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After Starlight Glimmer foiled her plans, former Queen Chrysalis vowed revenge- a revenge so cruel, she'd never see it coming.

Written for a challenge on the Equestria Amino app, requiring to show what happened to Chrysalis after she'd lost her army. I found out about it on it's final day, so I wrote this up in only 3 hours to make it in time for the challenge. I say it'll be continued, but no, I don't actually intend to- it's just like in the season opening two-parters. I dunno, it's too late to change it up, now!

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Twilight wants to know what happened to Starswirl the Bearded, but nopony who knows will speak. How many wounds is Twilight ready to reopen to get her answer?

In a string of theories, I concurred this one while working late at night. I don't intend to make it extremely detailed, but more-so as a way to explain some things about a couple of the most mysterious ponies ever mentioned.

Thanks to the following for finding errors:
Starlight Nova

EDIT: As I'm sure some of you have read the comics- namely the 'Fiendship Is Magic' series- you know that the story behind Sombra is different. I had written this beforehand and will just leave it up for others to read.

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Klink ordered another 'routine' check of the barracks, after a strange explosion of light comes from the woods. Unfortunately, Hogan has lost communication with Headquarters, so he is left in the dark about this strange occurrence. Despite the already weird turn of events, a surprise visit by Burkhalter yields an unexpected result: He has Applejack as a prisoner.
Even worse, when investigating the source of the light, Hogan and his men come across Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Now, it's up to Hogan and his group of POWs to help Applejack escape from the clutches of the Nazi army and a dummy of her isn't going to get them very far.
Can the Prisoner of War camp survive the onslaught of cute little ponies?

"Schultz is not going to wanna see this!"

This is, of course, set in a pre-Alicorn stage for Twilight.

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Railroad Brony

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Nearly half of Ponyville is ill with a never-before-seen disease. A strange, new zebra helps them, but what does he know about Zecora? He claims she is about to do something rash to the citizens of the town. Zecora's past may catch up to her when a childhood friend plans to stop her evil scheme for taking over not only Ponyville, but Equestria all together.

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Upon her being shown up by Twilight with that Ursa Minor and the Alicorn Amulet, The Great and Powerful Trixie has fallen into a depression that seems to be only worsening. Her confidence has been shaken, her wagon has been vandalized, and she has nopony to go to for help. Who can the Greatest and Most Powerful go to for help?

Coming back to the town she once ruled, she knows how she will end it all.

The final chapter is very violent and the reason that this is rated 'Teen' for 'Gore'.

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Astral Moon

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