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The quality of my writings fluctuates wildly or are just plain wierd...

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Interesting, something of a rocky start of to a relationship. Though I quite like the idea of Celestia sternly improving Blitz's behavior.

Hope Celestia get's a bit sweeter.

What the Deuce? Blitz blows up a toilet and suddenly Celestia wants to shag his friggin' brains out? What?

This doesn't even make sense! No offense to the writer, none meant whatsoever, but I don't get this at all. Blitz blows up a toilet and then he's licking authoritative pussy? I'm pretty sure if I blew up a toilet I wouldn't get that, not that I would have accepted a deal like that in the first place.

And at the end, he's paying for the toilet? Isn't that enough of a punishment? And he's STILL not got word of whether he's on the team or not for that? Unless there is another chapter yet to come, I have no clue what's going on at this mentally challenged school.

I don't think it's the writing I'm confused by, it's the frickin' school itself. Blow up a toilet and get free pussy. Wow. A grades must be so easy to get here...XD

Well, it amuses me cause' of how ridiculous the 'punishment' was, so I'll follow you for that at least. Thank you for the laugh. Let's see what your other stories have to offer. Any good ones you can suggest personally to me, friend?

"blitz so how'ed it go with the principle".

At first I was like "Who is that person in the cover?" and then as the story went on it was made clear it was Celestia. It's a good image, but not very clear.

is this an Appleblitz?

celestias a bit mean but i still like this, also is applejack his girlfriend because she is one of the tags


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