyaged around before they settled in the badlands. The isle of draconequi was one of the places Shellish had previously refused to consider as a place of habitation. The memory review felt like she swallowed a large pill of apprehension.

"Why now? Why would other draconequi be helpful?"

Her brow narrowed into an angry furrow. Her wings tittered and her tail began to swish very quickly from side to side. Chrysalis's voice steadily became more accusatory.

"He's clearly opposed to the idea, and what's with the change of heart now Shellish? What am I even supposed to do when I get there?"

One of Chrysalis's hooves was thrown grumpily in nervous king's direction, before it accusatorily poked Shellish's chest. The older queen pursed her lips, and placed a hoof on top of Chrysalis's. She spoke slower this time, and the rush disappeared from her voice.

"I was dead little royal... you... you saw that. Harmony is the reason I'm back, and I'm going to trust her instructions."

The younger queen sighed and bowed her head forward, so that she rested on Shellish's shoulder, the older queen wrapped her in a light embrace, and for a moment the group was quiet. Crone was the first to speak up after that.

"When I last looked into the well I believe I was about to see how Discord came to power originaly. I think The Spirit of Chaos is a title that can be transferred..."

The embrace was broken and Chrysalis turned to her twin.

"Are you saying I'm going to be looking for a candidate to replace Discord?"

For the first time since the odd discussion started, the crooked horned changeling displayed interest, and tucked away her wings. Crone's eyes narrowed, and she brought herself up to her full height, which was almost enough to match Specter's. She looked down on her shorter counterpart.

"Who's saying you're going? I could just as easily scour the island for candidates!"

"Seriously Crone! That island is probably bursting with magic, they might pop you on accident. Besides, I need a changeling I trust to stay behind and keep the swarm orderly."

A deep nerve was struck... Crone's eyes bulged wildly as her expression snapped. In the next moment Chrysalis was knocked over onto her back, and received several consecutive slaps to the face.


The golden spoon had since been dropped, as the magic that kept it aloft was interrupted. Chrysalis tried to kick back, but it was ineffective, her limbs were shorter and she was already pinned to the ground. Crone was a larger, stronger version of her after all. Both of them grunted, squealed, and hissed as they kept up their bitter brawl with kicks, smacks, and bites.

The quarrel didn't last long before there was interference, both Shellish and Specter stood there momentarily stunned by the outburst, but both moved in quickly.

Specter tackled Crone over, and held her fast. She still put up a nasty fight, and got in a few bites and kicks before he managed to fully restrain her. When she couldn't effectively move anymore she let out and ear splitting shriek.

With Crone no longer on top of her, Chrysalis could finally get up. Shellish tried to brush her off and fix her messed up hair, but fury was upon the younger smaller queen, and her horn ignited in a fit of rage. She refused to let Shellish help her as she stomped forward.


Crone shouted back from her position under Specter.


Chrysalis's anger immediately deflated, and her horn fizzled out. She kept as stern posture and tone, however.

"I-I didn't know what I was doing. But this is all besides the point! Your ego is besides the point! I'm going to go to the isle to find this new, uh, replacement for Discord. You're going to stay here and take care of the empire, while Shellish holds up the shield. THAT'S FINAL!"

The blustered queen stomped a hoof to seal her command, and strode over to where the spoon lay and picked it up in magic again, then she gave it an awkward look. Suddenly unsure how to actually use it.


She looked to Shellish, who in turn shrugged.

"I was only told you needed to use the spoon, not how."

This made Chrysalis deadpan a glare.

"I believe you need to tickle it."

"Tickle it?"

Chrysalis's deadpan grew more intense when she heard Specter make the suggestion. Crone had now become sullen and no longer struggled, however the king still kept her firmly pinned.

"Yes, tickle it. That's how I saw the last gift spoon activated."

"Very well..."

She tentatively ran the tip of a hoof up and down the neck of the spoon. There was no reaction, and the young queen threw an annoyed look towards Specter.

"You have to do it more like- hmm one moment. Can I trust you to be calm now, Crone?"

The king changed direction half way through his suggestion and gave the deflated queen an inquisitive prod. She just sighed in response, her breaths slowed and she grumbled out some words. They were laced with thick saucy sarcasm.

"Oh I think you'll need to stay there all day. You see, I haven't had a proper king rub his body all over me before..."

