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When Rainbow Dash has to choose between her fillyhood dream of flying with the Wonder Bolts and her marefriend, romantic fluff ensues.

Cover Art- http://dark-pangolin.deviantart.com/art/Let-your-hair-down-Take-off-your-hat-341743129

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Why do they have to live in the clouds? It'd make more sense if the friction was caused by the fact that, as touring performers, they'd rarely get to see each other. :rainbowhuh:

Still, not a bad story; could use some polish, and is a little flowery - mind you, I'm known for that myself - but it's overall rather cutely done.

meeeh ive seen worse

Thank you for the input! I just always figured that the Wonder Bolts were stationed in Cloudsdale, because that's the city that they represented in the Equestria Games. Earth ponies can't walk on clouds, so living in a city made of them would be impossible without a constant cloud walking spell.
Thanks, I think?

not to be rude it was a nice shrot story just not what im into for example i wouldnt have read this if i could find a good docor whooves story

Oh, another romance featuring two od main six... How original, how original.
Just like it haven't been done like 900000000000+ times before...

Totally get it. Doctor Whooves is best pony.

This wasn't meant to be original, just cutesy fluff.

5075413 I left the fandom like a year and a half ago, mainly because of fanfics like this - so unoriginal that they felt like they've been made with some template.
Why won't you try something original? Jesus, is creativity dead already?

Wow, I just love your attitude. Really puts my faith back in humanity. Just saying, you should probably think a bit more before posting hate like this, you never know who's on the receiving end. :ajbemused: I won't be replying to any more comments, unless you change your attitude.

I liked the story. It's was sweet when Rainbow Dash purposed to Applejack.

You know, I hate to be that guy, but why don't you stop being such a jackass. The story was really cute and I liked it. It's like what we hear when we are kids, 'if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all.'

I honestly did enjoy your story, enough that I'm going to like and favorite it, and I hope to read some more from you in the near future.

Thank you very much!
Thank you so much! That was an amazing act of kindness, and the kind of thing that this community stands for. Keep up the awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

5076470 So, I can't even say what I think about this ''masterpiece'' as long as it isn't nice?
Freedom od speech - does that day anything to you?

That's not what I'm saying and you know it. I've been on the receiving end of someone being a jackass and saying a story isn't good because it wasn't something they like. I didn't like that and I don't like it when it happens to others. There's a big difference between a criticism and just being a plain jackass.

Short, sweet, fluffy, and to the point. I like it.

Thank you very much!

5080459 Hey! I just noticed this is your first story! Congratulations on joining the site. Keep up the good work and i'm sure you'll have tons of followers in no time. You have one already...well technically i'm the 3rd but you get the point.

Thank you very much! I hope you're right, I definitly see myself writing quite a bit more now that I've gotten this account.

Ahhhhh the feels ! *chuckles* though ^_^ can't really say I can see rd saying things like that but what the hay ! I'll go long wif et. It's a cute quick read ^_^ hope to see more from you in the future.

Mane Medic

Thank you very much! You definitely will see more in the future!

Personally, I find a different children's moral you clearly haven't learned to be more fitting: "Treat others how you'd like them to treat you."
Also, if you've left the fandom, why are you here?

There's one thing that I always look for in a story and that's how well it ended, and let me tell you, you pulled it off flawlessly with just two sentences. DAMN that was beautiful. Hope to see more from you.

5414990 Thank you so much!

Well...Is very short,But is a really cute history :twilightsheepish:


5080425 *sees your prof pic* MY DRILL IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!!!!!

6691315 Yes, I had to use Tengan Toppa's massive power to drill a hole in dimensions to get here. That's how much I love this fandom.

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