A Change Of Scenery

by PandOracle

Casual Goodbyes - Chapter 1

A Change Of Scenery
Chapter One – Let’s Get Started

‘Noooo nononono, this can’t happen’ the young, blue haired mare thought ‘This’ll be the fifth cancelled gig this month.’

“Are you sure you want to cancel? Because I won’t be able to accept it if you change your mind.” She ran her hand through her hair as she said this. Knowing that no matter what she said, she was being canceled on by yet another gig. “OK” she said sadly “No you don’t need to apologise. I understand.... OK.... OK.... Well thank you anyway for considering choosing me in the first place. Bye” And with that she hung up her phone. “FUCKING DAMN IT!”

‘It is always the same fucking excuse. ‘We just can’t afford it right now’. Why can’t one of them just not fucking lie to lie to me’

She walked out of the room, her hand still in her hair. “How the hell did this happen. I’m 21 and yet my career is already faltering.” She heard a knock on the door as she said this. “NOT TODAY!”

A familiar voice came from the other side. “Hey you were the one that called me over, Vinyl.”

She started walking over to the door “Sorry Radio wave. I’ve just... well... nothing is going my fucking way.”

She opened the door to reveal the dark brown Pegasus With short Black hair. He was one of Vinyl’s childhood friends and was always there to help her. As they grew up they both discovered that they had a talent for music, well Vinyl had a talent for music. Radio wave was more like an agent, if he wanted to talk to somepony than he would be able to talk to that pony. Whether or not the talk went well however was always a 50-50 chance. They were lucky that it happened this way as that was the day they both discovered their cutie marks. Vinyl’s being a note and Radio wave’s was a black suitcase with a thick, horizontal light brown line going straight through the middle and also has a white outline of headphones on it. He always bragged that his was more complex but Vinyl always had some smart flank answer.

“I’m guessing that means another cancel or turned down by another job.”

“Noooo everything is completely fine. I’m rolling in cash which is why I will be homeless in about 3 weeks.”

“Look I was just asking. You don’t need to get all snappy at the pony that is trying to help you.”

“I can get angry at who I want. All you have actually done for me is probably make me worse off.”

“Sorry, but how is me getting you offers making you ‘worse off’.” Vinyl waited for a few seconds before carrying on.

“OK. Maybe you haven’t been making me worse off. Sorry, I’m just frustrated and tired and sick of everything in this apartment. But still why are you here?”

“You called me over. you asked me for help. And I have an... a reasonable solution.”

“Well I didn’t ask you directly for help but I’m not turning down free stuff. Well Come in I guess.” She walked into the kitchen “You want something to eat or a drink?” She noticed him holding a small piece of paper with some writing.

“Sure, I’ll have a beer. Anyway I know this solution may not be the kind of thing that you wanted but it could help you get your errr, spark or whatever you call it in your DJ-ing business back.” He said while sitting down.

“Right now I’ll try anything.... AS long as it is still music related.”

“Don’t worry. This is still music related just not in the way you expect.” He slowly started reaching to his pocket ‘I knew piece of paper meant something’ the blue haired DJ thought. She just didn’t know how important the writing on it would be. “Have you heard of The Equestria College of talent?”

“Yes but I’m not going back into college if that’s what you are thinking.”

“Well no that’s not what I am thinking.” ‘Well not exactly what I was thinking’ “I’m guessing that means that you know of Top Chart then.”

Suddenly the sad look on her face disappeared with the mention of his name. “Of course I’ve heard of him. We were meant to study him for months back in college.” She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. She had been up for a while trying to work on a new track or mix for her upcoming gig. All that had come to waste though as it was canceled.

“You actually studied in college?”

“I said ‘meant’ to. Studying was pointless. I wanted to know how to make music not analyze the people who have already made it for a different genre of music.” Vinyl laughed.

“Well he also owns the music section of the Equestria College Of Talent.”

“I literally just said that I’m not going back to college.” Vinyls voice showed she was annoyed.

“I know. I also just said that it wasn’t that. And if you would actually stop interrupting me then I would be able to tell you that he offered you a job.”

“Why do you do this?” Vinyl whined.

“Do what?” Radiowave smiled

“You take forever to say one thing. It’s like you are trying to speak in a riddle all the, trying to make me guess what you are saying and you know that I don’t like to sue my brain. Just tell what you’re trying to say.” Radiowave laughed to himself, he always loved annoying her. Vinyl always reacted in a different way each time.