Specter blinked, unamused. After a few moments of silence Crone groaned.

"Yes, I'll be calm."

She relaxed flat against the ground, and tentatively the larger changeling got off of her. Once he was sure she was in control of herself he didn't waste another moment to approach Chrysalis.

He reached out a hoof and tickled the broad bowl side with quick short movements.

"eheheheheHAHAHAHAH! STOP! STOP IT ALRIGHT! O-OK what do you want?"

A high whiny voice emanated from the spoon. Much to every changeling's surprise except Specter's. The king bowed out, and gestured for Chrysalis to speak, who took a moment to collect her thoughts.

"This spoon is a gift from Lord Golden Spoon?"

"Why yes I am!"


"Can you take me to the isle of the draconequi?"

"Why yes I can! Plus one other guest!"


"Or two or three if you so desire, bring a whole village if you like! The gracious Lord Golden Spoon doesn't mind unannounced company either."

"Fine, fine, how soon can you take me?"

"Right away, just put your tongue on my bowl and blow a raspberry. If you're bringing a guest, they must perform the action at the same time. If you are bringing a group and can't fit everyone around me, a.k.a. the spoon, then they can blow a raspberry into the ear of someone blowing as raspberry on me. Do you need me to repeat the instruction?"

"No, that's plenty clear."

"I insist on coming."

Specter moved closer to Chrysalis with a serious intent, she backed away a little from his forwardness, and gave him an impudent grimace.

"Why so eager to be involved now? I thought running and hiding was your forte'."

Absentmindedly he dug at the ground, then looked out towards the horizon. Pink storm clouds had already began to crowd the skies again, and rainbow neon lightning could be seen as little flashes in the distance. A bitter resolve filled Specter's speech.

"Frankly I don't think Discord is something I can hide from. Neither is unrest and unhappiness to the benifit of any changeling. Lastly, I've already been to the isle, I can at least help distract them from over focusing on you."

"What about your swarm, I assume you have one. Don't they need you?"

Specter narrowed his violet eyes.

"I've trained them to be self sufficient, that has been the case since the War in the Dark."

The last name caused Shellish to flinch, and she rubbed her hooves together uncomfortable. The king noticed the subtle movement, and turned a curious eye towards her.

"You'll have to tell of your ventures Shellish when we can sit at a table, from the odd things I've heard and seen, it would seem a most compelling tale."

"The same to you Specter."

Shellish gave a little nod. The exchange just made Chrysalis grunt in annoyance.

"I don't understand why you didn't explain about him or the others Shellish."

"I thought they were dead, or that perhaps war had changed them. I didn't want you looking for them, everything was so dangerous then..."

"That wasn't your assumption to make! Look how things ended up anyway!"

"I know, I know little royal, I've been wrong about so many things."

The older queen turned away, and moisture threatened to spill from her eyes.


Chrysalis jumped at the sudden roar that emanated from right next to her. The changeling king wore an exasperated expression.

"EVERY CHANGELING NEEDS TO COOL OFF! This is exactly the kind of discordant interactions the Spirit of Chaos is encouraging. Chrysalis, have a little gratitude. Shellish just gave us a miracle of an opportunity, and you have to rag on her for past sins."

Shellish had already turned about, and wandered in some aimless direction toward the empire. When Chrysalis looked about she had a brief glimpse of Crone before she disappeared between the crystal structures.

Chrysalis grimaced as if she swallowed something bitter. A prod from Specter roused her regained her attention.

"I'm not looking forward to this trip, so let's just get it done."

With that he bit down on the spoon and offered the other end to her. She sneered and rolled her eyes. Mentally she prepared to throw her dignity out the window. If she had to start with blowing raspberries to get anywhere, she didn't want to think what she would have to do once she was on the isle.

The young queen leaned forward and bit down on the open portion of the spoon, which caused her snout to bump into Specter's. As soon as she made contact he immediately blew a raspberry, and she followed suite.

A flash of bright white light encompassed them, and in the next moment they vanished.


Crone ran through the empire at a break neck gallop, she was so distressed she didn't even think to use her wings. Tears threatened to torrent from her eyes, but she did everything she could to hold them back. Her panting breath also threatened to break into a sob, but she growled in attempt to maintain control of herself.

