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Well, that was certainly exciting.



Plunk a young filly who recently moved to Ponyville and finds an out of place Kezzerdrix.
How does one perceive friendship when faced with a horror that can take it and one's life away?
Plunk is about to find out for herself.

The Kezzerdrix is a creature card from the card game Magic The Gathering.

The time line for this story and the other two after is set before the episode Magical Mystery Cure.
So this is before Princess Twilight.

The wording to this story has been slightly updated.

Chapters (5)
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3 likes, 34 dislikes, 4 comments...

Sees no comments, and story view counter only shows up as "2"


Go home fimfiction, you are drunk...

I think my resubmission of this story has confused the system. :derpytongue2:
It was taken down for a time then put back up after some changes. Only part of it seems to have reset do to this. It use to have four comments, as you stated, and I think around a thousand views. It seems for the moment the four comments have been removed as well. That is what my display is showing me. The only thing that seems to be the same now is the likes and dislikes.

5597466 I usually find new stories, but this one was on the updates list and it caught my eye

And added to the Badfic Bin through the power of being able to tell the future! :derpytongue2:
Everyone's a critic. :rainbowwild:

If you feel my story is bad in some way, that is fine.
If you wish to criticize it, that is fine too.
If one wishes to point out why one feels it is bad, that might be better. I just may consider what you have to say about it.
I did in dealing with spideremblembrony, and he had a lot to say about it.

However, and remember, I know not everyone thinks alike. And what one may feel as being just crap, others may not agree.

I know some can and will say, Don't be so happy and so full of yourself and think you have accomplished anything, just because those that can't tell between silver and shit think you have made something good. It is pathetic to feel one has had an accomplishment because someone foolish felt like giving you some praise like a parent would praise a child for taking it's first shit in the toilet. You are nothing but fucked up in the head if you feel good because you have given some mud to a bunch of pigs to wallow in. If you can feel happy about pleasing a bunch of dumb animals, you should work on a farm and leave writing to those that know how. Don't wast peoples time with more piles of your shit. People take a shit all the time, dose not mean anyone else wishes to have a look at it.

For those that wish to say such things to me, go ahead. I don't mind. I will just send it strait to my complaint department.

Have a nice day. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, Sorry. It is from the card game Magic The Gathering. The Kezzerdrix is one of my favorite cards, mostly for what it is, not, its stats.
The card came out years ago, and so did the game.
I thought the Kezzerdrix was one real creepy looking thing. The look of it alone inspired me to make this story. At least that is how it all started. I have expanded on that first idea some.

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