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Tell me, have you ever wondered if...


Vinyl Scratch is a teenager with two passions: Music and being heroic.

With the blessing of the secretive WUBS organization, she takes up the mantle of the vigilante known only as 'The DJ' and jumps into the seat of the super high-tech P.O.N.-3 convertible.

Equipped with special reverb plating, the latest in auricular engine technology and a weaponized sound system far, far ahead of anyone's time, she prowls the streets and takes down any ne'er do wells from petty burglars to smugglers moving their goods around to downright villains like the Symphonic Society all so that the common citizen can sleep safe at night. Although she has woken them up by accident on more than one occasion.

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Comments ( 11 )

Oh so fantastic.. Only thing I found wanting was a lack of an analogue for the turbo boost.

Take all of my yes!

I read the car's lines with William Daniels' voice...


I love how your photo just so happens to be the member of Octavia's band that I chose to be the villain. :rainbowlaugh:

Is this a watch dogs cross?

Heaven's no. You must be fairly young, I'm assuming (Of course, this statement is slathered with hypocrisy). It's a crossover with an old show from the 70's called Knight Rider.

Basic premise, Cool, advanced car fights crime with a leading guy primarily there to be handsome.


Awesome! You combined my favorite pony with my favorite show!

5249094 Actually Knight Rider was on in the early 80s. I watched it when I was young. I like your concept though, the Equestria Girls universe is right for this kind of thing.

Oh so that's what Vinyl was doing during the band competition. :rainbowlaugh:

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