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Probably Minion

I'm just a former writer who's now a full blown TF2 brony. I'm also the starting engineer on a highlander team that's gonna start competing next season. Feel free to add me on Steam. :D


This is a story of how one brony's life was changed by one night when Rainbow Dash flew into his room and they had 'interactions'..........
Yes, this is in fact a parody of "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life".

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an insult to whomever posts that joke, otherwise just a comment

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Judging by the description and title, I really don't see how this could be rated "everyone".

Second Chapter


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This was touching. It was a really nice light read. Thank You

good fic. made me smile. it was a very relatable story. when people insult MLP though... :pinkiecrazy: I have been told my eye twitches and I have to remove myself from the situation before I hurt someone

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>Implying Rainbow Dash is love
>Implying Rainbow Dash is life

Celestia is love, Celestia is life!

Being serious though, this was a nice little read.

Wow that deescalated quickly

What age are you? This story makes you sound like you're in middle school. I did like it.

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Alright, this was really nice and all. Also I think it would be cool if you made sequels to it. But just to make things clear. Saying that I'm the biggest fan wouldn't mean enough to me. Which makes me think that despite the title being related to something extremely weird, it suits it really. I couldn't thinknif a better way to put it. I'm really just like this guy except an 8th grader, and the fact that I have a dream far more meaningful than this guys. Which I prefer to keep to myself. I pray about it every night and it lasts a whole 10 minutes and they are extremely meaningful. So yes, I'm glad I decided to read this fic, because it reminded me even more than I already knew that my wish still had hope. So thanks for the reminder

thank you for this dashtastic story

Who can tell the difference between this and My Little Dashie?

5275944 There's a countless number of ways to tell this apart from "My Little Dashie".
For example:
1. It has nowhere near as many views as "My Little Dashie" (and probably never will).
2. It's way shorter than "My Little Dashie".
3. It doesn't involve a brony raising a baby Rainbow Dash found in the middle of the street.
Thanks for reading my story! :derpytongue2:

5293964 You're welcome.

I was half expecting Rainbow dash to err... well you obviously read the original story so hehe.

5308161 i was expecting that too


Good thing this was a SFW parody of Shrek is Love Shrek is Life.

6095202 I included that because that's how I got into watching the show! XD :D

huh.... this was good.

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