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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.52 "Hearth's Heart... and how to go Over-The-Top"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.52 “Hearth’s Heart… and How to go Over-The-Top”


Was Crone’s, Vivisect’s and Spike’s collective response. All of them just sat there and tried to make sense of what happened. After several minutes of failure to come up with a reasonable conclusion, Crone just lifted a hoof and tapped the memory well in search of answers.


Sly was in view once more. She appeared to be in some kind of private chamber within the crystal palace. Given that the décor was an obnoxious amount of crystal everything. A sniffle caused the observant Crone to look directly at the young royal changeling of memory, and she noticed her face was tear-stained.

“I finished reviewing the well…”

Sly’s voice came out rather raspy, and she wiped away a bit of moisture that collected around her nostrils. Her ears hung low, and her neck curved downward. The long fox-like tail behind her was limp, and showed no liveliness. There was also an absence of any twitter to her wings.

“-sniff- I… I miss dad…”

At that point she lowered her head all the way to the bed, and gazed off lost in thought. Pain echoed in the features of her face as her eyes clenched shut, and more wetness decked her cheeks.

Crone honestly expected the memory to fade out at that point, it was such sentimental drivel after all… But then came a knock at the bedroom door, and a muffled voiced called out from behind it.

“Sly? Are you in there?”

“J-just a minute.”

The mournful changeling managed to croak out. She quickly wiped her face with the blanket, and tried to make her face more presentable. Meanwhile the door clicked open and a white muzzle poked its way through the crack. A single magenta eye peered into the room, and the mare’s soft voice inquired again.

“Is it alright if I come in?”

The blanket was dropped from Sly’s face and she sighed heavily before she mumbled.

“Come in Tia.”

Softly and fluidly the tall unicorn entered the room and closed the door behind her. It didn’t take great perception to notice the changeling’s puffy eyes and inflamed nose. Tia crossed the room until she was at the bedside, then she lowered her face and gave Sly a nuzzle.

“What’s the matter Sly?”

Sad eyes glanced directly at the well before she coughed hoarsely, and her croaky voice broke the tense air.

“Did my mother explain the well of memories to you before?”

“Yes, Crafty demonstrated it to me before.”

“I just finished going through everything in it. I, well, especially the last part, with dad…”

The young royal started to tremble something fierce as she fought to keep her composure. In an attempt to soothe, Tia sat close to Sly and put a hoof around her and cooed to her tenderly.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to hide your pain.”

With the gentle coax, Sly turned and buried her face into Tia’s pink mane, where she continued to sniffle, and let out stuttered breaths. The elegant unicorn gently ran a hoof down the changeling’s ruby mane and over her back.

“Your father had a big heart... Definitely bull-headed about most things, but more caring than most any equine I’ve met.”

She continued to minister soothing contact, and it accomplished the desired effect. Sly started to relax, and breathe more regularly.

“My sister and I owe him our lives, from more than one occasion.”

“He couldn’t save all of us…”

“He did the best with what he had. Sly, I won’t ask you to forget the past. It makes up who we are, but we can move on. Build a life like he would have wanted.”

“I know, but it still hurts. The well is so… vivid.”

“Perhaps it’s best if you sort through your feelings. Take some time before you work the well again.”

“You’re probably right. There are a few gaps I’ll need to fill in. I suppose that can wait till later.”

The changeling nestled a little deeper under Tia’s neck, and the unicorn gave a soft smile.

“I’ll be here as long as you want me.”

Then the memory faded.


“Um, so Celestia knew about you guys? Cause I don’t think I’d forget a cuddle buddy like that easily…”

Spike spoke with bemusement. Crone just rolled her eyes and gave Spike a little knock on the head.

“It’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. Though if she knew about our kind I don’t think the invasion would have succeeded. I’m trying to figure who or what tampered with her mind.”


“Sshhh. I’m going to keep looking.”


The next memory continued in the same place, though by the tint of light in the windows, it appeared to be a different hour of the day. Sly was alone and in view again, and her face was cleaned up. There was a slight swish to her tail, and her wings tittered occasionally.

“Alright, I was going to explain things last time. There were a few things my father didn’t detail very well, so I’ll share what I remember from around then till now.”

She shifted her position on the bed and brought the perspective of the well particularly close to her face, where her yellow harlequin eyes loomed precipitously.

