• Published 14th Apr 2015
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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.17 "A Bump in the Night"

Chrysalis Wins

Ch. 17 “A Bump in the Night”

Flames of fiery green twirled in a hellish tornado of various hues, from which an abyssal shadow of torn space formed in its center. From this tear in dimensional realty emerged a multi-hued purple mini horse creature.


Twilight tripped while she exited the portal, causing Applejack to trip over her. When Shade came out, the normally nimble vanguard didn’t have the space to react before he too, tripped over the tangled equines. As the queen made her exit from the ethereal ring of fire she also stumbled over the expanded pile of jumbled bodies.

“Hey! Oof-”

The lavender pony at the bottom of the pile was about to complain about the klutziness of those that followed her, even though she was the first one to trip. However, when the royal changeling landed on them, she found the air squeezed out of her lungs.

“Get a hold of yourselves runts!”

Chrysalis angrily shoved the other three out from under her, and stomped on the ground in annoyance. The vanguard and two ponies quickly got to their hooves, and dusted themselves off. AJ and Twilight were still caked with mud, jealously glaring at Shade for how easily he cleaned off his smooth chitinous skin. He shrugged, then remembered something else.

“My queen. Should the ponies be bathed before they’re put in new cocoons? They likely picked up parasites.”

“Yes, let’s have them bathed. In fact, most changelings still carry the Badland’s filth.”

The queen cracked a mischievous smile and moved close to Shade. She put a hoof under his chin, lifting his face to look directly in hers. The head vanguard managed to keep his expression neutral, but a slight grimace edged on his muzzle anyway.

“Taking you to the Badlands wasn’t a real punishment; more or less it was something you should have already remembered. As consequence for giving relief to prisoners who I punished, you will take better care of your own kind. You will personally scrub down every vanguard in Canterlot, until their chitin shines. Present them to me at the end of the week.”

Shade blinked his eyes, comprehension hadn’t quite dawned yet. The queen chuckled and gave her councilor and pat on the back.

“Helping them take a bath? How many changelings is that?”

Applejack ventured a question, it seemed curious to make cleanup a punishment. The conversation didn’t appear too private either, so she might as well join.

“That would be seven hundred and forty-six vanguards stationed here in Canterlot. Almost all of us came here for the invasion…”

“Oh… well, have fun sugar cube…”

The orange earth pony mare gave an awkward smile. Cleaning up half a dozen hogs was quite a bit of work, let along seven hundred. Shade actually had to restrain himself from giving the earth pony a look of betrayal at her almost mockery of his pain.

As she thought back, Applejack could remember she picked up quite a bit of dirt and grease from the contact she had with the changelings in their initial scuffle. ‘Ya, good luck gettin’ that done in a week by yourself Shade.’

With a glint of green light in her eyes, Chrysalis called in a few sentinels with a mental message. Three large scaled changelings answered the call, and entered the temporary prisoner chamber. They landed next to the queen and remained silent. The royal changeling turned to her head vanguard once more.

“You can start your job by getting these two ponies clean, and then put them in fresh cocoons. After that I suggest you get on with your real assignment. You sentinels will follow Shade and make sure these instructions are followed exactly.”

“Yes my queen.”

Both Shade and the sentinels iterated.

“Good, now go.”

The queen remained on her haunches while the sentinels picked up the ponies, and followed Shade out of the prisoner chamber. The ponies would need to be carried over the deadly pitfalls so artfully dug by Colony’s drones.

Once her underlings had been gone for some time, the queen set her own wings to work, and carried herself out of the underground mountain maze. It was late into the night when she made it outside. The stars dotted the heavens, yet no moon was present.

There had been no moon present for several days, she never bothered to ask the night princess about that particular procedure. In consideration of how Chrysalis fed on the imprisoned princesses and elements before she went to the Crystal Empire, she doubted Luna would be in a mood to share.

Down to the castle grounds she went, past the shadowed halls, and finally into the royal bedchamber. It was neatly cleaned, as it had been since she took over. It didn’t take more than a moment for the queen to dive into the plush arrangement of pillows and sink into blissful unconsciousness.


However, the unconsciousness was blissful until it wasn’t…

Chrysalis lay on her back on a large sunbathing chair, next to a grandiose pool. She wore a large pair of sunglasses and lazily looked over the scene.

The large container of aqua marine liquid was a new addition to some private castle grounds she had just commissioned, with various attendants and guests lounging about the rather tropical setting. Exotic plants, and birds added some nice accents to the myriad of pleasant pleasantries surrounding the pool area.

A cherry colored earth pony, with cherry cutie mark, walked over to the queen, while she held a tray full of cherry flavored drinks.

“My dear Empress Chrysalis! Would you care for a drink?”

This pony beamed brightly at the relaxed royal changeling, admiration and adoration sparkled in her cherry colored eyes. The pony almost vibrated with the giddiness she contained. With a causal look over, Chrysalis smiled at the pony that was cherry flavored in every way.

