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Brony kaiju soldier

A 22 year old Brony with Asperger's syndrome who enjoys ponies, kaiju, video games, history, animals and a few other things.

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Because of a surprise storm orchestrated by the Ponyville weather team at night, Applejack is scared out of her mind when it hits. Wanting to find comfort, she decides to go to her brother. How will he help?

There will be snuggles!

Cover art by Banansplitzel

Proofread by Scootaloo96.

Chapters (1)

Why did Rainbow have to give Pinkie that confounded energy drink? This all happened when Pinkie drank it 20 years ago, and now Equestria has paid the price. It all could've been avoided if Pinkie hadn't found out.

Covert Art by Drawponies, who's permission I have, and inspiration for this story. I also saw it on a couple of blogs as well as being told someone needed to make it into a story.

Written in third person. Sort of a one-shot.

Pre-read and edited by Duelist96 and FelineFluff.

Chapters (1)

An ancient evil that once hailed from Equestria escapes its imprisonment in another dimension (where a race of powerful beings resides), and plots to bring darkness into Equestria. A certain purple alicorn will have her work cut out for her when she meets a warrior from another dimension who is stubborn, shortsided and reckless.

The cover art is by Warren Hutch, I asked for his permission to use it for my fic. (This just so happens to be my first fic and I'll update as frequently as I can). Anthro Ponies are involved, despite the cover art. Edited by SuperGodzilla2030

Chapters (2)
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