“The well already shows where the well came from, and how my father got into power and ruled. So without repeating his words too much, his decision to expose our kind also exposed our weaknesses. Bitter ponies took advantage by manipulating their own emotions, and somewhere along the lines the windigos were attracted to the whole mess.”

The changeling shifted her position so she was on her back and rested her head against one of the pillows. Her eyes rolled around in thought.

“The windigos ethereal nature made fighting them really impractical. Physical weapons passed through them like ghosts, and most magic they could simply avoid.”

Sly pursed her lips at the recollection.

“Spitting pure love at them proved highly effective, but horribly inefficient. Love was a scarce resource, especially in those days when most ponies resented us and each other. Things got bad…”

She flinched at the end of the sentence, and knocked her hooves together uncomfortably.

“If it weren’t for ponies like Tia and Lulu, we wouldn’t be here at all. The turn in our luck came from some ingenious planning and design on my mother’s part. See, she had studied some peculiar crystals up here in the north. Crystals that possessed emotional conductivity.”

Sly rolled to her side, and appeared to study the geometric ornaments in her room.

“But by the time mom discovered an efficient way to weaponize emotions against the windigos both the ponies and my kind suffered devastating losses to our populations. That was when my brothers and sisters died…”

She rolled to her other side, and contorted her face with unpleasant recollections. Apparently the effect was powerful enough that the entire scene shifted


Snow and Ice wrapped its deadly grip around a once vibrant meadow. Crafty huddled near a bush and held a small figure tightly to her chest. The little royal shivered violently, despite how shielded she was. Tears were frozen to Crafty’s cheeks and the magnificent queen held an utterly mournful expression.

A short distance away Avalanche was on the ground and held several small figures between his front hooves. Four young royal changelings all remained still, and appeared to be soundly asleep, but it was a slumber from which they would never wake.

Avalanche, the mightiest king known to changeling kind, wore an utterly broken countenance. He was helpless to save what he held dear.


“Uh hem. To say it was a dark time would be a shallow. We had been chased from place to place as we vainly tried to out run the windigos. The ponies had similar thoughts, as they constantly wandered about and looked from warmer lands. Each time a fertile place was discovered, the windigos would soon come in and sterilize it. Things were dire, and it soon became a matter of extinction avoidance.”

Sly rolled upright and actually had a slight smile.

“This is where my mother’s discovery and craftiness came to play. She was able to forge the Crystal Heart from the conductive crystal’s she studied. The device was able to magnify love, hope, and all manner of positive emotions, and emit it in a way that proved devastating to creatures fueled on hate and darkness.”

After the hopeful and confident gleam that soared over the changeling’s face, she transitioned into neutrality, then cringed.

“Unfortunately, even with the heart, we didn’t have enough love to spare. The ponies that were our friends and helped us survive were weak, for we depended on them entirely for our sustenance. We only took what we absolutely had to in order to survive. There was nothing to spare, and the windigos had become strong, monstrously so.”

The young royal sunk even lower into her bed.

“I suppose as you saw, my father took the heart, and lured many windigos to his location. He… He used everything he had, even the love and energy that kept him alive, and used the Crystal heart to burn those windigos out of the sky.”

A long drawn out sigh escaped Sly’s dark lips, and she closed her eyes.

“It killed him, but the storm of windigos were vanquished. All that was left behind were icy shards. Shards my mother calls windigo hearts, which apparently conduct hate fueled magic as effectively as the crystal heart conducts love. We didn’t find a means of destroying them, so we sealed them away, and buried them beneath this empire.”

After a deep inhale, her lids cracked open and her golden rings were visible once more.

“That wasn’t the end of the windigos though. My father only blasted the ones that plagued us here in the north. Down in Equestria and other places the windigos still ran rampant.”

A gentle tap came from Sly’s hooves as she knocked them together absentmindedly.

“After the success we experienced in our region, my friends Tia and Lulu were eager to share the news with the ponies further down south. My mother was too distraught over the loss of my father to go on an expedition with them, so I went with them in disguise.”

In a slow deliberate manner Sly stood up and stretched. Her head rolled around on her neck, she flexed her back and fidgeted with each of her legs. Then she yawned and sat back down.

