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Your typical Brony that loves chaos and fear. That is trying to please you with his writing.


After the attack on Canterlot lead by Chrysalis had failed. Celestia and Luna have pushed Chrysalis back to her hive.
Her Hive can't live like this anymore. They are dying.
Only a drop of hope remains.

Chapters (2)
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Needs grammar errors corrected. Looking forward to finding out who this guy is.

Tracking :twilightsmile:
Also it's "angel" not "angle" unless Chrysalis has degrees.

"Well then my queen. It seems I am no longer at home. So I might as well make myself useful here." I watched as the Queen raised an eyebrow. "So then." I bowed. "I am yours to server but I will not call you my queen until I see fit."

What was the point of him saying 'I will not call you my queen until I see fit' last chapter if all he calls her is 'my queen'? Have him call her Chrysalis, or if you're really that adamant about it then have him call her Queen Chrysalis; but not 'my queen'. Also last chapter you said that he had no defense against magic, he must have some kind of defense if he can use magic himself.

That is a character you will need to learn more about. :3

he is going to kill all geometry !

Why did he just call her flat out 'my queen.' I would have been like "Not like I have anything else to do." *loads shotgun*

Well all geometry related things are screwed now. Interesting how he turns into a demon. We will keep waiting

Please do keep this up, this story... It Intrigues me.

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