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I write what I like to write and I just hope you like it too.


A dragon hailing from the Dragon Kingdom comes to Equestria with the intent to shed light on whether or not their kinds may coexist. However, the dragon representing them, Grigori, will come to realize that there's more to seek in Equestria than just peace.

Chapters (12)
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not bad. concept is good, writing is tolerable (ive seen some brilliant ideas go to shit because of bad writing), pace is acceptable, and you can properly use cliffhangers. lets see what chapter 2 has to offer

Comment posted by Mystic_Knightwolf deleted Nov 26th, 2013

yep, still got me interested. please continue :pinkiesmile:

This is pretty good, but my only tiny nitpick is if Grig was gonna go eat with Zecora when why'd he refuse the food? :twilightsheepish:


In effort to become a friend, he agreed to gather supplies for her. But as a dragon, aside from Spike, he only eats gems and meat, one of the reasons he's staying in the Everfree.

my only complaint is the short chapters. but its not a major issue so long as it doesnt get to the point where it takes me less than 5 minutes to read


My bare minimum is 1500 characters, but I'll aim for at least 2000 in Chapter 4. As you may know by the end of Chapter 3, Spike goes ahead and tell his friends about Grig, so the story should begin to start up now.

im liking it so far. lets see what you do next

gesturing to the Mane 6.
The Mane 6 and Spike

AAAAHHHH!!! Never call them the Mane 6 inside a narrative! :facehoof:

"Yur Grigori!"

Was that really necessary? :ajbemused:

Sorry if it's rushed, have grammer mistakes, or anything,


Sweetie Belle, ever the naive one

She's actually... probably the least naive out of the 3.

The mares and I met

That's a bit like saying 'the women and I...' it's a little odd. I'd suggest 'the girls and I...'

Well, hello story I all but forgot was a thing. Nice to see you.

Welcome back to the living.

Silver spoon's last line cracks me up. Ha-ha!

Awww you took my idea.

7203397 I was gonna write a story about a dragon in Equestria....


Well, after the episode Gauntlet of Fire, I imagine it'd be commonplace. I've seen a lotta stories pop up after that episode that involves Spike, Ember, and other dragons in the show or made up. And besides, my story has been around for a while, and I'm still far from the first.

It's alive! Yes!

Yes! My two favorite dragons will be hanging out. I'm looking forward to their interactions.

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