• Published 17th Jan 2015
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The Way Back Home - JulietTara

The princess of the sea-ponies gets washed up at the beach.

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The lost princess

Author's Note:

Finally! Another part xD
Have fun reading and sorry for grammer or spelling mistakes, if you find some c:

The king was standing in front of a window and the queen was sitting in her throne as a little servant reached the room.

'King! We found a letter in the princess' room!

He turned to the servant and took a small yellow letter out of his hand.

We have your daughter and if you don't want anything to happen to her, you better do what is asked.
We know all your tricks, so don't even try something.
We will give you your princess back, if you bring us 3 heartstones.
They must be full of power already.
Meet us at the southern beach of equestria, otherwise a tragic.. accident will happen to your sweet, little princess.

The king was shaking. What should he do? He couldn't just give away 3 heartstones. They were hard to get and he would hate letting them get into the wrong hands. But he also didn't want anything to happen to his precious child. She was only 15 years old- she wouldn't even know what was happening to her.

Now also the queen was standing in front of the servant.
The king came to speak again.
'It's on. We will leave for equrestria first thing in the morning. I knew you couldn't trust those ponies. We will start war instantly.'

'But sweetheart..' Now the queen began speaking. 'What are you going to do?'

'Getting our daughter back. Whatever it takes.'

'But king. We don't exactly know where she is.'

'As I know my daughter it won't take her long untill she sings for the first time. We will be able to find her with that. Captain Tornado. You should know best that sirens are able to hear her royal voice, whereever she is. Whe should write a letter to the ones, who have my daughter, immediately. May the war begin.'

'But who has our daughter?'

The king now looked back on the letter- reading the last few words of the letter.

'Princess Celestia and princess Luna.' He said as another servant came into the room and started writing every word his king told him and send the letter off.