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I am a girl who got into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 7 years ago. And I've finally decided to try and write fanfics, so...yeah. That's about it. If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me.


Everypony called me kind, the Elements of Harmony themselves recognized me as kind. And yet, I was everything but kind. A pony like me…

Fluttershy has always seemed like the sweetest, kindest pony in all of Ponyville. So why doesn't she believe that herself? This is her last attempt to explain how she feels about herself. But is it already too late?

Written for One-shotober.

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5155302 Sorry.....this was just symbolic for me right now.....:fluttershbad:

5155310 I'm sure you know what it's symbolic of...

5155315 yes *hugs* just know we r here for u


*Returns hug* Thank you for the story. Writing is a better coping mechanism than, well, what Fluttershy does.

5155333 You're welcome. I would be lying if I said I wasn't close to following her:fluttershysad:

Is this also about you? Don't feel like you're unkind. Don't be sad :fluttercry: like Fluttercry. You're the most beautiful, (With words. I still have never seen your face.) brilliant, (Remember how brilliant I told you that you were? You are still bloody brilliant!) ginger (as a metaphor for kind, and since I still haven't seen your hair, I don't know if it even can be literal.) girl I've known.

5155338 Yeah, it is.... Thank you for all that

I... I usually scoff at stories of people ( or ponies ) who commit suicide, thinking that they are weak but wow. That nearly made me cry. It's not that easy to make me cry so... Feel proud, I guess.

5155341 You're welcome. Remember, we'll continue our Crusade through the Midnight Sky.

5155345 Thank you, I think?

No problem, I think?
EDIT: Ignore the ',I think'.

This was so sad, but kinda beautiful at the same time. I really enjoyed this, but still, :fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:

5155394 I agree. You know what else is sad and beautiful, but, unlike this story, also uplifting? This song:

5155394 Thank you, it was just meant to be symbolic:pinkiesad2:



Please don't. I'd miss you.

5155728 Well, I haven't yet, but...


I know words can seem a little hollow at times, especially when it's bad, but ... I and many others are here for you, no matter what.

5155737 Thank you....and those, at least, didn't seem hollow:heart:


But seriously, I'm around a lot if you need to talk/vent. :heart:

5155748 Well, I'd like that but....I don't want you to feel like I'd just be dumping all my problems on you...


I don't mind. I just want to help you in some small way, if I can.

5155761 Will you still be around in an hour or so?


Unfortunately, I'll be gone in about an hour. :fluttershysad: But I should be back around an hour after that.

I don't even need to read this to know it's mainly about you...:ajsleepy: I'm sorry but I'll read it later or something...:fluttercry:

5155780 I'll PM you then if you don't mind. I'd like to talk now, but I just got back from horseback rising and desperately need a shower:twilightblush:

5155781 It symbolic yeah, and it's okay


Okay. I'll be there. :twilightsmile:


You're welcome. :heart:

:heart:You know I do care, and that I'm always here for you, along with many others. You are not alone, Midnight, nor will you ever be.

5156381 I know, and thank you:heart:

5157331 It was Spike. Symbolic of how I feel right now...

For a happier but still somewhat dark take on Fluttershy, you might want to read my Flutterarc:

A Robust Solution and
Fluttershy Is Free.

Respectively, they are a mostly Fluttershy POV rendering of "Dragonshy," a Fluttershy-Rarity friendship story about how Rarity helps Fluttershy understand and overcome a bad experience from her past, and the story of how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy witness the Butterfly Migration together.

I think these stories might speak to you.

5398615 I'll read them over winter break.

oh... dear... :fluttercry:

(Great read! I always enjoy to read some sad stories now and then. :heart:)

I will not cry,I will not cry,OH CELESTIA THIS IS SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry::raritycry:

8083075 its all good I should have expected it on a story with the tag sad

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