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Cupcakes: The Musical - SweeneyXoz

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Act II: Part IV

Interior of a Canterlot mansion

Two wealthy-looking, white unicorns, a blue-maned stallion in a fine suit and a pink-maned mare, are sitting at a small table with some tea. The room around them is almost exactly how Rarity envisioned her dream home. The ceiling is high and the walls are a soft blue. The tall windows allow the sun to shine through, a stark contrast to the cloudy blandness of Ponyville down below.

Fancypants: A nice day for a walk in the park, don't you think, Fleur?

Fleur des Lis: Oh, yes. In fact, I haven't seen the sun shine like this in years. Do you think something's changed?

Fancypants: Doubtful. Even after all this time, the princess still refuses to make public appearances. Then again... perhaps something has changed. (lifts a monocle to his eye and moves a newspaper from the kitchen with his magic) Now, let's see... (begins reading, then gasps) Sweet merciful Celestia!

Fleur des Lis: (startled) What!? What's happened?

Fancypants: (reading from the newspaper) "Tragedy Strikes: Ponyville residents left mortified after a cellar of death was discovered beneath famed shops Pinkie Pie's Capricious Confectionery and Carousel Boutique. At nine-o-clock last evening, police officers were called to the disturbing scene as a horde of mad ponies swarmed the streets. There, they discovered the skins, hair, bones, and flesh of ponies as components of baker Pinkie Pie's cupcakes and dressmaker Rarity's clothing." Good heavens! "Recent disappearances of more than twenty ponies are being attributed to the duo. Witnesses and officers who first arrived on the scene remain missing and a young dragon, suspected to be an accomplice, has been detained. Witnesses to the polices' reveal of the situation claimed to see the ghosts of the victims surround them and move about before disappearing. 'I shwear, firsht there was one, then two, then a dozen of 'em,' says Ponyville resident Berry Punch. 'Ghosts! Ghosts everywhere!'. Other ponies who claimed to see the phantasmagoria have refused to comment. 'Ms. Pie's body was discovered at the scene, but Ms. Rarity remains missing,' says Chief Inspector Billy Club, head of the investigation." This is... this is absolutely horrible! "Among the dead discovered at the scene were the honorable Judge Twilight Sparkle, Beadle Rainbow Dash, and well-known apple magnate, Big Macintosh." (sadly) Not Big Mac...

Fleur des Lis: How dreadful. To think anypony would be capable of something so barbaric.

Fancypants: Our walk in the park will have to wait. (sets the paper down and gets up) I think I'll go to Ponyville myself and see what I can do to help.

Fleur des Lis: Oh, do be careful. You know how dangerous the outside world can be.

Fancypants: (puts on an overcoat) Not to worry, dear. (kisses Fleur) It's nothing I'm not prepared for.

Fancypants walks upstairs and enters a servant's bedroom, a room that, while somewhat simple, is well above the standards in Ponyville. A mare with a yellow coat and full red mane is sitting somberly on the bed. She doesn't look up and simply stares at the floor.

Fancypants: Ms. Apple Bloom, I... I suppose you must've read the paper and I just... (pauses to find the right words) I just want you to know that Fleur des Lis and I will be here for you. I'm off to Ponyville for a few hours, but Fleur will be right downstairs if you need her.

Fleur des Lis: (enters the room and stands next to Fancypants) We'll be happy to pay for carriage fare if you'd like to return to Ponyville. I know this must be very hard.

Apple Bloom: (looks up, face brightened a little) Thank you. That's very kind. I think I would like to go back for a few days. Granny Smith must be taking it hard, too.

Fancypants: (to Fleur) Do take care of her, darling.

Fleur des Lis: (hugs Fancypants) Be safe.

Fancypants heads down the stairs and exits the house, leaving Fleur with a still-somber Apple Bloom.

Fleur des Lis: I'll let the college know you'll be gone for a few days.

Apple Bloom: (looks up and nods softly) Thank you. If it's alright, I'd like to be alone for a little bit.

Fleur des Lis: I'll be right downstairs. (leaves and shuts the door)

With Fleur's exit, Apple Bloom slowly rises and walks to her dresser. She pulls open a drawer and picks up a picture of her, Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith, taken during her foalhood. She stares longingly at the photo for a few moments.

Apple Bloom: The world wronged us. Ma, pa, Granny, Applejack, Big Mac, and me. Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all. (lifts a scalpel from under a dress in the drawer) After all... (looks out the window to see Ponyville in the distance)

Apple Bloom
There's a place in the world that is full of hate
Where none can escape a dark and gruesome fate
And the worst of ponykind all congregate.

