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Not sure if writing clop or giving biology lessons.


Among unicorns, it is traditional for the student to thank their teacher or professor upon graduating with some sort of small gift that properly reflects how much the student valued their instruction.

Twilight has been an alicorn for several months now, and she still hasn't found the perfect gift to give Celestia, who, after all, decided to skip over making Twilight a doctor and head straight to making her a Princess. What sort of gift could she probably give her?

Perhaps an apple will do...

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Comments ( 14 )

Comedy gold... LOVED IT!!!

Somehow, I upvoted this before I finished reading it; it was that good. :rainbowlaugh:


5/5 I clapped. :ajsmug:


Soooo, AJ is the Princess of Lesbianism or something now?


Somebody drag my corpse over to the Spirit Healer because I am 100% officially dead from laughing too hard at 4 in the morning reading this.

10 outta 10 apples for this one.

This was great! Applejack must be really, really good at pie eating to become the alicorn of it :applejackconfused:

Oh that's so...funny ish.

I have no words....



Great all around. 10/10 8/8 5/5

Why was this not featured?

I was expecting the "best apple" to be Big Mac, considering the earlier line.

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