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So if you are familiar with the Displaced then you know how this will go, if not let me explain.


Well, there are a few grammatical mistakes, plus some redundancy in words. But other than that, I'm liking this! Good luck with your story Lionvalley!


I mean, or I will get sad...

All in all, the mistakes that I could see aren't all that bad. Of course with how bad my own skills at writing are, I can't really say how good or bad your abilities are:rainbowlaugh:. Looking forward to more of this:pinkiehappy:

the elder scrolls online.

...fuck this shit, I'm done here.

First, welcome to the Displaced club.^^
Second, so far, this is an nice story. Let´s see how this will unfold. The princess of love with a very own, personal Daedra soldier. Hmm, oh the possibilities.
And third, some cheese anyone?

This is really good. keep going please :fluttercry:

Hallo ik ben ook Nederlands leuk om een andere Nederlander te... lezen

Thanks for the pointing that out. :pinkiehappy:
I'll change it right away. :raritywink:

Well if he wants to serve a prince doesn't shining armor become one when he marries cadance? At least he can stay in character as the guy used to be the head of the guards. In other words shining armor was the guy who ran the millatary over the kingdom just under the princesses in authority. With his sister the personal student of the princess of the sun the two had pretty deep connections. So if the demora knight wants to serve a lord his best bet is shining armor. The guards of equestria do resemble knights so he would fit right in under shining's orders. Plus shining as a former guard is pretty good with tactics and military operations which demora knights do if you played the games. Now mind you I don't play the game as my laptop is not exactly working but I can use my tablet and YouTube to know about this. So this is just what I understand from YouTube.

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny, be glad someone wasn't trying to hurt any pony! Your guards are a joke

wow good job. its certainly very interesting.

Not bad, a few grammatical mistakes, and little to no redundancy in some sentences, but overall I'm liking this

i think you meant
"I am on a Roll"
Your on a role implies you are in character with something and not what you actually meant :twilightsheepish:
Regardless it was a bit short and i would like to see a bit more...

I’m going to a convention. now that was funny.

I'm enjoying this Fic so far!
Please keep updating

Interesting ... Should be another fun displaced romp. Good job getting featured btw.

Just got done rereading and a few minutes later it updates:pinkiehappy: SWEET!

The fire seems to be magically linked to thou magic signature

I think here it is "thine magic signature" but I am no expert in "ye olde english" so don´t nail me down on it. Otherwhise, I enjoy this story so far. For a Daedra, our friend is pretty tame. He has not ripped those guards limpf from limp.

I serve the lord of Love...
Wow, that's some crazy batshit-insane dark magic lord there.

And he loses yet again. Another jackass who likes a weak human protagonist who gets his ass beat at every turn, fuck off asshole.

So... you're NOT undefeatable?

5817833 no, i tried to point that out in site seeing.
He can be overwelmed, but one on one you would need to be pretty fricking powerfull to stand a chance, or trick him.
one tiny spoiler if you want.
it won't happen again in this story.

5817870 Hm... One tiny spoiler for you:
In Oblivion the hero has to be really ridiculously strong then

And then gryphon kingdom was turned into countrywide BBQ party.

5817929 i never actually played oblivion :twilightblush:

5818607 Basically: You go to the fields of the daedra, and murder everyone. THen you are hailed as a hero for trapping the daedra back in their homes, even though they only wanted to improve our farming.

DAMN!!:raritystarry: Ponies got back bone in this story

mi amora cadenca: daedric prince of love and compassion, because sometimes love makes you do the unthinkable.

Wow! :pinkiecrazy: Put her 'cause why not?

Hahaha i cant wait for the bloodfest to start :pinkiecrazy:

Caddy, tia and Wuna got backbone in this story:raritystarry: and shiny proves himself squeamish. Big surprise there:ajbemused:

I hope there is not gonna be massive "What have we done!" moment with princesses. Because it just gonna be too cliche.

5839158 Don't worry your pretty little head about anything aunty:pinkiesmile:... I got it covert.:ajsmug:

5839158 I doubt it, it's only Cadence who gave the orders to Dem, and between being corrupted by Daedric magic and Shining Armor getting kidnapped, she's really not in her right mind right now. I don't Doubt that Luna and Celestia will be horrified when they find out what Cadence told Dem to do, but I think they'll be more concerned about what's happening to their niece and what the remaining gryphons and other countries will do, rather than dwell on the atrocity that's already occurred. I mean they've been around for centuries and have probably seen stuff just as bad if not worse.

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