• Published 17th Jan 2015
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The Way Back Home - JulietTara

The princess of the sea-ponies gets washed up at the beach.

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Author's Note:

Another chapter! :) The next one maybe comes out it some hours!:)
Sorry for my english if you find any mistakes!
Have fun reading.

The song Serena is singing at the end:

As I woke up it was about 9 am.
I stood up and walked slowly and walked to the dining room.

When I arrived I already was greeted by the princesses. After I ate everything on my plate (Even thought I didn't know food like 'hay' and 'apples' until now- it was pretty good) I saw that princess Twilight opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again as she realised, that her book next to her vibrated.
After she wrote something in there she started talking. 'Serena? Could you follow me in the garden? I need to talk to you for a second.'


After some minutes of quiet walking Twilight opened a door to a wonderful garden with many flowers, trees and some animals in it. Even a little lake was there- which by the way- I really needed to remind me of home.

I instinctively went to the little lake and sat down in front of it. Twilight then placed herself next to me.

'So.. care to teach me something about sea- ponies now?'

I sighted. 'I don't know, if I'm allowed to tell a normal pony about that, but.. whatever..' I kept my eyes on the water.

'..We all live together in a really big land called atlantica, as you already know. We have 4 types of sea- ponies.. just like you normal ponies.'
I kept talking as Twilight put out that book from earlier again and began writing.

'We have royals, mermaids, nixxes and sirens.' I heard that Twilight sighted at the word 'sirens'. I gave her a asking look but as she didn't say anything, I continued.

'Every type of sea- pony has another talent. We don't exactly get cutiemarks like you. We get searas. Those are marks only sea- ponies get. We are born with it. It proves to which type be belong. Mermaids are conected to water very much. They can control it in any way they want. But if they aren't around water for a time, they are completly defenseless. Nixxes on the other hand have thise connection to animals and plants. Without it- they wouldn't have a chance in a fight. Those two types have a connection with something. But sirens are completly different.'

I stopped as I saw that Twilight now only stared at the book, with her writing- feather in the grip of her magic. I guess she noticed that I stared at her as she blinked some times and continued writing. I- again- turned to the water.

'They don't get a seara. For that they have their heartstone. They also have a unique and beautyful look. Sirens get their power from charming ponies with their wonderful voice. But to gain that power they have to- '

'feed of negativ energy.' Twilight finished. I turned to her as she put the book down. How would she know that? 'Or good one. Sirens can
choose if they want to be good or bad.' I think Twilight didn't know THAT yet, because she gave me a shocked look.

'How would you know about sirens?' I gave her a curious look.

'I already had to deal with 3 sirens.. in another world.' Now it was my turn to give Twilight that look of shock. Was she talking about.. THEM?

'It was some weeks ago. My friend in that other world called me to help her fight them. I don't know if I can even remind their names.. '

'Adagio, Aria and Sonata.. My father always talked about getting them back to atlantica as they would never survive out there alone without the swarm.'

Twilight now had wide eyes. 'Maybe you really can take them with you home.. when we find out where atlantica is there wouldn't be a problem to get them from the other world.'


'You.. still haven't told me about royals.'

'Right.. We royals are like a fusion of all the types.. We have a wonderful voice and can transform to a siren at any time and we have a deep connection to water, plants and animals..'

'Okay.. so if you excuse me for a moment. I have to speak to the princesses about those three sirens'

'Alright.. '

Twilight walked to the door that leads into the castle and opened it. As she was gone I slowly walked on the water. I walked over it like it was ice. It felt so good to be around my element again. I layed down on the water and began to sing.

Here I am
living a dream that i can't hold
Here I am
on my own..