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i live to serve the princess of the night, aka the goddess of the moon aka princess luna...^^


It's always a different dream every night, sometimes she's human again in a city with some strange contraption for catching ghosts, sometimes she's a rock star not unlike one of those Dazzlings she fought. What are these strange dreams Twilight Sparkle seems to be having?

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Is this a joke about Tara Strong voicing those characters? Because I got that vibe just by looking at the picture. Then there's a few of the beings Twilight dreamed she was. But I have a question. I saw the possible Rugrats reference and the obvious Danny Phantom reference, maybe a second one, and I believe a Fairly Oddparents reference. But can you tell me the rest? I don't pay attention to who voices who/what unless someone mentioned it, like how I heard Tara Strong voiced Ben 10 and Timmy Turner.

Also, not that bad a story

Nice story! Now we just need one with Rarity (as Tabitha St. Germaine) :trollestia:

Nice shoutout to all the roles Tara voiced. Kinda disapointed of the lack of Raven though. On the other hand, even the brief mention of Lolipop Chainsaw made that one up again.^///^°

7442203 Juliet star from the vifeo game lollipop chainsaw, Harley Quinn in most of her new appearances save for the suicide squad movie

7442205 also kylee Griffin from extreme Ghostbusters

7443078 Okay thanks. Reading back, I recognized the Harley Quinn reference and Lollipop Chainsaw reference. Must've missed them before since they were also obvious. But thinks for telling me about Extreme Ghostbusters. I didn't know she voiced that character til now

Kind of nice to see the references but it felt like it could have been expanded some more


Nice Tara Strong tribute. ^^

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