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Just saw a dislike go up as soon as I hit the like button. The nerve of some people. Anyways I loved this story. A couple grammar errors, but it's nothing a quick once-over wont fix ^^


Glad you liked it... I'm sure Spyling appreciates it as well... I also noticed those errors as it was my third time reading back through...

4156334 Thanks, you know english is not my native language and its been the first time i wrote a fiction in english. Usually i keep writing them in german. And i learned english through the internet so... it was to expect that there will be some errors :/

4157400 it's ok, I understand. Still I look forward to more from you if you'll keep writing ^^

4156471 it's nothing to take too seriously with the grammar errors. I'm not a grammar nazi as they call it. As long as I can still understand the story from inferring what the author meant to say, i don't really mind :rainbowlaugh:

I want... MOAR
Love this story.

I'm too demanding :pinkiecrazy:

I would recommend that you put thoughts in quotations like speech, as not doing so can cause a bit of confusion.
No other errors were really getting in the way of my enjoyment of it, and I did enjoy this story quite a bit for what I was expecting to be shameless clop.
as good as shameless clop is

It would be nice if you did a sequel, as it would be nice if you explored their relationship after this.
Best of wishes with your writing, English and otherwise!:yay:

Well, I wanted to read this story, but I can't help but catch all of these, even in just the first paragraph

Everypony knows of the Everfree Forest nearby of Ponyville. A forest filled with monsters, and myths. and theySome even say it evenhas its own mind. However, there are many other mystic places scattered all over in Equestria no pony ever dares to enter by itstheir own accord, especially without or any protection in any sort. One such place is the Jungle in the southern tropical areas of Equestria; thea place only a few know by hisits real name: “The White Tail Jungle“. Many daring explorers and treasure-hunters lost themselves in that untouched natural maze of a Jungle. Only The few that did return and reported about strange creatures lurking in the darkness with golden eyes piercing through the darkness of those shadows coming from the gigantic, closely standing trees cast. It’s said they are ancient spirits which protect the Jungle from intruders. but no pony knows the truth behind those mystical creatures. Although, you might consider them more “strange” than mystical.

I'm currently editing another clopfic written by a Hungarian, so I'm seeing a lot of the errors or just clumsy sentence structure that can be explained by writing outside your native language. Hopefully the above can show you what sort of things you need to take into account. If you can't see why I made a change, just ask.

5506944 Im german and I learned my english through talking with other people. And thank you very much, but because of grammar nazis like you, I won't write any more Fics...

5523128 maby you can right some more changelings queens sisters pleas

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