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If you shouldn't have created this, then why did you? More importantly, why would you post it?

3539744 For attention.

3539744 - Wanted to test myself with writing "Evil fic" and since it was done and ready I needed to post it (doesn't mean that I'm proud of it) to see how did it turn out. Expected a lot of dislikes for it anyway, I mean, it's anti-Rarity an anti Flash-Sentry fic so most of the hate will be just because of this.

3539764 - Nope, If I wanted attention I would create another normal fic :twilightsmile:

3539774 I fully agree.

This turns me on. Too many Rarity fans disliked this fic.

3541494 I think it was both Rarity and FS fans but I was actually expecting this story to have a lot more dislikes :twilightsmile:

3541515 Then you have done well. Yo have made Rarity and Flash Sentry fans get butthurt.

3541518 True, I just hope they won't burn down my home because of this story :twilightblush:

3541526 The worst thing they can do to you is to write everything in capitals.

3541531 Oh the horror, how would I ever withstand their writing in capitals:raritydespair:

On the side note...I really like steak tartare, that's actually pretty tasty food :moustache:

3541539 Have you checked the Spilight blog? Twilight sure does love Spike's tongue :twilightblush:

3541549 Wha...another update so soon! Thanks a lot for telling me :yay:

...LOL, that made me laugh out loud, this blog is great! :twilightsmile:

3539774 You're right. I totally agree with you. This fic was too soft. Rarity deserved much more than just that. Have my upvote!

3542188 To be honest there was a little more in the original plan. Stuff like putting a nail into her eye, cutting small parts of her skin and roasting it with hot iron... but I decided that it would be too much, there was no way that somepony could live through ALL of the torture so I minimized it to the most "necessary" things.:twilightsmile:

I'm crying......I'm so happy right now, I'm being very serious. This is a gift from the Gods, I......oh I'm so happy, a few errors and could do with a polish but I love it. Love it with all my heart, thank the Gods for you kind, gentle soul, thank the Gods:fluttercry:


could do with a polish...

I really don't know about adding my native language to this story :moustache:

Okay no fooling around with bad puns, really glad that you like it, this one was created specifically for F*** Rarity group so it pleases me to know that you enjoy this! :twilightsmile: And remember... steak tartate is considered to be a rarity among food!:moustache: (another bad pun)


It may just a rollercoaster of gore and sadism. But it is a crazy ass rollercoaster of gore and sadism done right. Certainly much better than that pretentious and boring ganna be horror story, 'Cupcakes'.
My only issue with this cas the cannibalism. It feels too over the top, even for this story.
But overall good job.

3543299 Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: I tried to make a simple, cruel story, not something where blood flows all the time etc. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible... and well... the cannibalism was my way of salvaging Rarity and making her into more "useful" character :twilightsmile:

Fun fact - Got the idea for this story when I was eating Steak tartare (but from beef) and then remembered hearing once that the 'original recipe' was with usage of horse meat :twilightsheepish:

Not bad, surprised you used flash sentry for the antagonist, and rarity for the protagonist. Very nice, and LOVE the irony at the end, wish there was more though

This fic reminds me of this song:

Creepy as shit?
Fuck yes
But I think it makes up for it by killing off Trash Sentry.
Poor Rarity though:fluttershysad:

3803498 Glad you um...enojoyed the fic? It's creepy, no better word to describe this. Maybe I'll write another creepy one in the future seeing as some people DID like it.:pinkiecrazy:

3825759 To be perfectly honest, I think people liked it so much not just because it was creepy, but because someone they hated like Trash Sentry was killed off.

3825905 Hah! True enough! And a unique way to die it was :twilightsmile:

That rape was hot but that the only thing good about it.

4136254 I know, this is not my best work which is why I even down voted it myself :trollestia: It's just laying around nowdays, as some people did find it...enjoyable? I dunno if this is the right word :twilightsheepish:

blood gushed out of the place making Rarity’s tongue taste the metallic substance

Oh luna, you would not believe how much this made my mouth water

Now I know why this was not suggested under the first story...

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