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I am Prince John Winter. Welcome to the Kingdom of Solstice.


It's been a month since her coronation, and things are already going south...fast.
Queen Chrysalis has launched numerous attacks on Canterlot, and ponies are on edge.
Desperately trying to calm them, she organizes a presentation in Ponyville on how to determine who is a Changeling and who isn't. The Reveal Spell backfires, and soon Twilight is running for her life. Read on to discover why!

Based off Solitary Locust by the parasprite

Note: This story briefly introduces Princess Rarity, Princess Ella, and the Darklight Incident, which take place in A New Ruler.

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Sorry, but the characters you introduce are very unbelievable. Sure they have interesting back stories, but they raise up a list of unanswered questions. Like "Why does no one know about these humans who have been around since the dawn of time?"
Also, you mention a war between the changelings and the ponies in your synopsis, but you glaze over it in the actual fic. You have some interesting ideas here, but they are all thrown together so quickly, that it makes it unbelievable.

wow, this is even gayer than the original
good job!

Not to skip formalities, but my name is John Winter. I'm Prince of the Kingdom of Solstice, a powerful kingdom to the north of The Crystal Empire, but all will be explained as tou read on.

Not sure if srs or chuckward alt


Basically, the humans and Solstice are one huge OC I created awhile back. And with a civilization as advanced as these humans (they use magic and technology, separately or combined. An example would be the air fleet, all powered by focus crystals). Also, John Winter is, like an Alicorn, immortal. A war that lasted from the dawn of time consumed the Kingdom of Solstice until about 7105 years ago, which was soon followed by a civil war that destroyed the kingdom's other capitols.
And the Changeling vs. Pony war is there for it all to make sense. I'll probably put a huge battle only Twilight can end, resulting in peace between the Changelings and the Ponies. Wait, that's brilliant!

Also, I didn't want to plagiarize, so I really dumbed down on the plot. If you want something better, I made a TF TG story awhile back that features most of these characters, and I haven't posted it anywhere...yet.




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What in Luna's name does that have anything to do with a TF TG story?

I'm going to blog this later, after my fluffy blog gets some comments.

4187309 I'm fairly certain the moon stays the same in terms of climate and such all year round

Which is why it's the perfect place for a vacation, or thousand year banishment. Meh.

4187734 but there's no air or food on the moon
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also, the amount of money it would take to place me on the moon for a simple banishment is astronomical! You should probably just execute me.

Me: Honey, someone's not making much sense.

Congrats! :yay: You are now on the moon! Don't worry, Nightmare Moon did it, you'll be fine!

4187842 Nope, I'm still sitting in my friend's house, leeching their wifi
you're an odd one

This is based off of solitary locust? Seriously?

It's horrible, I know.
I'll add more detail when I get over the fact everyone hates this.

4188897 Not everybody hates this, I mean look at the like bar.
Only 10 people disliked it. And thats nowhere near everybody, its hardly even 0.00001% of everybody.
So don't worry! The Earths population as a majority does not dislike this fic.
And in the grand scheme of things that means the fractional like/dislike ratio is so abysmally small you shouldn't worry so much.
So think of it this way, at least the ratio of likes to dislikes isn't on a grander scale! In which case you'd be more boned than your mom on prom night.

The author of the story it's based on likes it, and is flattered by its existence, so there's a pretty firm upvote right there. Carry on! :)

I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy this a lot. Please don't delete it, it's gonna sit in my read later for a while, and I do not want to return to see it gone-ed.



*flatted the poo


Have a like. Not because I actually read or even enjoyed the story, but because you know how to write proper English. That's a rare sight for alicorn OC guys.

whether or not the author can arrange words to make coherent sentences, it's still shit


brb gonna off myself


[4/5/2014 2:11:37 PM] Zach (IO): There was one job to be done.
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Para's right. Words cannot describe this. Thankfully, caption images can

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Tried to avoid plagarism, otherwise it would be better.

...but now I'm past the point that plagiarism is an issue, so it will get better.

4191434 The spelling, punctuation and grammar in this story is in my opinion. higher than a top level students.
Kindergarten students, but still students.

I admit, it's one of my lesser works.:facehoof:
But it should get better...hopefully.
As for spelling errors, I write it on my computer, which doesn't have spellcheck.:twilightangry2:
Sooo, yeah.:facehoof:


As for spelling errors, I write it on my computer, which doesn't have spellcheck.:twilightangry2:

The site has integrated spellcheck. As does other sites and programs, like Google docs, and Microsoft word.


Well, my internet's a bit iffy, and I'm not paying $90.00 for Word.
So, yeah. I'm content with WordPad. It's done the job so far, hasn't it? (Minus the spelling errors)

>implying you have to pay for things on the internet


Nope. I look for the free stuff, like this site. Literature and no costs between me and it, save maybe a little sleep deprivation.

no, i mean just pirate everything

it has no consequences


You're gonna want to get rid of that.

Obviously, you have no idea what you're talking about.:ajbemused:

let's break down the word.

Con = fake

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Do you really want all of that fake science floating around in your head?

Obviously, you REALLY have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.:ajbemused::facehoof:

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This though :rainbowlaugh:

A fanfiction based off a fanfiction based off a show based off a toy... Dear Celeastia I've seen everything now!


Oh, you ain't seen noth'in yet. Wait until I finish formatting A New Ruler, 15 chapters of transformations, apocalypses, time travel, Ponyville, high-tech humans with magic and, to top it all off, the Daedric Prince Sheogorath!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

YOU WILL BE AMAZED! (Once I finish formatting it)


this is too fucking funny

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The Earths population as a majority does not dislike this fic.




I thought RPing was illegal now

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Wow, you have two mice?! :pinkiegasp:

I tire of your foolishness. Act your age, not your shoe size. And no wise cracks.:ajbemused:
It was kinda funny at first, but not anymore.


How can you judge A New Ruler? It's not even published!

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