“The ponies in Equestria were quite troubled, half of them still clung to their petty hatred of each other, but a good number dropped their ill will and tried to make amends. I remember Clover the Clever in particular, he made friends with several ponies in different tribes, though none of them knew how to combat the windigos that plagued them.”

“Tia, Lulu, and I were able to explain what we understood of their weaknesses, and how we fought them. Clover already sketched theories with his mentor, Starswirl, but our supplementary knowledge gave him some key tools. He was able to design a spell used by unicorns, so that their friendship could be manifested in a form of magic. Even though many ponies still hated each other, the ponies that made friends and unified were able to overpower, and beat back the windigos in their own right. The cursed winter was finally banished from region to region, and the land began to heal.”

Sly rested her chin on her front hooves.

“The ponies that stuck with us changelings in the north, throughout the dark reign of the windigos, became the crystal ponies. We learned from each other, and built this empire together. Every building and even the roads are made with a similar conductive crystal, and at the center of it all, the crystal heart, my parent’s heart… resides and upholds us. Ponies and changelings.”

The changeling shifted and sat up right.

“I suppose that covers some of the pieces inbetween and after what my father already explained. Things stabilized and expansion with recovery was the theme for many years. Then came the draconequi…”

Sly shook her head and cracked a smile.

“They definitely don’t have the same lethal intent the windigos but… Oh well, I suppose I should just show you. I was there when they arrived."


Equestria, south west province (or near modern day Los Pegasus)

Three ponies trotted along a road that led to a gated city. One was a tall white unicorn with pink mane, followed by a shorter blue unicorn with lighter blue mane, and last was a pale crystal pony with ruby mane.

“Do you really feel the need to go in disguise Sly? I mean the whole windigo issue was years ago.”

The blue unicorn inquired pervasively.

“She can go however she likes Lulu”

The white unicorn chided.

“I’ll considered it when I don’t get scowled at by every other pony…”

Sly gave her mane a dismissive flick, and all three of them carried along.

It was quite a scenic location. The city, Pega, which they trotted next to, was on a mild hill. The wood work of the structures was overall exquisite. Many rare imports from distant lands came through this very location, as well as exports to distant places such as Wunduree.

The sea was also in view, and brought along a pleasant salty breeze to the nearby green fields. As Sly stared off towards the sea she noticed something peculiar at the edge of the horizon. She poked at both her friends and indicated towards what she saw.

“Tia, Lulu, do you see that?”



Slowly building up from the distance, a surge of golden clouds could be seen. Each of the friends looked at each other once more, before they gave a shrug and continued on their way. Sly felt uneasy about it, they moved unnaturally fast. Lulu casually tried to blow it off.

“It’s probably some absurd new import. Perhaps the pegasi fancy colored weather? In any case let’s move to what we came here for. I’m simply dying to try some of that, what do they call it? Pine-apple?”

They approached the main city gates were a few pegasi guards stood post. They checked on exchanges, regulations, and all that other stuff that builds up obnoxious traffic.

So being the casual travel group that they were, Tia, Lulu, and Sly all got in line. While they waited the crystal-guised changeling looked back towards the horizon, and her eyes widened.

The storm of brilliant yellow metallic clouds was moments from being on top of them. Their presence created a large over cast shadow, and sparks of lightning ignited within the glittery columns.

The lightning was odd though, rather than just flash and disappear, it lingered and started to dance in all kinds of unnatural ways. Also the thunder was utterly bizarre, it didn’t simply crack and echo, but made… music? Synthesized alien tones echoed in synchronization with the bone vibrating bass of the thunder.

After the first crack, every pony’s eyes went to the skies. A mixture of awe, confusion, and snippets of fear echoed throughout the inhabitants of the city. The guards postponed their duty at the gate to observe the grand new development. Fully half the sky was now obscured by the phenomenon. The lightning that danced effectively mesmerized those who watched it, and the foreign music caused many of them to sway.

Then out of nowhere, everything went dark. The sun vanished, and even the lightning ceased. A few muffled cries of shock and fear were heard amongst the darkness.

It didn’t last long however, as a new light appeared, and grew in intensity. As the light appeared a deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep trumpet sounded. The air vibrated and a strong gust blew past every pony as the singular tone reverberated through them. Most of them were quite shocked and surprised. Plus the air in that gust smelled like a delectable omelet.

