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When Applejack forgets her fire-swamp supplies, it's up to Applebloom and her friends to make sure she's okay. After all, her route takes her through the deadly fire swamp, home of the dreaded Chimera!

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“If an evil wizard offers to turn us into a three-headed monster, we should definitely say no.”

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for everypony, actually. :unsuresweetie:

4063405 With Discord and Twilight hanging around town, it's an important lesson to learn.

The monster was slightly scarier in the episode. Slightly. c_c

I did like Sweetie Belle's “You know, girls, I don’t think this chimera ate Applejack. Maybe we should just go" though. :D

Heh heh, love AJ's reaction to the stallions comment about staying with him! :rainbowlaugh: Great CMC story! ^^

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