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The Way Back Home - JulietTara

The princess of the sea-ponies gets washed up at the beach.

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Author's Note:

Finally got the time to make another chapter xD sorry for english mistakes- as always.
hope u like it! have fun reading c:

The three little sea- ponies met again in the middle of the city.
'Hey guys! Did you hear the news? Serena is kidnapped!', Loko said.
Mystra came up from behind her: 'Yeah but.. I can't really believe that. Why would ponies want to start such an unnecessary war? It doesn't make any sence, Loko.'

'Whatever it is- we have to find her and bring her back! Where is Shelly?'

'I think she wanted to grab her heartstone from her place. You know she hates wearing it.'

'Yeah.. oh hey! There she is!'

'Hey Shelly! Do you have everything you need to find Serena?'

'Yeah I'm ready. Let's go.'

'Hey Serena, my friends came earlier. They are here now. Do you wanna meet them?' I heard Twilight say, as she came back out of the castle.

'Yeah, sure.'

I went with her and I heard loud talking coming from the throneroom. The guards, which where standing in front of the throneroom, opened up the door for us. I were greeted by five ponies and the princesses.

'Hey you must be Serena! Uuuh I'm so happy to meet you! My name's Pinkie Pie! Oh my gosh, I already heard soo much about you! Can't wait to get to know you better! What cake would you prefer on your 'Welcome- Party'!? I would love to make a chocolatecake, but if you don't like chocolatecake I can make another one. Do sea- ponies even eat cake? I can make something different if you wa-' Finally the pink pony was stopped by another mare. She was orange. She reminded me alot of one of my friends. ... ex- friends.

'Pinkie you can plan that later. My name's Applejack and those are: Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy.' She said gesturing towards the other ponies.

I gave them a little smile before princess Celestia began speaking.

'Princess Serena, Twilight told me that you would like to take the sirens from the other world with you, when you're going home. Is that true?'

'Uh.. yeah sure. I-If it's possible.'

'We would have to contact Sunset Shimmer. Maybe they can find and convince them to go back to your land.'

'Yeah would be great..'

'But first: Come sit with us and have lunch.'


I sat down to the others as some servant ponies brought food and drinks. It was alot different as the food at home just like the breakfast, butit tasted really good. I became pretty thirsty so i levitated a bit of water to my mouth. They all seemed pretty surprised that I could do that, without being a unicorn. Everyone but Twilight. She just seemed amazed. Twilight explained everything to the others and then the others- of course- had many questions for me.

'Since when were your able to do that?' Rarity asked me.

'Since I was born I guess. Every Mermaid can do that without training it even once.'

'How often do you train those powers?' Princess Luna wondered.

'About once a week? With my private teacher. Sea- ponies aren't allowed to use their powers in public since the dazzlings were banished. We were scared normal ponies could see that there are more of us out there and banish us too.'

'Woah.. you have such powers but aren't allowed to use it? Must be hard.' Rainbow must have thought about never being able to fly anymore, I guess. She was staring at her empty plate for a minute.

'Well.. here you are free to use your powers wherever you want, as long it doesn't harm anypony.'

At that sentence i grinned so widely, my face hurt.

I started singing.

A kingdom of isolation
and it looks like I'm the queen.
The wind is howling like this swirling storm of inside.
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried.

I stomped with my hooves and levitated every waterdrop aboth the glasses.
I started grinning again as everyone seemed impressed by that.
I continued singing and as I sang I started feed of good energy of my new friends.
I walked out of the room with everyone following. Soon I'm standing in the middle of that city with everyone watching me. Seconds after they heard my siren voice everyone became happy and smiled at me.
I grew some sea- grass and levitated water everywhere, I even froze a little fountain in the center of the city.

As I stopped singing I brought back every waterdrop in its former state and un- grew the grass again. Ponies laughed and stomped with their hooves. I felt really welcome here. I liked it here. I wanted to stay here.

'Guys! I can hear her singing! Follow me!'

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