A loud bestial bellow sounded after the trumpeter, and lightning began to flash and dance among the clouds once more, along with its musical counterpart. The source of light and noise resided primarily over the sea, and that is where every pony’s eyes were locked. The mysterious storm halted at the shore line, but the enigmatic atmosphere and source of the strange sensations continued forward.

Movement stirred within the sea, and in the air between the clouds and water. As the motion came closer and closer, individual figures became discernible, and the variety boggled the mind. Sea creatures of every kind from small fish to whales and everything inbetween jumped up and down merrily amongst the waves. They performed tricks and acrobatics that would put any circus to shame.

At the center and source of the light was a very large figure. Brilliant sparkles, stars, glitters, and jagged streaks of lightning echoed and highlighted the creature’s girthy frame. Said creature surfed along a wave that appeared to be underneath its own guidance and will, and where ever it surged, creatures of the sea would jump and dance out of its way.

Behind the head figure was an enormous flock of birds of many varieties. Also in the air were strange creatures never observed by pony kind before? Each of them appeared to be a mishmash of different animals all pieced into one body. The leader was no exception to this bizarreness.

Eventually the giant surfer hit the shore line and the wave of water dispersed. He was finally close enough that the details were distinguishable. Many ponies dropped their jaws as they tried to comprehend what was infront of them.

First was that he was tall, very tall, many times the height of a pony. As he took his first step onto the dry land, the limb he stretched forward was that of an elephant, the next step revealed the other leg to be that of a hippopotamus. A large orca tail swung back and forth behind the giant frame, and as they eyes roamed further up a giant manatee flipper and panda paw were attached to the torso, as well as some comically small webbed wings. The creature’s face had enormous puffy cheeky jowls, and a long whiskery mustache sprang from the muzzle. Adorned his head was a segmented ibex horn and a recurved draconic one. A gigantic poofy blonde mane floated in surreal fashion off his head and neck.

A collective of pony eyes blinked.

In the panda paw, the elegantly plump bodied creature held a large golden spoon, which he pointed at the sky. A cyclone of exotic visual stimulus exploded out of the oversized utensil, and proved to be even more mesmerizing than the strange lightning, which still danced in the distance.

Whole new dimensions and realities of endless possibilities danced before their eyes all in a few moments, and ceased. Then in a loud and cantankerously accented voiced, the creature boomed a greeting.

“Oi! How be the inhabitants of this fair city?”

Too stunned for words, no pony came forward, but continued to gawk. After several moments of no response the giant conglomeration of weirdness made a deep gutty laugh.

“Bein’ the quiet sort are we?”

He made another step towards the city and nearby ponies, each step caused the earth to rumble, and pebbles to dance. Another oddity was that each of the foot prints he left behind caused the ground beneath to become gold.

No pony moved and eventually the massive beast made it to the front gates of the city.

“How bout I get a good look at all of your faces, then we get a proper introduction.”

In one large sweep he clapped together his manatee flipper and panda paw, and in a flash, every pony in Pega appeared infront of the city gates, hundreds of them.

“Aw here we are. All of you be ponies of a good land called Equestria, yes?”

There was a nervous and collective nod of heads.

“Then I give you all the privilege of makin’ the acquaintance of myself… Lord Golden Spoon. The Spirit of disharmony and chaos.”

“Spirit of chaos?”

The first pony that dared say a word stepped forward, it was Lulu. This immediately caught Lord Golden Spoon’s attention, and his large green eyes peered down at her.

“Oi, so you can talk. I was wunderin’ if those nice singin’ ladies had directed me to city of mutes. Glad to see that isn’t the case.”

Golden nodded his head towards the sea when he referred to the “singin’ ladies”. Then he lowered his head, low enough that he was eye level with most of the ponies. His intimidating large head broke into a broad mischievous smile. His panda paw was lowered and he ruffled it around Lulu’s head and mane. She responded with an indignant snort and neigh.

“Off me, you, you thing!”

He just laughed and moved to the next pony, and continued to ruffle along every pony he could reach, and his reach was long. No targeted pony could dodge his head pats. After he messed through a good deal of manes his rumbly bark of a voice continued.

“Oi, you’re a cute little lot aren’t you. Well I’m glad to be the herald of great news. This land, this Equestria… is going to be blessed by my benevolent presence for the foreseeable future. As well as the rest of my kind.”