The final image is of Apple Bloom, her face grim and hateful, with a scalpel in hoof, ready to exact vengeance for her family on the world.


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Well, that's it. The finale! Now I will never ever ever ever write a Cupcakes fanfic again (it seemed like a good idea, since no one else has done a full Pinkie Todd musical). I may as well reply to the last few comments while my brain regroups and thinks of better musical ideas.

92338 I'd really like to make a fully-voiced version, though it may just be me, so I'll be happy to message you if I go with that. But then again...

:flutterrage: Attention any fans of this story who might be interested in voice acting for it! I've decided to start putting together a fully-voiced version of Cupcakes: The Musical. I'd really like to get a figure of how many would be interested, so if this idea intrigues you, please send me a message. I'm an okay singer, but the idea of putting better (especially female) voices to these roles would definitely sound better all-around! :flutterrage:

93271 :raritystarry: Rarity adores the Photo Finish seal of approval :coolphoto:

93963 I suppose it is tough to look at the lyrics and try and fit them to the music. It worked out in my head, but if I manage to come up with a fully-voiced version, it should sound very close.

112266 That's a good question. I suppose in a bout of half-awake sappiness, I took it upon myself to list the names of everyone who liked the story or something like that. I guess the best I can say is... you helped by liking the story? :twilightblush: :rainbowlaugh: Pansy! :facehoof:

160493 This comment was eminently practical, and yet appropriate!

So, yeah. Thanks all. I have two more musical ideas I'm fleshing out. Another parody and an original. I can haz voice actorz? :applecry:

163393 Well, I thank you for thanking me....? Eh, that makes sense, right?

Oh my.... when I saw this update, I was like, "but didn't it end? It ended, right?!"
Then I read....
....and my blood curdled.
Revelations to you, author!

163393 Ohohoho! If you want a singing partner, I'm more than glad to embarrass myself via the net! If you get around to a fully voiced version send me any masculine as hell parts!

Have you ever considered...ROCKY HORROR?:pinkiecrazy:
I've seen some failed attempts but i'm sure someone of your talent could do it right:pinkiehappy:
Just a suggestion...:twilightsheepish:

223898 Rocky Horror, eh? Hmm... I've been drawing up a list of other possible musicals to ponify, but Rocky Horror hadn't even crossed my mind. I am a failure as a writer. :raritydespair: But that sounds like an excellent idea! Some of the songs are already stringing together in my mind and I'll see about expanding on this a bit more. I'm a bit tied up with my other ideas at the moment but thanks for bringing this amazing musical to my attention

227399:scootangel:why thank you. When you get around to it maybe I could help a bit, maybe even co-write?:unsuresweetie: I've already got tons of ideas for this so, y'know it's up to you, but keep me posted! I'm a huge rhps fan:raritywink:

Love Sweeney Todd. :twilightsmile:

Ya surprised me with the cast choices, I mean Pinkie's I saw coming but Twilight's and Rainbow Dash's. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm thinking of making my own Sweeney Todd version.

This fanfic was enjoyable to say the least, Sweeney Todd was and is one my most favorite plays and movies. I liked how you used elements of the play version rather than the movie; not many people relate to the play version when they think of "Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street", most only know of the movie. (Even though I loved the movie just as much; Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are up there in my top 20 actors.) Not to mention you added some extra factors to the storyline and dialogue to keep the original feel of each character more or less.

I didn't really like the original story of Cupcakes, but I love how you twisted it up with Sweeney Todd with adjustments. It showed us a better reason for Pinkie Pie's hacksaw and I thought it was nice that Rarity was willing to betray Pinkie just to protect Spike from her.

I dare say, ok this musical version of the infamous "Cupcakes", was better then I thought at first. BUT even so am actually a fan of Grim/Dark stories I didn't really like this one. I was warned of Cupcakes by a friend, who actually got me into the fandom, and only really read this cause it was requested that I do so.

I still give you a thumbs up since, even so I might dislike Cupcakes, I still think that if anypony ever took the time to make an animated musical out of your Script, then it would be a nice animation and propably something I would watch.

If you'd like to see what I made out of it, check this:

(Videos will start going public on the 9th october....)

i kind of was expecting the scene to change into a look of a stage and all the pony's would come out from behind the curtain and would take a bow for the acting. kind of like a stage play, you know?

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