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Red Glare


A short story based off of Frank Stockton's work "The Lady or The Tiger" I liked this story alot, so I decided to ponify it and post it on here. The story tells an interesting tale that causes one to look into their own heart for what they'd to for a loved one. Enjoy!

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Haha! I spotted this, and now I shall read it! :pinkiecrazy: Take that giant fish in the sky!

Red Glare listen dude... you need to space this, other then that it was pretty good. :twilightsmile: Now, if you excuse me, I will return to worshiping the great fish in the sky.

damn. its the opposite of a Xanatos Gambit.
no matter what she chooses she still loses

FEAR MY GIANT WALLS OF TEXT! But ok I will after school.

SHEET MAN! That's one of those un-answerable conundrums! ARGH! I HATE CONUNDRUMS! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
It's stuck in my head you bastard!
Also not only could she have lied or told the truth, but when the stallion said "Which?", he could have meant "Which is the manticore in?"; or he could have meant "Which is the mare in?", FUCKING CONUNDRUMS!!! *puts gun to head* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!:pinkiecrazy:

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