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I'm a RPG gamer who writes for fun, however I don't mind doing one shot stories, so pm me if you want to make a request


It began when I met them. I saw the red eyes of a vampire and the yellow of the wherewolf. I never never knew at that time... but one must never get close to either one... cause their gaze will enslave you.

RainbowLightin gets credit

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Nightshade needs money so he takes up a job from a flier saying "Tomb Raider Wanted". The only problem is that his employer just wants to have a tomb raiding adventure. Can Nightshade stay alive by the events, let alone keep his sanity? Read to find out.

This story is a RP between PressStart' s OC Nightshade and Epicmanlymare22 OC Trick.

Bonus characters:
Winter Rose(another PressStart oc)
Vault(like I'm gonna spoil this character)
Wikkol(not telling)

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After Skyward Chronicles(Equestria Chronicles), as in the eighth installment of the Battle Path series.

Luna with the past of Nightmare Moon lives in Hion until an unexpected airship crash. Owner of the airship, Sweetie Belle (18 years old) is a survivor of the crash with Applebloom(19 years old). Luna agrees to help them survive in the darklands until the airship is fixed. Not long after an enemy called the emperor drags Luna into the conflict and in order to survive, Luna must use her power of Nightmare Moon.

just a random earth pony takes half credit for this story.

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Flitter is on her break day, but her sister Cloudchaser isn't. So she decided to see an old friend. On her way, she hears drums and started to dig in the spot that she is hearing it. Finding a board game called Jumanji, she decided to play it with her old friend. I mean, what could go wrong, right?

This may have sex in the tags, but at most they make sexual jokes a few times. Remember it's rated T, not M

Hothead112 takes half credit for this.


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The first alicorn Lukilla was told that keeping a diary is nice, so that's what she does. Follow her as she lives until the last entry. The mystery of who she lived will finally be revealed.

I don't know how many entries I will do, but I hope I will do around one hundred entries.

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The story takes place after "Grey and Yellow" and "Daring Do and the Philosopher's Stone".

Nightshade was unable to assist Daring Do in her rescue mission, so he decides to go on a raid. With help of course.

Nightshade: played by PressStart
Steel Soul: played by Steel Soul
Wolf Grey: played by PressStart
Flitter: played by Steel Soul
Raider: played by PressStart
Fluttershy: played by Steel Soul

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Just another peaceful day in Manehattan or it was until ponies started eating ponies. The name's Winged Spirit and I live with my younger sister Daring Do. Even if she isn't here most of the time, but want can I do. There is nine of us alive and I'm not sure we can make it, but a mares gotta try, right?

The story is in third person, not first.

OC belongs to Sky Wishes 7266.

Cover art made by Sky Wishes 7266.

The name was pick by PureLogic.

Edited by The Marvelous Mr M

The theme song is Monster by Nightcore.

Special thanks to the Contributors to the story
Sky Wishes 7266
The Marvelous Mr M

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Battle Path is usually a modern sci-fi fantasy story, but I'm now putting a pony twist.

Rainbow Dash finally returns after she spent four years away. Except for the fact that her home wasn't the same as she left it. Ponyville, canterlot, and yes even cloudsdale has been taken over by a new ruler. Rainbow Dash is literally the only one left to stop the madness. She must find her missing friends and find the missing elements of harmony.

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Daring Do just got back to find of her place was ransacked and not knowing that her house had a secret. She decided to go on another adventure.

Staring Applebloom, Fluttershy, Flin the changling, and a mysterious new companion Nightshade.

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the story takes place after equestria girls and twilight sparkle meets an old friend that she'd forgotten about.

A new pony enters the mlp universe and falls in love with fluttershy even through this new pony has a fiance that he doesn't like.

This is not a clopfic, the closest thing to that will possibly be kissing but that's it. Don't get your hopes up.

This will be a books length story, so the girl obviously will not appear in the first chapter. If you don't want to wait for the kissing don't even bother. The you might be missing somthing though.

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