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People expect the star of the story to be the hero, to make the right decisions, to have great people to support them. That's not me. I'm the one who gets shit done, whatever it costs. I will survive


Vinyl. One of Equestria's greatest DJ's is failing. Her last hope is to take a job as teaching in Manehattan, the city where dreams come true. Not so much. Dreams may come true for some ponies, but only at the cost of others. But Vinyl is left with the question of which side she is on. Taking this job as a teacher, that's just the square one to finding her answer.

Edited By Decaffeinated Nightmare

Cover art by StormBadger, used with permission and pretty damn good in my opinion.

THIS IS MY FIRST STORY - so please give all types of feedback: Positive, negative, constructive all of it.
Rated teen for some suggestive stuff but no actual graphical content. That is decided and will not change.

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Comment posted by Superluminous deleted Apr 15th, 2014

You sir, have peeked my interest.

Im probably guessing since this story started in september, and the latest update was the 12th of may, when is this going to update? :fluttershbad:

I am trying to get at least one chapter every one or two weeks.

You should know that i had actually written over 30,000 words for this before and published them all. But then deleted it because it wad in need of a re-write due to pacing and just down right stupidity on my side. So im not just going to upload once every few months. This should be getting fairly regular updates.

Me right now:


I am trying to get at least one chapter every one or two weeks.

So, how's that working out for ya?

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