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A short story based off of Frank Stockton's work "The Lady or The Tiger" I liked this story alot, so I decided to ponify it and post it on here. The story tells an interesting tale that causes one to look into their own heart for what they'd to for a loved one. Enjoy!

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After the zebra invasion, ponies are being arrested for the simplest of reasons. For Pipsqueak, now in his teens, it was the fact he looked at a zebra the wrong way. Now Pip is on a train to the Northern territory to serve out his 15 year sentence to work in the ruby mines. Pip starts to contemplate one of the most dangerous ideas for any prisoner. He thinks about escape. Join Pip as he ventures from the snowy North to the Western desert and from grasslands to big cities as well as everything in between as he tries to reach his ultimate goal: home.

(Idea from Josef M. Bauer's book "As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me")

Cover art by Equestria-Prevails off of Deviant Art

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Join Logan Jastion, a 15 year old orphan form Agua Fria, New Mexico, and the mane six as the travel across the nuclear wasteland that is the American Southwest. They face a new evil that wants to rule the new post-apocalyptic world, as well as there own desires and fears along the way. This is my first fan fic so any suggestions, comments, and views are much appreciated.

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