• Published 17th Jan 2015
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The Way Back Home - JulietTara

The princess of the sea-ponies gets washed up at the beach.

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Author's Note:

I'm sorry if you find any mistakes! im not that perfect in english c:
Have fun reading!

Finally I got to convince them to believe me. Even thought I still think they don't fully trust me.

'Well.. if atlantica really is that far away from any islands.. how did you end up at equestria?' Twilight still couldn't believe what I was saying. I could hear the disbelieve in her voice.

'I can't remember.. I was outside- collecting some shells and then something hid me really hard and after that I can't remeber anything but darkness. I guess someone knocked me out and brought me here..'

'But who would do that to a princess? Do you have enemies?'
'I don't even have contact to my best friends since almost a year anymore..'
I think that line shocked Twilight really much after she stared at me with big eyes forever.

'You don't have contact to your best friends?'
'Since my coronation I don't have time for that anymore. And Mum forbade it since they are distracting me from my royal work. I always dreamed of finally being crowned.. but now, it's a nightmare.' I said as I looked away- out of the window.

Celestia slowly came up from me of behind and put her hoof on my shoulder. 'It's OK. We are going to help you get home and maybe we can talk to your parents also.'
'Yeah, good luck with that.'

The door opened and Luna came in again- as she left some hours ago. 'Sister it's late. You all should go to bed now. I am watching over equestria now.'
'She's right. Twilight please show Serena her new room now. It's the one on the left in front of the library, not far away from your old room. You also can stay here over the night, Twilight. I will send a letter to your friends. They will arrive here tomorrow afternoon. Maybe they can help us too.'
'Yes, Celestia. Come with me Serena.'

The walk to our chambers was mostly quiet. When we were standing outside of my room Twilight began to speak again.
'So.. I would like to know more about you sea-ponies.. Could you teach me some things about you tomorrow? I could begin to write a new book then.'

'Sure..' I answered with a little smile as i walked into my room and went to bed.