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After Starlight Glimmer foiled her plans, former Queen Chrysalis vowed revenge- a revenge so cruel, she'd never see it coming.

Written for a challenge on the Equestria Amino app, requiring to show what happened to Chrysalis after she'd lost her army. I found out about it on it's final day, so I wrote this up in only 3 hours to make it in time for the challenge. I say it'll be continued, but no, I don't actually intend to- it's just like in the season opening two-parters. I dunno, it's too late to change it up, now!

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Comments ( 2 )

For a one shot, it's pretty good. The ending is good since it leaves the results up to the reader's imagination.

Very nice!

Thanks, I was wanting to get the basis of it out real quick, so I'm just glad people could understand it.

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