• Published 17th Jan 2015
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The Way Back Home - JulietTara

The princess of the sea-ponies gets washed up at the beach.

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Author's Note:

Alright: next part c:

Finally you meet the best friends of serena!

darkblue coat
blonde, slightly curvy hair
light blue eyes

orange coat
thick, red, curly hair
dark green eyes

dark purple coat
black and light- purple straight hair
silver eyes

and again:
light pink coat
light green (almost white, thought), slightly curvy hair with a darker green strand in it
golden eyes

have fun reading! :) and sorry for mistakes if you find any

3 sea- ponies were sitting on a table in front of a little house. A thin, darkblue mare with blonde, slightly curled hair and light blue eyes; a orange mare with thick and curled, red hair and dark green eyes; and a dark purple, littler mare with black- light purple, straight hair and silver eyes.

They were staring at a picture, which was laying on the middle of the table. You could see a beautyful sea- pony- princess with light pink coat and light green, slightly curled hair and golden eyes. In the middle of her hair there was a little curled hair- strand in a darker green. On her little head there was a crown out of shells. Carefully placed- it always looked perfect.

The dark pruple one started talking first.
'Do you guys think she ran away? I guess there would be some reasons after the coronation. Mystra? Are you okay?'

Now the darkblue one came to word.

'Hm? Oh.. no.. everythings fine... I was just thinking.. about.. you know.. But I don't think she ran away either, Shelly. Because if she did- where would she go? She doesn't have anyone but her family.'

'..Loko? What do you think? ... Loko?'

'We should go find her. Maybe something bad happened to her.' The orange one stared down into a book.

'But how? Who knows where she is. Maybe she is on land.. Maybe someone took her from us.'

'Well.. I guess, if she would be singing I could track her down through my heartstone.' Shelly said.

'It's worth a try.. let's meet here again in one hour. Grab some things from home. We have to leave as soon as possible.'

The others agreed and everyone went her way.