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I'm a brony that thinks Fluttershy is best pony and Luna is best princess. I'm not picky on want stories I read and I like to rp.


It began when I met them. I saw the red eyes of a vampire and the yellow of the wherewolf. I never never knew at that time... but one must never get close to either one... cause their gaze will enslave you.

RainbowLightin gets credit

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I'm really enjoying this story so far! There are some mistakes, but either than that, it's great! The plot-line is really interesting, considering that I'm a fantasy, were-wolf, vampire freak myself. I can't wait for chapter two! :pinkiehappy:
- Shadowflash237

5335414 I appreciate your comment and fav to the story and if you see a mistake, don't be afraid to point out. I'll get an editor as soon as possible and I hope to get out chapter two soon.
Many thanks,

I definitely think that it could use a little bit of work but other than that I find it really fasinating and I hope to read more as soon as I can

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