“Of course Cherry Changer, I would love to sample both.”

A drink levitated over to her fanged muzzle and she sipped on the refreshing sweet substance. After a satisfying draft was taken it, she placed the glass on a short table stand. Then the cherry pony intuitively moved closer to the queen, and smiled as she lowered her head.

The next draft was a good portion of the lovely emotions contained in Cherry Changer. While physical food and drink tasted good, they were shallow comparisons to the taste of raw emotions. The pony seemed to have no end of delicious and affectionate feelings to give, and Chrysalis fed as long as she wanted to.

“Now why can’t all ponies be like this?”

“Like what most gracious empress?”

“Just never run out of emotions, some of you are barely worth a snack.”

“They just don’t know how wonderful you are empress.”

“Of course, they’re all too busy with their petty concerns. They don’t have the time to appreciate some changeling who does all their most important work for them.”

“I will always appreciate you empress. My cup will never run empty.”

“Thank you Cherry…”

Cherry Changer bowed deeply and humbly before her. The queen reached over and lifted her to stand. With a smile and a gentle wave of her hoof, she proffered the very cherry pony to move on. Chrysalis leaned back and felt satisfied in so many ways. She closed her eyes, and felt the sun’s pleasant rays warm over her body.

“I should not be surprised your dreams surround you with sycophants.”

Chrysalis’s brow furrowed, and she didn’t open her eyes, yet. She knew that voice, that very antagonistic voice. She pulled off the sunglasses and raised herself to sit upright. When her eyes did open a dark blue alicorn stood over her recliner and glared down at the queen. The giant changeling’s muzzle scrunched in disgust.

“Did sycophants not flock to you and your sister daily? I spent not but a few days as your guest in disguise and I could see that was plain as day.”

The queen’s multi-hued eyes were now raised above Luna’s teal ones, and the glare between the two traded in elevations. The fact that her pleasant dream was invaded greatly disturbed the queen, but she wasn’t going to express that. The change in the changeling’s posture did nothing to deter Luna from her objective.

“I take it that Sombra did not succeed in retaking the empire, given that you are not currently experiencing something more… fearful.”

“He is not a problem for now.”

“And what of the crystal ponies?”

“They believe they’ve inherited a powerful new queen that will protect them, which isn’t too far from the truth I suppose. Unlike the rest of your difficult populace, I won’t have to strong hoof them into accepting me.”

A smile cracked through the hard expression worn on Chrysalis’s muzzle. The dark blue alicorn’s stance remained unchanged. The hardness in her teal eyes gained another, more dangerous edge.

“What my sister, several ponies, and I experienced within the last few days could at minimum, be described as most unpleasant.”

“Did the Princess of Dreams have a few little nightmares? I can’t imagine what she and her sister did to earn that…”

“Do not treat the matter of harming my ponies lightly Chrysalis, you are in my realm now and you have no power here.”

A threatening edge had crossed into Luna’s tone. Her pupils narrowed ever so slightly, and her countenance darkened. The daylight within the dream dimmed, and the sun’s warm rays lost their comfort. The display was noted by the queen, and ignored. The slight smile on her lips creased downward.

“Then you and your sister better think twice before you attempt to make a mockery of me. What I did was necessary anyway, Sombra was no easy foe and I needed power.”

With a dismissive gesture, Chrysalis leaned back into her recliner and put her sunglasses back on. She stared at the sky, and willed the sun’s rays to become pleasant again. When the warmth failed to return she clamped her jaws tightly together and growled in frustration.

A contemplative look came over Luna. Instead of any warmth, the sky continued to dim. The sun light was eclipsed and a cold draft of air blew through the dream space. Snowflakes started to blister through the air and the breeze developed into wind that howled.

The wind got bad enough to wipe the shades right off of Chrysalis’s snout, and the frozen air caused her to shiver. The cherry drink on the stand spilled over. Her harlequin eyes glared furiously at Luna, mixed with an expression of befuddlement.

“Did I not just say to not play games with me!”

“You speak of using a strong hoof against ponies loyal to me and my sister. Do you not realize I can do the same with you? While you sleep I can twist your dreams into the unrest of nightmares. I could do the same for your changeling army. You would be driven mad without your sleep, and it wouldn’t stop until you release us.”

The entire scene darkened, and the pleasant pool side landscape was no longer there. Chrysalis was no longer in a nice comfortable recliner, but hoof deep in frozen snow. The queen was not amused. Bright pairs of eyes glowed in a poorly illuminated scene. Fierce growls, howls, and roars erupted around from every side. A veritable army of feral noises threatened to overwhelm all of the changeling’s senses.

“I may have no sway over you in the real world, but as long as you are in the dream relam, I AM THE ONLY QUEEN!”

One pair of shining eyes Chrysalis was able to recognize, they were teal eyes. A wicked grin crossed over her face, and she tilted her head to the side.

