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when slenderman left me in paradise - Jimbob

slenderman isn't all that bad i suppose

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blood and violence



“…. And that’s why Jim Carrey is the best actor to date.”

“I don’t understand what ‘The Mask’ is and why do you like it so much?”

“Trust me Twilight it’s an amazing movie, just you wait till I find the door for it” I was being to calm down after we had gone past the ‘Butcher’ door. We had passed a door called ‘DVDS’ which had aroused questions and lead me to explain Jim Carrey and his amazing movies.

A real shame that they don’t have anything as good as Jim Carrey, oh well they’ll just have to take me at my word. That’s when I felt a familiar tug in my gut signifying that a door had been open, only problem was I hadn’t opened any doors. Knight and I spun around in a flash.

Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy were just standing there looking confused. Rainbow Dash must have opened a door, but which one and where!? I ran down the hall-way with Knight Close on my heels.

“SHE OPENED THAT DAMNED DOOR!” I could see her now trying to open the blood red door.

“WE HAVE TO GET THAT DOOR SHUT NOW!” I was running as fast as I could when the chains began to give.



Shit she’s already broken two of them please let the last one hold, for all that is good and holy.



The door flew open sucking me and the girls into it. I began to remember it all, me sleeping on the porch after dad had thrown me out, waking up naked strapped to a table, him standing over me smiling as he began to carve up my chest, him sowing me back up and injecting me with something, waking up again in bandages chained to a bed, him coming back with needle nose pliers, a violent pain in my mouth, the police bursting through the door and double tapping him. It all came rushing back;

I couldn’t feel anything besides rage and the desire to kill. We were all back in the hall-way the girls looked horrified and near sickness I took little noticed. I need out and I need out right NOW! Dark mist began consuming everything. We were back inside Twilight’s house the girls were still to stunned to say anything, I didn’t care. I ran out the door and into the air breaking the sound barrier immediately.


I felt the urge too I streamed into the Everfree forest as deep as I could and began to scream as loud as I could. Let the Manticores come I need to kill.

A few seconds later a pack of timber wolves bounded out of the woods, I didn’t care. I set into the wolves with a ferocity that cost half the pack their lives in mere moments. One of the wolves jumped at me, and with a quick flash of my sword, was cut down the middle.

The other wolves were being to retreat which was a bad idea considering I still wanted their lives. I pulled out my revolver and dropped each one of them. I was still pissed and jumped back into the air deciding to fly it off now that I was thinking rationally again. I blasted through the sound barrier again and kept going faster and faster.


I landed back outside the library and took note that I had been going fast enough for my clothes to begin to smolder. I quietly flew back in through a window to see that the girls had cleaned up the circle and were sitting quietly with some tea or something.

“I’m gonna need some of that” I said pointing at Twilight’s tea. They all jump at the sound of my voice and flew up the stairs and tackled-hugged me.

“Don’t do that again!” Twilight seemed close to tears.

“Sorry I was pretty enraged after having to relive that” all the girls shuddered at the memory

“How could that monster have done that to you?” Rarity was seething with rage.

“Every species has monsters” I really didn’t feel like talking about it, at least not now. Thankfully Applejack seemed to pick-up on that.

“Ah-right girls lets give him some breathing room” they all backed away and I noticed somepony was missing.

“Where’s Rainbow Dash?” the girls exchanged a quick glance they were obviously worried about their friends.

“well sugarcube after you took off she felt so bad that she flew home and wouldn’t come back out” I’d have to talk to her about this I set one rule and she broke it revealing the worst part of my life..

[Worst part of your life]

{Yeah probably}

[No probably]

Whatever fact of the matter was it had been a terrible part of my life that I hadn’t been to keen on reliving. And holy shit Fluttershy stepped up to the plate.

“W-what was that i-inside your h-head?” I can honestly say I didn’t expect Fluttershy to ask that question. I thought that Twilight or Applejack would have.

“Lemme go get Rainbow Dash and I’ll explain it too you all, deal?” the girls all nodded their head at this. I flew back out the window and headed toward a rather large floating cloud house.

{That’s weird and cool as shit}


{Motion carried, weird cloud house is weird}

I flew up to the front door and knocked. Man this cloud was fluffy I needed to try sleeping on clouds sometime soon. I knocked on the door again and still got no answer. She has all of two seconds to open this door before I see how easy it is to kick in a cloud wall. No answer? Fine I’ll kick a hole in this wall!

[Or you could go in through the window right there]



I crawled in through the window and began to look around for Rainbow.

{Oh wow I hope she isn’t in the shower or something, that would be awkward}

[Dude she just showed you and your friends a memory of you being tortured to the brink of death. If anything she deserves a little awkward]



I kept wandering around the house till I got too a closed door with the sound of crying coming from behind it.

{Knock or bust in?}


{That was not what I was expecting you to say, fuck it we’re busting in}

I threw the door open and yelled

“MORNING DASHIE!” she nearly shat bricks. As I walked further into the room I noticed that all the blinds were drawn and the walls were plastered in wonderbolt posters.

Dash was still lying in bed and crying I walked over to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. She started hugging my arm while saying “sorry” over and over. I just put my hand on her head and kept petting her eventually she calmed down.

“It’s okay Dashie I understand why you were suspicious, but please trust me when I say I have no intention of hurting your friends” she was still sniffling a little.

“Come on Dashie, I forgive you but now I have a story I have to tell the girls and you have to come.” I looked down and saw she had fallen asleep on my arm.

{Well that explains the quietness}

[I was beginning to wonder]

I slid out from underneath her and headed back out the window I had come in from. How long was I in there the sun had already sent and the moon was almost in the middle of the sky. I flew back to the library to find that the rest of the girls had gone home. Twilight had fallen asleep with her face in a book called ‘Ye Olde Species’. *sigh* I would love to be surprised but I saw it coming a picked her up and took her back to her room. I

placed her on the bed and threw a blanket overtop of her. Spike was sleeping contently in his basket-bed thing. Well that’s good because I was tired as a motherfucker and need to chill after today’s excitement. I went back downstairs and slumped on the couch.

{So not looking forward to tomorrow}

[I know that feel]

And then I was out like a light.


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