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A web developer whose writing process occasionally looks like Pinkie's infamous Party Of One thanks to characters deciding to derail his fics when they feel they make more sense that way.


By the time Princess Celestia chained her to the execution site, Gilda knew that her week was going to suck. Now she wants to find out who set her up, and she is not alone.

Cover art by Earthsong, who never fails to blow my mind with her skills and talent.

Current status: I've been neglecting this fic for way too long and I absolutely apologize for that. 2018 was the year I revved up my writing again, and I want to make 2019 the year I actually finish a few fics, including this one.

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OK I'm in, waiting for chapter 2.

Romance, add a romance in it. :pinkiecrazy:
I mean, if Shining ruts Gilda, it will be NC for the both of them, one having memory loss and the other with no real agenda about it.

This is hilarious.

Hmm, Gilda's memory is hosed. Celestia isn't quite acting herself. And Shining Armor is in la-la land.

Methinks the culprit has access to some very powerful mental magic.

Congrats. You've caught my attention.

Intriguing. Let's see where this goes.

I feel Gilda should be bitcher

Wow, I sure am happy I found this new author! When was this posted again?


*Starts crying.

After Doctor Whooves: The Series, I promised I wouldn't let it happen again.

I lied.

Yeah they writing 3 stories I like including this one but I don't have high hopes that they will finish them. Its to bad they seem to be a really good writer.

Really really really wanna see this story continue...

still no updates...is sad birb...

Update pweeeease!!!!!

so....dead story?

man, i hat it when authors get my hopes up for a good read and then it dies.

ESPECIALLY when it's a gilda story! she needs more love.

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