She was so distraught that she didn't even notice the spare changeling and crystal pony she knocked aside. Before she realized it, she was already at the base of the palace. Her bloodshot eyes roamed up to the balcony, where her wings instinctively carried her.

Over the past week, Crone and Chrysalis had found the proper royal chambers, this is where her automated rush carried her. She kicked open the large double doors of the bedroom. Hers was a smaller chamber, made for a princeling or princess, the very thouht tipped her emotions over into an unmanageable state and she broke down.

Unfortunately a maid and a drone were in the room, both of whom had been tidying the place, such as wiping off some rainbow licorice from the window sills. When the blubbery sobby queen burst into the room, they both instantly became terrified.

"My queen!"

"Your majesty!"

Both of them were appalled at her dismantled state. With unnecessary harshness she screamed at the both of them.


Neither questioned the command with any hesitation, they were both deeply frightened of her deathly glare.


Crone struggled to even pronounce correctly at the moment, all of which only added to her overwhelming dismay.

As soon as the servants were out she slammed the door behind them, and put her back to the door. Then everything really fell out. She sat there and bawled for hours.

By the time the sun had fallen into twilight she was exhausted, also in the period of time she had managed to crawl over to the bed, and bury her face into one of the plush pillows. Right then even Tartarus didn't seem to bad a hiding place, for she didn't want to bring her face to the public ever again.

That stage of Discord's had been in front of every pony, every changeling, and whatever else. She had been overly honest, overly truthful about herself, all while she was the center of attention. The thought of it coming back to bite her was terrifying. She had revealed her weakness... what if some pony felt mutinous?

Such was only one concern among many that plagued her mind. How long would Shellish's shield last? How could the crystal ponies trust her after she admitted about how vile she was. Colony would probably expect her to dote over the newborn royals like Chrysalis. She reproached herself for feeling jealous of newborns and screamed into her pillow.

Sometime later she ran out of energy to sob, the passion burnt out, and resigned hopelessness settled in.

She had tried to get herself killed, twice so far today. Neither atempt had worked, and she felt terribly trapped. Stuck like a fly in molases, with no escape in sight. There were responsibilities left and right to manage all over the empire. Chrysalis had left them to her, to go off adventuring... with Specter no less.

Jealousy burned like a smoldering coal in her gut. Earlier when she had told him that he'd need to stay on top of her all day, her hindsight half meant it. She entertained some more intimate fantasies for a short while...Then cursed herself for being so pathetic, and needy. Specter couldn't possibly want her, not when the truth about her condition was out. She felt low, so terribly low, lower than even a common breed changeling. For at least they could do magic proper without a severe backlash.

How would she be able to command respect at all. She would be a laughing stock, a joke. She thought back at how childish she had just been as well... brawling with Chrysalis like a school yard filly. The shame burned through her chest up to her face. There would be no way she could make a public appearance again. Her was confidence utterly dashed into a thousand pieces.

A soft knock at the door interrupted her reverie of misery. Crone turned one sore eye towards the door, but otherwise didn't react. She vainly hoped they would just go away when she didn't respond.

Another knock sounded at the door accompanied by a soft voice.


It was Shellish. When there was no response again, the door was pushed open. Crone immediately closed her eyes, and tried to pretend she was asleep, tear spattered and messy as she was.

Even with her eyes closed, her ears gave an involuntary twitch when Shellish walked into the room, and gently closed the door behind her. Her breaths staggered a little as she heard quiet hoof falls approach the bed.

The next moment she felt something press across her back, and a chin rested on top of her head. Soon a hoof carefully brushed aside her messy bangs, and lazily began to stroke her cheek.

By the way Crone had initially flinched, Shellish undoubtedly knew she was awake, but the older queen didn't call her out on it. Rather, Shellish began to hum a soothing melody. Something that Chrysalis's memories hadn't heard in over thirty years. The older queen's hum eventually turned into the soft words of a lullaby.

