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Been Busy · 12:51am Jul 1st, 2012

Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile, I have been busy with real life things. Now though I will be continuing writing my stories.

I have been having a few ideas like everyone should have their own fighting profession, considering everyone doing the regular minecraft thing would be boring.

This is just a few ideas I have:

Mage: Twilight, Trixie

Bard: Pinkie Pie

Rouge: Rainbow Dash, Pinkamina

Warrior: Honeydew

Druid: Fluttershy

Paladin: Peculiar

Cleric: Daisy

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Music Choices · 6:43pm Mar 12th, 2012

Ok, for now on I am going to look up some good music choices for the chapters.

In the upcoming one, the village seen uses the Orodon Village theme from Twilight Princess.

While music for being grass plains will be Green Greens from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Plains Battle Music, and scenes by lakes will be The Lake Theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I will update my music choices the next time I am on the internet.

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Stuff · 9:38pm Mar 10th, 2012

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I have been very busy. But I will update as soon as I get the next chapter up and I will try and get more chapters done.

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Tumblr info · 9:20am Dec 28th, 2011

(( If you would like to send any asks to Tirimor then here is his profile on Tumblr: http://asktirimor.tumblr.com/ .

If you want to ask anything about the Knights of The Dawn then here is the Tumblr profile: http://asktheknightsofthedawn.tumblr.com/ .

Lastly if you want to ask Gemini Spectra anything whether it be his original pegasus self or his alternate universe turned human self then here is a link to their tumblr profile: http://askgeminispectra.tumblr.com/))

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