Other strange creatures that occupied the skies started to descend lower, and closer to the gathering of ponies. None of them were near the size of Golden, but the one thing they all shared was unique differences. The ponies had no name for these strange creatures, all of whom seemed giddy and excited as they were drawn towards primary figure of strangeness.

You will unlearn what you have learned about this world and how it ought to be.”

Each of the conglomerate creatures began to land, and inspected the ponies their leader spoke to with fascinated interest. Many of the ponies trembled or just gawked. Several ponies whinnied complaints when they were poked or prodded without invitation.

“For a new golden age of chaos is upon you. The draconequi have come.”

Golden’s golden spoon twirled around his paw then to his flipper like graceful baton, before he stomped a great stomp. A crack broke in the earth, and from it sprang golden coins in a fountain like fashion. As the surplus of spontaneous wealth piled up and created a hill out of itself, many of the ponies boggled their eyes in wonderment. Lustful greed made itself apparent in several of their expressions, a few of them even drooled.

In advertisement several draconequi jumped into the growing hill of coins and jewels and showered themselves, and began to otherwise lasciviously adorn their bodies.

“A gift, for any who wish to partake of the kindness of my overly bloated heart.”

With the open ended invitation many of the ponies who had their eyes fixated on the ever expanding prize dashed forward and shouted with glee. Most ponies however remained hesitant. Golden carefully studied the apprehensive members of the party, and wore a fat-faced smile.

“I understand such a silly thing as ornamental riches are not to every creature’s taste. If there is a gift, then I can give it!”

A clap boomed from his upper limbs again, and suddenly all the goods every pony carried were doubled. The stock of everything overflowed. Fruits, spices, exotic substances of all kinds that were the attraction of the city became overly plentiful, such that every pony had access to whatever they could want… if they could sort through the mountain of it all.

Once every pony realized what had happened, nearly all of them were excited, some went nuts with all the new options and immediately started to indulge. Those who still held reservations were a very small minority.

“Pineapple! The giant oaf is forgiven!”

Lulu dove into a pile of the fruit she desired. Tia and Sly stood there and took it all in with a massive grain of salt. The disguised changeling idly kicked at a giant sapphire that rolled by, and Tia looked about with a skeptical gaze.

One particular draconequus noticed that some ponies weren’t joining in the fun. So he hopped over to the tall white unicorn, and poked her in the chest with his lion paw.

“Oh, and what is this pony looking so booooring for? Don’t you know how to have fun?”

He cracked a broad smile, which featured a prominent snaggle tooth. Tia looked back up into the draconequus’s golden eyes, which had peculiar red pupils.

“Forgive me if I believe this is some kind of trick.”

“It’s definitely trick, but probably not what you’re expecting.”


“Hehehe, I like that way you think. What’s your name?”


“Mine is Discord! Pleasure and all that jazz. I’m going to make you less boring!”

He reached out his eagle claw and gave one of Tia’s hooves a vigorous shake.

“Whatcha got their Discord?”

A female draconequus popped over Discord’s shoulder, slithered over his arm, and bumped foreheads with Tia, in a much-to-close-for-comfort stare. Their pink manes mingled a bit as the white unicorn tried to back away from the new draconequus.

“Hey! Do you understand personal space?”

Sly stepped forward and poked the female in the chest, which she immediately regretted. Because that caused the pink-maned draconequus to fixate on her, instead of Tia.

“Anarchy knows no personal space! Hahaha, oOooo, whadda we have here?”

Anarchy seized Sly by her hind leg, and lifted her bodily off of the ground. Sly shrieked in protest, and wasn’t able to dissuade the overly inquisitive thing.

“Some creature doesn’t wanna look like what they look like… I declare it a crime against natural beauty!”

The crazy female cracked the knuckles in her amphibian hand before she grabbed the link of a zipper, which suddenly appeared on top of Sly’s pony disguise, and pulled it down. After a quick whiz the changeling hung there exposed naturally. To say she was shocked was an understatement. The pink maned draconequus cackled merrily.

“Oooo, I caught a foxy butterfly in pony’s clothing!”

“Ana, put her down before she gets an aneurism or something.”

