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Eric Inkpot loves spending time with Lyra Heartstrings, he really likes her, a lot. Lyra already has a best friend Bonnie ''Bon Bon'' Sweetie Drops, but Eric is gonna learn that being best friends isn't as narrow as he'd been raised to believe it is.

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Um... ok?

It was short, and sweet, and well written, but... where's the rest? I realize there's a sequel I need to read, but as a standalone story it kind of went nowhere.

6842855 this story and its sequel are kinda meant to be direct opposites to each other, like the first one...is mostly a harmless read that with maybe a few things removed or altered, like the underwear Lyra puts away, it would be like those Equestria girls shorts that are extras on the EG DVDs.

While the sequel is a straight up clopfic that goes for a full on mature audience, a direct opposite to this one even though they are supposed to be telling a continuous story.


I mean that this story could basically be summarized as:

* Lyra, Bonnie, and Eric are besties

* Besties never leave each other hanging

And... that's about it. There's no real plot or story to it, just some character building.

If I really think about it, though, I guess there's nothing wrong with that. I'm probably too used to reading 500K+ word megafics. :twilightblush:

6844596. Yhea if you look at it that way didnt a lot of the actual zhows earlier eps read that way? Like look before you sleep or ticket master?


That's exactly what came to mind, yeah.

6844907 have you read this story's sequel yet? And if so what'd you think of it?

6844596 only 500k? Read Legacy's (by Nfire) 900k!

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