“I dare you to Luna, go ahead and do it. See what happens if you do.”

The threat in her words held no obscurity, and neither specificity. The feral noises died down, but remained present. The teal eyes that gazed over the queen took on an unsure look. The hesitation caused Chrysalis’s devious grin to develop in a fang bared smile.

“You have power in dreams, and only dreams. Do you want me to take that away from you as well? Should you act out, it will have repercussions you will sorely regret.”

The darkness started to lift, and the shadows started to recede. The monstrous noises faded to a whisper, and the army of hungry eyes began to close. The silhouette of the Night Princess was now visible, and the agitated posture of the alicorn reflected her indecision.

The anger in her teal eyes only grew, but the grit in her teeth expressed her restraint. Her large feathery wings were spread aggressively, and one hoof pawed at the ground. Should she go ahead and terrorize the queen and her changelings in the night? What would Chrysalis do once she woke up? Luna didn’t trust a conscious and highly irritated changeling queen to play nice. Let alone for this plan to work, it would take more than one night to drive the changelings into desperate insomnia.

The thought that the other ponies may suffer because of her bitterness and resentment towards the queen caused her the most pause. Her envy had already caused a great deal of pain in the past. Would her attempt to strong hoof Chrysalis work or just be another source of agony for the ponies she cared about?

“Since you clearly need some time to make up your mind, I suggest you leave.”

The blue alicorn jumped in surprise, she hadn’t realized Chrysalis had walked right up to her. The queen fully used her imposing stature to loom over the shorter equine. Luna didn’t utter any words, but threw a resentful glare in the queen’s direction.

“I suggest you not be so arrogant Changeling, sooner or later you will fall. And I will make sure I’m there to witness it.”

The darkness disappeared, and the pleasant rays of noon-day sun returned. The pool and all of it’s fine accents were back, along with a plethora of ponies and changelings that gave the queen looks of adoration. A strand of frazzled hair hung in front of one of Chrysalis’s eyes, and she blew it away with a puff of air.

“Oh, your drink spilled your majesty, I’ll replace it.”

Cherry Changer hurried over the short table stand that held the queen’s tipped over glass. Chrysalis ignored the faithful attendant as her eyes roamed over the scene, there was no sign of Luna anywhere.

“Would you like another flavor empress?”

The royal’s eyes never looked down on the cherry pony mare, but her voice addressed the dream entity

“No, I think I’m done imagining flavors for now.”


In the darkness of the royal chamber two very large, very green eyes snapped out. It was almost dawn, and the sun would need to be raised within an hour or so. Before this day would begin she had some business she would address, now.

A flash of magical energy from her horn and eyes sent out a very speedy message. It called the most powerful sentinel in her army to attention.

It only took Vivisect a few minutes to reach the royal chamber, the sentinel had buzzed through the air at a furious pace in order to answer the call. The deep hum of the changeling warrior’s wings entered the bedroom and ceased once her hooves contacted the ground.

The tall head of the sentinels stood at attention, and looked towards Chrysalis, who lazed back on the over-sized solar bed.

“You needed something urgently my queen?”

“Yes, somepony stupidly showed their self to be a potential threat, despite their current imprisonment.”

“What needs to be done?”

“Princess Luna, we can’t keep her in a cocoon. Even though she didn’t act this night, her ability to be disruptive with dreams is something I can’t ignore. She could be a severe hindrance, and we already have another hundred issues to be concerned with.”

“Do you wish to have her executed?”

The queen brought a hoof up to her chin, and rubbed it thoughtfully. While it was amusing, and practical, she had managed to establish her rule with minimal bloodshed so far. Hers was a conquest for resources after all.

“No, she could still be useful as an emotional snack. We’ll just have to do something a little more… traditional. Take her out of her cocoon, disable her magic, and keep her wings bound. Have Colony build a special cell for her.”

“I will see to it personally.”

“Good, make sure this cell has a pleasant view of Canterlot and the sky. If she is to remain conscious, I don’t want her forgetting the things she loves being obscured by some blank expressionless walls. She would be useless should her emotions to grow stale.”

“Colony will receive your word.”

“Then be off, I have other matters that need attending.”

Vivisect bowed out respectfully before she turned towards the Canterlot mountains.

Chrysalis stood up on the bed before stretching out her long body. She dipped her front half low, and looked as if she were a cat about to pounce. Then she lowered her back half as she stretched out her hind legs. A loud yawn exposed the sharp teeth in her maw. With one or two smacks of her lips, and a few blinks of her eyes, along with a brief flutter of her wings, she was ready to hop off the mattress.

It was time to catch up with Fancy Pants, and Golden Trust. Hopefully those two had kept themselves productive.

Author's Note:

Here's another pic of all the changeling types next to each other. Cuz i like comparisons. :twilightsmile:

from right to left, sentinel, royal, vanguard, drone, somepony

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