Rest your mind little royal, for tomorrow isn't today
Rest your heart and soul, for you'll find your way

The grass is always greener around the bends
But remeber not to lose your friends
There are those who need you
But don't worry when you have needs too

Rest your mind little royal, for tomorrow isn't today
Rest your heart and soul, for you'll find your way

Things may seem grim and dark
That you've been stained with no way to clean the mark
Just remember that you're alive
You're here to do more than just survive

Rest your mind little royal, for tomorrow isn't today
Rest your heart and soul, for you'll find your way

Your Shelly loves you, never forget that
It doesn't matter where you landed at
I'm here to pick you up
For you'll always be my little buttercup

Rest your mind little royal, for tomorrow isn't today
Rest your heart and soul, for you'll find your way

Crone didn't think she had any tears left to shed, but she was wrong, and fresh tears dribbled along her cheeks. She seized the hoof Shellish had used to stroke face, and nuzzled closely into it. As if it were her only anchor in a treacherous storm. The older queen spoke quietly as Crone eagerly received the affection.

"I know we haven't really met, but it's not really a question my mind. You're mine, my little royal. You're the broodling I didn't know I lost, and posses a remarkable resemblance to your sister."

"L-let's not mention h-her right now."

The young queen managed to croak out.

"Very well, but I will mention one more thing. She loves you, more than she would ever be willing to say. She would be quite willing to flip the world upside down for you... Harmony showed me things, and I know it."

Crone scrunched her face, rather confused.

"You kept mentioning Harmony earlier, was that the alicorn you impersonated in the stadium?"

"She did give me permission to borrow her form. I think it did it's job in spooking Discord, no?"

That drew a weak smile from Crone's muzzle.

"It certainly did. mmm I wonder what he's up to..."

"Just rest your mind Crony, I think recent events have been a little too taxing. I'll leave you to get some rest."

Shellish got up to go, but found that she couldn't, because the younger changeling firmly held her hoof. She turned and found Crone looking up at here with the most woefully pitiable eyes.

"Stay... please."

The older royal couldn't find it anywhere in her heart to refuse, so she settled back down on the bed, and resumed the snuggled up position they were in just a moment ago. Night had officially fallen, and starlight twinkled through the window.


- The isle of draconequi

Specter and Chrysalis both let out yelps of surprise and waved their legs wildly in the air, only to crash into a bank of sand a moment later. Salty air blasted through the changelings' noses mixed with a myriad of tropical flowery scents.

Both of them righted themselves and shook off the invasive sand, before they looked about. They were on the beach, where pleasant waves serenly dissipated along the shoreline. A volcanic mountain rose high above the inland, and silvery glittering towers were erect along the slopes.

In the closer vicinity a line of trees evolved into a very wild and unkempt forest, a short distance from the beach. A few little crabs and sea turtles crawled here and there, and the strangest birds Chrysalis had ever seen fluttered between the colorful branches.

Before either of them could utter a word, a great rumble shook the ground. Both Specter and Chrysalis jumped, and the ground rumbled again. It did several times in a rythmic pattern. Then a gigantic figure burst out from the line of trees.

It was an enourmous draconequus, many times larger than Discord. He had a large fluffy silver mane, black eyes, and greyed out features. In fact, the only thing about him that wasn't achromatic was a large golden spoon, held loosely in an over sized panda paw.

He pointed the enormous golden spoon towards its smaller cousin stranded in the sand. The gesture caused the smaller spoon to propell itself like bullet towards the bigger spoon, where it collided and melded into it.

With the smaller spoon taken care of, the giant draconequus turned his attention towards the two changelings.

"Well, well, looks like we have company..."

He put a manatee flipper to his mouth, and whistled, which sounded more like a trumpet, and created a visible shock wave through the air. Even the smoke which lazily smoldered out of the volcano looked disturbed.

A few moments later wild shouts, whistles, clicks, yowls and howls echoed out of the jungles. heralded by drums, horns, and... bagpipes?

It wasn't long before hundreds of draconequi burst out of the forest, flying, crawling, and slithering in unique ways. The only thing common about them was that they all wore some kind of fierce tiki mask.

They all moved so fast Specter and Chrysalis hardly moved before dozens of draconequi seized, and dragged them back towards the jungles.

The only thing that could be heard over ruckus of nonsense, and Chrysalis's attempts at violent retaliation was a loud booming laugh. The laugh of the giant.

With an impossible swiftness for his size, he reached out with his spoon and booped it to Chrysalis's muzzle, and she immediately went dazed, as if hypnotized. He turned about to do the same to Specter, but the king reacted quick enough.

"No need! I'm good! I'm calm!"

The giant booped him anyway...

Author's Note:

Looks like Goldie lost some weight since we last saw him... and some color :derpytongue2:

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