“Okay. He wants you too... he wants you to be a teacher. For the music senior year.” Her eyes widened at the thought of being a teacher Even more so at the thought of it being senior year, those ponies were only a few years younger than her yet she was a excited at the idea of it.

“You better not be joking about this. Tá a fhios agat beidh mé tú a mharú má tá tú pleihcíocht timpeall [You know I will kill you if you are messing around].”

“How many times have I asked you to stop changing language? You know I don’t speak.... whatever language that is.”

“That’s why I do it. So I can insult ponies and speak freely without the pony knowing.”

“Do you want to hear what I have to say or not.”

“Oh yea, sorry.”

“OK well. You see I told him about your situation And how your career thing has been going.”

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. He’s not gonna be fucking interested in a DJ who’s career is taking a turn for the worse –“

“Which is exactly what I thought –“


“Because he made the offer to you. Or to me to give to you”

She jumped up off the sofa when she heard this “wait. HE tried to contact ME” Radiowave nodded in agreement. “OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH” she was jumping around more than Rainbow Dash at her fist Wonderbolt show.

“Vinyl slow down. SLOW DOWN. VINYL, CALM YOURSELF OK.” This time he was the one that pulled her onto the sofa and he put his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t interrupt him. “He chose you because of your career at the moment. He knows that you didn’t do good in college and all that other stuff but he hired you because you are able to teach them what it is like, the dangers of it all and everything. He chose you because you had no help getting big, no contacts, no nothing *cough* apart from my awesome abilities *cough*. But you still did it.”

He took a deep breath after saying all of that in one breath. “But the question is what do you want. He says that you can have the job. No interview or anything else needed.” He removed his hand from her mouth, a fair amount of it had a coat of saliva where she had tried licking his hand to get it off. “You never did grow up did you?” Vinyl had a smile on her face as she shook her head. “So what do you think of the offer anyway?” He said while wiping his hand on the sofa.

“I.....I err... What happens with pay and living conditions? It isn’t exactly close and I would have to move, which in itself is more expensive than I can afford.”

“You’re not understanding me. He really really wants you. When he said you need no interview he meant that, but he also meant that he would sort everything out. He says that you can stay at the college, It does have its own dorm rooms the size of this apartment we are in right now, the other teachers don’t really like what they have heard about you so they won’t let you have a full salary but he has still managed to get you a good amount for your salary.”

Her voice went very plain “We have known each other since as long as we can remember so please tell me this” He waited for her to carry on. Her voice went back to a scream. “THAN WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU THINK THAT I WOULD TURN THIS DOWN.” She started to mumble incoherently to herself after that.

“Nothing did. But I still had to ask you. That is kind of my job as your good friend and agent.” A hint of sadness crossed his face as he spoke. Vinyl saw it and immediately knew what he meant by it.

She slowed down her jumping and stopped mumbling “Are you about to tear up like a little filly.” She tilted her head and stuck out her bottom lip.

“No. I’ll be happy to be rid of you. 21 years is long enough.” He turned his head away.

“It’s okay my little filly. We’ll still be able to meet up.”

“SERIOUSLY? My mum fucked up one time by calling me a filly over a 100 moons ago, can’t you just let it go?”

“100 moons? when did you start speaking all Luna like.”

“100 moons sounds a lot longer to me than saying 15 years. But still, can you not just let it go?”

“Not a chance. As you friend it’s my job to be there to make fun of you all the time.” She laughed at Radiowaves extremely agitated face.

“Well at least I’ll get less of that with you gone.” He stood up and hugged her. Knowing that they he may not see one of his foalhood friends anytime soon.

“Nope. I’ll get Rainbow to make up for it. I could also tell her about that time with you an you-”

“-ANYWAY. He said said that he needs your reply quick, within the week to be more precise. He is surprisingly bad at organising stuff. So…. Do you need help with packing or something?” He felt like that was the right thing to say.

“You really can’t wait to get rid of me can you?” Vinyl chuckled. “No, you know me. Packing is left until the last second, because then I am rushing and will do it quicker.”

“Ok then. You want to waste a bunch of bits on junk food while I listen to you insult all of your friends?”

“Would I have it any other way?” She smiled.

“Eerm. No? I don’t understand.” Radiowave was clearly confused.

“I obviously haven’t trained you well enough then.” She sighed that he missed the obvious set up for an awesome innuendo. “Come on, I’ll see if anyone else is able to come.”