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I Will Find You

Ill run away with your footsteps, ill build a city that dreams for two, and if you loose yourself I WILL FIND YOU!
If you don't know already, I am a huge ZEDD-HEAD. I am extremely addicted to his new single, Find You (Its also on the Divergent Soundtrack). This song really does mean a lot to me. Its one of those pieces of music that you can listen to on repeat all day and night, but never get old of. I recently found out that there is an acoustic version, and now I am hooked on that. MY DRUG =EDM
But just know, if you feel lost, or just need somebody to show you the light in life, you will find this person. It may take some time, it may be tomorrow you find him/her. All of you, will be one day found.


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1409320 Hopefully :twilightsmile:
Thanks for the watch, by the way! :pinkiehappy:

I try... Maybe once I write more there will be more comments :unsuresweetie:

Wow I dont know what to say.... T-THANKS!!!!
It was really fun to read though, I cant wait to see their "friendship" develop throughout the fic. I also very much enjoy anything related to dubstep :derpytongue2:

Hi! Thanks for checking my Spike x Vinyl story! You rock :pinkiehappy: hey! I can be the first one to follow you::twilightsmile:

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I so ship this......

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