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Pinkie Pie is a very strange pony. She looks like a normal earth pony, but somehow she can do things beyond the scope of even powerful magic. This breaking of the laws of nature also seems to be unique to her alone, and it makes one wonder... Is she really a pony at all?

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You look like one of those few people who could actually write a decent Zecora.

Also, for some reason the system didn't count me as having read the story ;P

5405673 Thanks! I write songs sometimes (currently working on my first full album), and an epic poem isn't really too different. The biggest challenge was making it to a thousand words while rhyming the entire time. And yes, I see the counter still says zero views --that's strange, and kind of annoying since I like to see how many people have read my stuff. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You don't see too much poetry on this site, but I always enjoy reading a good poem or two. Thanks for the great read! :pinkiehappy:

Poetry! Finally!

Comment posted by knetch deleted Dec 21st, 2014

good luck with your album, i hope to lisent to it soon.


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