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Twilight's teleportation spell messes up and her along with her friends, Spike, Tirimor, and Galaddae end up in a strange land known as Minecraftia.

With both Steve the miner and Enderbro the Endermen, it is now up to our favorite ponies and dragon to survive in this new world while they try and figure out a way to get back to Equestria.

But it seems things will be more difficult, considering evil is coming into Minecraftia.

My Little Pony © Hasbro, Lauren Faust

Minecraft © Mojang

Xephos, Honeydew, Peculiar and other characters belong to Yogscast.

Tirimor and Galaddae being to me.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 42 )

Epic shit dude, minecraft and ponies together.

good hopefully they will get out of minecratia though. but overall this is great

"Eeyup" :eeyup:

I like
Tracking 4.5/5 due to some spelling issues but neither the less good! :pinkiehappy:

I haven't even begun reading and i'm tracking this story already!
Ponies+Minecraft+ENDERBRO! this is gonna be awesome :3

well, you did put the OC tag... Too bad you had to use so many AND a self insert to start the story

mobile wooden homes eh?:trollestia: I wonder if there is a mod somewhere that allows you to do that.
Speaking of mods, will you be adding any elements from any famous mods to your version of Minecraftia? You don't have to say if you don't wanna spoil anything :derpytongue2:

Looks great. Can't wait until another chapter.

227324 Well anyways I got the mobile thing from the Enderbro tumblr. Steve and Enderbro live in a mobile home that is pulled by their cow Bessy. Well I am planning to make Minecraftia feel more real as a fantacy world. So things like dragons and elves will be in the story. I am not sure what mods though, most likely mods that add extra minerals like emerald and stuff just to make it look more real.227324

Epic shit man I really want this to continue AND FIRST

This was very good :pinkiehappy: but you need to go over spelling errors and grammar. :derpytongue2:

Awesome! Can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Just one question, are they going to meet Simon or Lewis in this? Or Ardwick? Ever heard of Ardwick?

277076 Well....that all depends if I could get permission from Simon and Lewis to use their characters in the story. For now I can only mention them, but I hope I can. I have never heard of Ardwick, but I think Simon and Lewis would make excellent compainions if the Ponies ever had to go on some crazy adventure.

You seriously need someone to proof read this. LOTS of errors:applejackconfused:

I like it a lot, but it could do with a touch of pre-reading and corrections. :twilightsheepish:


331254 Well, you can say that it was Mistral, though you know it probably had to be moved after the Israphel incident...

i wonder if they will ever see the yogcave...

also good story you mix my two favorite things minecraft and mlp fim oh and also good plot. thumbs up.

I /
I /
/ /
------------------- /\
P.S. i suck at making stuff like that I:heart:

Last time I recalled the yogcave was destroyed

452328 it was? well i never did finish the season up to where it is now heck i diden't even start season sol yet :pinkiegasp: only wacthed 1 minute of the episode with yogcave

Crap I wanted to say this somewhere as a joke.

227202 If that's so, than click ME!!!

sorry but that was just really annoying to always be reading misspelled words. :facehoof:

He looked to the sky with a hand on his chin in thought then said "on a good day twenty five gems, thirty five if I am lucky".

That's Impossible. I'm playing with Command Block mod and it spawns random command blocks that gives random things. I have a haste one and I break obsidian with my fist instantly. If I clear out a space of 100x100 I'll find around 6-12 diamonds.

Also Diamond Ore drops Diamond not the ore itself. Have you even played minecraft?

Dark forces... Unknown Enemy... Wants to destroy Minecraftia... Ther's only one god I know that has the power to do that...

Comment posted by T1MBUK0N3 deleted May 26th, 2014
Comment posted by T1MBUK0N3 deleted May 27th, 2014
Comment posted by T1MBUK0N3 deleted May 27th, 2014
Comment posted by T1MBUK0N3 deleted Jun 3rd, 2014

4454408 ill give you a hint. his name rhymes with merobrine...

Comment posted by T1MBUK0N3 deleted Jun 3rd, 2014

Where is Chapter 5?

T: "Tell everypony I'm on my way, new friends and new places to see!"
RD: "with blue skys ahead, yes I'm on my way, and there's no were else I'd rather be!"
AJ: "Tell everypony I'm on my way, and I'm lovin' every step I take"
FS: "with the sun beating down, yes I am on my way, and I can't keep this smile off my face!"
TS: "cause there's nothing like seeing each other again, no matter what the distance between "
PP: "and the stories that we tell, will make you smile, or really lifts my heart"
T: "so tell'em I'm on my way, new friends and new places to see!"
TS: "and to sleep under the stars, and could ask for more, with the moon keeping watch over me"
R: "not the snow, and nor the rain, can change my mind, the sun will come out, wait and see"
RD: "and the feeling of the wind in your face, can lift your heart, oh there is nowere I would rather be!"
Everyone:"cause I'm on my way now, well and true, I'm on my way now"
"I'm on my way now"
"I'm on my way now"
"I'm on my way now"
T: "Tell everypony I'm on my way and I can't just wait to be there!"
RD: "with blue skies ahead, as I'm on my way, with nothing but good times to share!"
TS: "so tell everypony I'm on my way, and I just can't wait to be home!"
Everpony: "With the sun beating down, yes I'm on my way, and nothing but good times to show!"
"I'm on my way!"
"yes I'm on my WAY!"

Equestria's version of On My Way by Phil Collins from Disney's Brother Bear, which explains everyPONY replacing everyBODY.

2900638 How can it be Herobrine? Wasn't the Ender Dragon putting that armor pony in charge of the armies?

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