A third draconequus gracefully swooped in. Unlike nearly every other draconequus about, his expression was placid, and rather bored. His giant side burns gave him a slightly more wizened and mature look.

“Aw c’mon Ham, aren’t ya the least bit curious. I mean I just found a pony that was a nesting doll for another pony!”

“She probably had her reasons for being like that…”

The upside down changeling looked between the two draconequi, before she heartily voiced her agreement with the calmer one.

“Yes, yes I do, now put me down please… Ana?”

“Aw Ham! Ya got the pony to say my name! How cute.”

Anarchy set Sly down, right next to the unzipped pony suit, and the changeling looked at it slightly disturbed. After a moment she turned back to the two unorthodox life forms before her.

“So… what is all this about?”

She asked in some vain hope for a sensible answer. The one called “Ham” replied in sober tone.





“Don’t ask a third time please…”

“Um, ok?”

“You know, I’m thirsty. How about we continue this fascinating discussion over a cup of tea.”

Ham picked up a nearby chair, which happen to be lying nearby. Then grabbed it between his tiger and bear paws, and pulled it apart. Rather than being broken, the chair became two chairs. He repeated the process until there were six.

He picked up a pineapple and mushed it around with his claws until it looked like a teapot. With a tap a flash steam began to pipe out of the spout.

While Ham created the furniture, Ana created the dishes. A few gold coins were scooped up and she blew against their tips like they were balloons or something. Eventually several of the pieces were “inflated” into perfect cups and plates. When she finished she called out to the other nearby draconequus.

“Discord! Tea Time!”

In a snap of magic Tia, Discord, Sly, Anarchy, and Mayhem all sat around the freshly furnished table. Lulu remained stealthily inside her pile of pinapples…The improvised teapot floated around and served everyone, before Mayhem cleared his throat and snapped his digits together.

“Fire away…”


The scene shifted back to Sly in her palace chamber, where she smirked shook her head playfully.

“Can never really get used to them, but they do have a way of making things interesting.”

She rolled her jaw around and continued.

“We became pretty good friends after that… or more like they wouldn’t leave us alone until we liked them. Anyway, not everything developed in a pleasant fashion. Lord Golden Spoon went on and on with his ‘benevolence’ over all of Equestria. At first many ponies really liked what he did. No pony wanted for anything.”

“The ponies that were the most upset were the ‘nobility’ and others whose social status primarily came from their wealth. Under Golden Spoon wealth pretty much became meaningless. Common ponies loved it, until the ‘gifts’ actually started to become a problem. Equestria basically drowned under the showers of his ‘goodness’. The land has become so buried under objects of indulgence that it’s unrecognizable. Even some of the other draconequi have started to complain.”

Sly suddenly picked up a sly grin, and rubbed her hooves together conspiratorially.

“Which is why Tia, Lulu, Discord, Anarchy, Mayhem, and I have a plan cooked up. Soon, we’re going to get that title ‘spirit of chaos’ off of Golden Spoon, and onto one of my friends.”

“Sly? Heya whatcha up to?”

Anarchy suddenly burst into view, she rode a multi colored cloud through the air like it was a derby car. Until she inevitably crashed into the wall, and the chromatic cloud started to rain muffins of many flavors.

“Aw lookin’ at that bubble of yours again? Tia said something about it makin’ you cry. What are you so into that thing for anyway?”

As the superfluous draconequus spoke she floated over the top of the changeling with the cloud. Blue berry, raspberry, chocolate, strawberry, apple, lemon, banana, daisy, etc. flavor muffins periodically dropped and pelted the young royal beneath. A few of them landed right on the spiral horn and stuck. Sly just sighed, and picked up a muffin with little pink hearts on it, and began to absentmindedly munch.

“Maybe I’ll show you sometime, if you’re able to sit still for an hour.”

“AN HOUR! You’re insane Sly!”

“Oh yes, I’m so terribly insane…”

“Oh, well thanks for agreeing with me!”

“Naw, gu, nevermind. I suppose I’ll end here.”


The memory faded away, and Crone, Vivisect and Spike were surrounded by ambient grayness. Before Crone started to search again a mental message pierced into her and Vivisect’s minds.

Every changeling meet at the mountain tunnels within the hour! This is an emergency!

It was unmistakably Chrysalis who made the swarm wide announcement.

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Yay draconequusesesessssesess.

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