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Brony kaiju soldier

A 27 year old Brony with Asperger's syndrome who enjoys ponies, kaiju, video games, history, animals and a few other things.


An ancient evil that once hailed from Equestria escapes its imprisonment in another dimension (where a race of powerful beings resides), and plots to bring darkness into Equestria. A certain purple alicorn will have her work cut out for her when she meets a warrior from another dimension who is stubborn, shortsided and reckless.

The cover art is by Warren Hutch, I asked for his permission to use it for my fic. (This just so happens to be my first fic and I'll update as frequently as I can). Anthro Ponies are involved, despite the cover art. Edited by SuperGodzilla2030

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Does the term "run-on sentence" mean anything to you? :trixieshiftleft:

This story reminds me of a time when fanfiction was never about quality. You need an editor........badly.

There's the makings of a good Kaiju story in this, but there's so many basic errors with it that cause it to fall short. Try getting an editor, or at least throwing this through spell and grammar check on word a couple of times.

Well thanks for the input from you guys and I'll get an editor now that you mention it.

Raise the quality of the writing to the quality of the cover art, and you'll have a winner. :pinkiesmile:

4913498 Run on sentences? Are they like a treadmill?

4913672 Throw it through the grammar checker like a carcass through a wood chipper.

4914382 the art was used with permission from Warren Hutch

4914101 Thanks for the advice I'm gonna look for an editor god willing I find one if I can't I'll make the Improvements.

Interesting! This isn't my usual cup of tea but I'm certainly intrigued to see where things go. Twilight's panic attack is certainly believable and relatable (I've had my fair share of nightmares!) and I enjoyed the interaction between Twilight and Spike. I don't fully have a grasp on the passage of time aside from Spike being "pretty much full grown," but I like the idea of him remaining her faithful friend and loyal assistant throughout the years. :twilightsmile:

A great way to improve your writing is just to keep writing, so don't let things get you down and cause you to stop moving forward. Like most things, no one starts off as a master at their chosen craft. I don't think I'm a great writer myself, but boy howdy, if you could have read the crap I scribbled down when I was a kid... Man, that was some truly terrible work. :raritywink: Just keep going and don't slow down to let the negative feedback stop you. You can always go back and spruce things up as you learn more.

5420281 Thanks and I should have the second chapter out within the next day or so.

please add more stories and chapters

5423715 I'll be sure to do that, I'm just getting started with this story.

5423719 ok sorry to pressure u I didn't mean to:twilightblush:

5423723 Oh no worries, you're not pressuring me in the slightest.

Comment posted by Black John deleted Feb 11th, 2015
Comment posted by Brony kaiju soldier deleted Feb 11th, 2015

Are you going to post this on the 'Gamera/Ultraman' folder of 'Godzilla Has Return' Group?

5810950 I failed to notice they had that, and I'm gonna do some major revisions.

5811808 You could used what you have, you just need to improve what you had. You don't have to change that much.

5812588 I would just need an editor, I have a few people I can turn to for editing, and I gotta start getting on track for this story.

when is are going to be a new chapter?

6417215 I'm making some changes to the second chapter, and I'll post it soon, I promise.

6417217 ok, so is Ultraman Zero really going to MLP universe to save it from this new evil?

6417225 I've also been pretty distracted over this last year, and I've got some really awesome layouts planned for each chapter. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.

6417237 ok, let me know when it ready.

6417303 are you going to put the next chapter now?

I'll need to track this CAUSE NOW I WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT FREAKING HAPPENS!!!!! :raritydespair:

Where's the next chapter man:rainbowhuh:

6857459 I'm still typing it out; I promise to get it out soon, though. College has been getting in the way.:twilightsheepish:

6860238 how's the new chapter coming

7759587 Thanks for the honest review; I've been contemplating over where I've needed improvements.

Good call bringing seven in

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