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Twilight wants to know what happened to Starswirl the Bearded, but nopony who knows will speak. How many wounds is Twilight ready to reopen to get her answer?

In a string of theories, I concurred this one while working late at night. I don't intend to make it extremely detailed, but more-so as a way to explain some things about a couple of the most mysterious ponies ever mentioned.

Thanks to the following for finding errors:
Starlight Nova

EDIT: As I'm sure some of you have read the comics- namely the 'Fiendship Is Magic' series- you know that the story behind Sombra is different. I had written this beforehand and will just leave it up for others to read.

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Comments ( 9 )

I liked the theory and the way you explained it in one chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Just so you know, there is no "ed" at the end of Starswirl.


Thank you very much. :derpytongue2:

I felt like their weren't any good theories or stories about Starswirl, so I figured to try and start some.


Really? :twilightoops:

Whew, thanks! :derpytongue2:

Dually noted and fixed. :raritywink:

Finally, someone else who believes Sombra is Starswirl! :pinkiehappy:


Ah, so I'm not the first! :pinkiehappy:



Well, I wouldn't know where to start. :derpytongue2: Usually when I write anything, I think about all possibilities, all plans, and all major events as well as small-time events that lead up to the major ones. In doing so, I'd have to answer several questions:
What could happen for Twilight to help in changing Sombra? (Maybe another unexplained, never mentioned villain is attacking and Sombra may help as Discord does <I say that because I really hate when that happens :flutterrage:>) How would she go about doing it? (If I were to do it, I'd try learning about the whole time-travel/ time-distortion thing in the comics where Celestia and him talk:trollestia:) And finally, what would finally help Sombra? (Does she protect him from some damaging spell or something and makes him care for her? :twilightoops:)

I would love the many stories that could be made, but I don't think I have the ability to come up with a clever enough story that'll keep readers entertained and enthralled until the very ending :pinkiesick:. If you have an idea, I think you should give it a go and I'll be happy to give it a read! :raritywink:

Fascinating...very intriguing. Now, it needs a sequel.

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